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  1. Though I've never had luck using hotspots either when trying to connect.
  2. If you have a vpn that might help
  3. And I mean sure, the fetish poses like the sissoring for FF and the other poses like that could have the option for using a shared dildo as well, but it doesn't have to be strickly limited to FF only
  4. I never said MM uses the strap on lol. But really what diff are you going to get with a dildo vs the strap on with FF. The only thing I could see a toy being used for would be solo and the teasing/finger poses. Have the option to used toys instead. Like how females have the option to turn on/off the strap on/penis
  5. It doesn't strictly have to be only a ff
  6. And again you forgot that I also said solo masterbation poses.. Which honestly I would see the dildo being used for that more than anything else I mean.. FF already have the strap on option as well which can be used for ff and mm Many I was just tossing this idea out as a solo pose or something that could possible used in an rp. I.E. like walking in on someone and catching them in the act.
  7. It doesn't just have to be something solo. My wife and I were just talking about it lastnight before we both logged for the night lol. And honestly are surprised that they haven't actually put something like that in game yet.
  8. Has anyone ever suggested solo poses where females could have the option to use toys? I would be great for some rp senarios and of course for other things as well.
  9. Cody

    So is there a way I can get vr to work in the game. I just bought the oculus rift s and in the setting it wont allow me to turn on the oculus setting.

  10. I just got back on. But sadly its to late and my wifey has already gone to bed
  11. Sooo is anyone else still having issue. I'm suprised to see that the forums haven't blown up
  12. much rather not wait until tomorrow. Was about to start and rp with my wifey and now its kind of ruined since we can't get back on...
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