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  1. i was asking my self this 3+ years now haha now if i happen to come across such post i click ty n bye bye now for ppl that say about manpower etc ill say ...low man power is 1 thing being lazy and not work is another ^^ If u know ur food to be cooked need 1h 30 mins in the oven and 1 month has passed and food isnt cooked thats not man power thats you not cooking ^^ hahahaa
  2. hey brianna ads never worked in 3dxchat amd never will so its pointless to even make world chat ads the way game works is by knowing ppl and have lots of friends so when u open those friends might visit you now about discord ..well ofc u can advertize in discord channels if u have join some discord group but keep a small basket from ur name i assume u dj so it means u open a music room ...So there are 2 groups of ppl in short the sex ppl and the more social ones ..forget the sex ppl cause u have a party room so u left with the social ppl (arround 30-40% of game population that visit their friends or their groups etc etc so to sum it up If u wanna keep opening a party related room join a group so u can help each other (u lose some freedom being in a group but ist what u pay to get some guests u might also not be able to open whenever u wish also cause some on ur group might also have a party ... The solo version that i personaly love and was doing 3 years Solo is best u do whatever u want whenever u want without have any obligation to anyone requirements is to open often and in specific times so ppl slowly learn you and have regulars ..like they say rome didnt build in 1 day so u need to be consistent and have a consistent scedual of opening Now my personal opinion since i have done everything in this game being top dj for years also ... djing in a sex game ? i said lmao i look back and what im thinking is just LOL i mean ok sure was fun djing but its a sex game lol not a UK best dj or got talent etc just put a whatever stream to play some music (mind that over 50% have music OFF ^^ i too years now ) and just have fun with ur sex adverntures If ur fantasy is being a dj i would suggest hmm try to apply in a virtual station or a web radio so u also get paid and do the thing u love ... Think about it the game has rooms like BBC bwc colds ok slut rooms suck rooms cucrooms bdsm rooms ...Djing ? lol just enjoy the game
  3. no clue this is my own stuff i do i posted as inspiration for the devs
  4. CTRL+z to hide menu so u record without mouse cursor is showing up and no menu ofc alternative from ur recording software chose to hide cursor
  5. you mean something like this ? hehe it might gets tiring if i say again how easy and fast is to make all those it took me .. 5 mins to model each piercing 5 mins to set up nodes and arround 30 seconds for each to bind them for my Alivia model
  6. that stuff are so easy to be implemented from flacid as you ask to big balls to even bigger cocks before anyone says Alivia poses will break ..ill say....NOPE ur wrong cause every pose been created the current animator can manipulate penis bones so it doesnt clip or go out of a body .. But what about current poses Alivia ? well existing poses already have the small pens data from the existing animations ..New animations with bigger cock for more impact will give that feeling ..u can have 1 meter long cock but in the pose u will have the size that animator has set up ..so if u want a oral with huge cock then animator will simply scale up the cock and make a animation same applies for other poses ... Do you remeber the futa sofa pose that woman was kinda stretched ? no matter the active woman size and proportions? yeah same actually there are lots of different ways to do all above i mentioned .. now usualy when u use a pose u keep ur character customization settings while using a pose but that can be easily bypass..example ? stretched futa sofa animation and as i said plenty of easy and fast ways to do this...from the animation process or just make small scripts take ur pick
  7. The new Alivia hair almost done 2 versions 1 long and 1 short (see pics ) meanwhile i was gonna continue on more clothes and more accesories but i need to perfect the body meaning i will sit and make AO maps for the body to tone areas i would like prolly i will resculpt some areas then after that ill continue with make ups and My model will be ready
  8. actually what u say is pretty easy to do and best part the way i know to do it Do not cost any performance and its actually 20 seconds to be made da fk Alivia u saying now 20 seconds lol if u dont believe me ask me and ill demonstrate it So ill drop The hint on how this is made ...... readyyyy? hahaha texture cordinate Node with keyframed values example u have a skybox /HDRI made that has the morning and the night sky So u set keyframes on the tcordinate node in the rotation section on frame 1 and lets say on frame 1000 u set a keyframe again with 360 degrees rotation value the less frames the faster the skybox will rotate and vice verrsa ) Now since we are talking here about HDRIS u know it as skybox would be cool to have more of them HDRI heaven Gives hundrends of HDRI free also its very easy to make ur own skybox in a matter of few mins in case none of the free suits ur need
  9. So i imagine version 1 of Apron be kinda like this
  10. meanwhile the New Alivia hair currently working on rigging the hair and a another 2 versions of them to be a lil shortewr in each time (short /long from left side and short long from right side
  11. exactly!!! hopefully what gizmo said about the upcoming update...maybe it will be close to that but from what he said i assume some kind of editor be it clothes customization etc im all about fashion and fashion /style updates :)
  12. i droped that top and remade it into this one (for a sexy top version) to use in animations and renders for my Alivia model each top will have 3 variations shape wise so narrow or not isnt a issue my biggest issue is to stcok up my texture library lol ..i spend more time pick a texture than model the thing now about the Apron is on hold cause making the new Alivia hair lol and the other half time still working on the weightpainting cause it the 1st ever model i create my self and wanna be perfect haha edited : Apron i already made shape keys so it opens and close in breast area to suit different render situations infact Apron default is close and the shape key make the breast show up like the other top version pic 2
  13. i started today creating a sexy Apron for my Alivia model .. now i imagine 2 versions 1 that will be closed infront and 1 version that will be open infront here some eary stage pics (no textures yet and stuff cause just started it ) few shorts words for 3d familiar ppl that might wanna try this way (this mesh is made with bazier curve that been extruded shaped in model body proportions duplicated for back side used a mirror modifier to work only on one side only etc then converted to mesh then i used a shrink wrap modifier to Do as the modifier implies then cleaned up geometry and took care of any uv stretching ) steps so far My discord server in case u wanna join and get informed of all the stuff i do https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf
  14. hahaha nice one ..i hope i wont wait that long for some fashion lol
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