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  1. It doesn't help that there are no implementations of sex toys, so any poses that don't involve a cock mean you're limited to your own hands. No dildos or vibrators which you can put in any old orientation to get a woman off -- it's either a futa/strap-on or nothing at all.
  2. Can we have either a global or an individual intensity settings for Lovense toys? Some of the Lovense toys have two channels on a single toy, and sometmes you may want to use only one or the other (e.g. only vibration and no rotation) and there's no way in the game to control this. The Lovense app does not allow you to set the overall intensity when it's connected to a game. Of course you can use the intensity slider in sex poses but that also affects your partner on the other end.
  3. I'm gonna double down on this necro and steal it. Auto accept poses sounds like a very useful thing to have (in particular when people are using Lovense toys) and it's pretty trivial to implement. Sometimes you just want to let stuff happen I can see auto-accepting colds work very well in certain situations as well (glory holes, orgy/swinger rooms, threesomes). Could be auto-accept colds on "All", "Friends Only" or "None", or maybe even make it a setting in the friend's profile.
  4. Why would poses be restricted to FF only? Toys are just generic game objects, they can be animated into any pose, regardless of which character is using the toys. And the toys don't have to be limited to insertables, there's no reason you couldn't throw a Satisfyer or a magic wand in there as well. Heck, there's a whole dungeon of new gear to be explored there... maybe the devs could make some XGold on it by making them purchaseable inventory?
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