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  1. to save you from un necessary actions ... 1)ask ur self ..Do you know the animation principles in theory ? 2)Do you know the animation principles in action ? 3)Do you know how to use 3dsmax ? 4)do you know how to use graph editor ? 5)Do you know how to use dope sheet -action center -NLE editor ? and finaly ...... 6)do you have 1600 dollars to buy 3dsmax for 1 year ? hehe alternative is if you study 3d related stuff and by uploading ur papers to autodesk support give u a free licence if you can answer those questions then go ahead ask devs
  2. Today the menu has.........................Nail art yayyyyyyyyyy 😍 here some samples i did in just like 10 mins ..hope devs get inspired its easy its fast and its cool there is no limit in what u can make ...
  3. A ahri style 9 tail for my Alivia model ,meanwhile the shape of each tail can be ajusted as you please check my discord to see what im up too https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf
  4. some tails im modeling personaly i love ahri 9 tails so that was my inspiration now i need a proper texture lol ...
  5. shape keys for the heels for different variations for now shorter and longer .. there is no limit in what you can do with minimal time and imagination 1680607242_Aliviaprojectheelshapekeys1.mp4
  6. New heels and dress for my Alivia model ..well the experimental one but no issue to implement them in the newer model since it gonna have same proportions more or less so worst case scenario few vertex ajustment or a skinwrap modifier
  7. This is my latest test on the experimental body testing how lights reflect on skin (used eevee engine so in cycles will be better .. So with this render .. concludes the stage 1 on the experimental body ..and The Alivia project my idea was 1st Do all my test in a dummy avi and if all goes well rebuild it again its time to make everything from the start again in another body and this time ill go for a genesis 8 base mesh and resculpt it to my avatar proportions so i stay true to my avatar and be familiar to the fans i would go for different hair type but cant be helped Al
  8. nah world editor is kinda poor when it comes to default stuff , u will need to find from builders out there similar or slowly make ur self or order specific furnitures
  9. customizable hair (i will go crazy here n make tons not to mention for example with 4 variations i can have 16 combinations same applies for above small video on nose shapes hope devs get inspired and make some ...for the game 2111858638_Aliviaprojecthair1.mp4
  10. Nose piercing (real 3d object) with different nose shapes 307539164_Aliviaprojectnosepiercing1.mp4
  11. nice lovely house jack ..u gonna solo life ? cause its a lil small to put ur wifey inside heheh
  12. Alivia2


    i see im sorry u went through this ...i hope devs might do something for report abusers cause 1 person spamming reports its not only a abuse its also hate its personal and dev team should take a stand when evil and haters bombard reports and protect the targets
  13. Hello everyone So Project Alivia ..what is this .. Short story ..i wanted tons of stuff in game from .. tons of make ups tons of facial customization body customization hair variations different breasts types piercings-tails elf ears you name more realistic eyebrows and in many shapes ... i could mention 1 million stuff i wanted but anyways .. So what i did is started to recreate my Avatar from the ground up from 0 in blender how i Did it ... 1st ) i used the tattoo obj body and head to meassure proportions ....the
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