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  1. Мне без разницы кто это делает тут у вас. Был мой пост выше и его мне удалили, а палево оставили. -Snip-
  2. I agree, an empty conversation. Especially on the forum where they delete messages that they do not like. All the best in the game)
  3. If you were careful, this survey came out of this topic in which I fully supported it. But for some reason, she begins to argue and is constantly trying to impose her opinion. For me it's funny, honestly)
  4. Well, these thoughts are confirmed by specific information. With the help of which dishonest players were taken to clean water, many even even removed characters and hid. You don’t understand this, in Russia this chat is too personalized. We have many guys who check girls in the game by voice and video, and until she proves few people contact her. I’m talking to you now and don’t understand who is in front of me. If a woman cannot help defend the rights of women, then who is she at all))
  5. Well, if you know nothing and do not understand what you are arguing about. I have my own statistics, unlike you, I do not have fun and play very seriously. It is enough to understand the opinion and desires of most of the players with whom I communicate in the game, and this is hundreds in 5 years of the game. And under your comb you do not need to comb everyone here and deny everything that they tell you. This is at least stupid. I don’t even know why you raise topics and polls if you are not competent in this. Wikipedia, which you constantly poke, your head is irreplaceable))
  6. Well, this is better than your verbal conclusions, believe me) And it is not clear what are based on)))
  7. The facts above have provided you. Do not try to deny what is clearly visible. Do not turn this topic into absurdity, I ask you)))
  8. Those are you yourself here decided where is the objective truth? Are you responsible for a lot of players and you know how it all works? What do you always argue as if you are justifying yourself for someone? Responsible for yourself, and do not try to constantly impose your opinion on others)))
  9. Many such confirmations, screenshots and confessions. Even with a detailed explanation of why and how men do it. If you have your own gaming experience, a different social circle, or if you are used to constantly being unaware, this does not mean that this is not the case. I will not post personal correspondence here, do not even ask. Moreover, it is all in Russian.
  10. 1. I even insist on the statement that most heterosexual men playing now on female characters once again thought it would be worthwhile to get involved in this adventure if their female characters did not have penises, or not. 2. In the society that has developed now in the game. Players who surround you, from different countries, with different thinking and perceptions. Do not try to protect yourself or others from society. When you play a single player game with yourself, then you can remove all these conventions and speak only for yourself. 3. Another attempt to get to the words that are already obvious. If for you a woman with a member is the norm, do not impose your opinion on others.
  11. The introduction of the third sex is the most adequate and correct decision. I find it difficult to write in a non-native language since I myself am from Russia. Let women finally feel real!
  12. Sorry ... Let's start from the beginning then. What is a woman with a penis for you, a man or a woman? For me, this is a man with effeminate symptoms. Why are you forcing women to bear this burden in the game, especially if most of the players on these characters are men.
  13. For a real woman, a penis is not needed, and starpon is usually in exceptional cases) How it is implemented now is all unnatural and wrong. Let's make a man a big chest and let him choose by default whether he will be a man or a shemale)))
  14. A bonus could be to add clothes and hairstyles of both sexes for Shemale, if it is possible of course)
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