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  1. UrToy


    I seem to be stuck on unzip. I don't know if it's just taking forever or if it is just plain locked up .
  2. I still can't get on the game ...
  3. I just want the game to frackin work. I'm sick of seeing " cannot connect to server". Having said that, it is really stupid that our skirt and panties come off just because we're giving a blowjob.
  4. UrToy

    Pandora Review

    Everyone keeps saying this only provides things available to other players, but it wouldn't be able to provide alts if that were so, not to mention times and dates they were used or deleted pictures of any player a person decides to search for . At least Ive heard that it can be used for those things...
  5. http://3dxchat.com/join.html just pick a plan from here.
  6. Only an idiot thinks this is actually a good come back. Why don't you go play with yourself ? Better yet... if you have the brains.. why don't you realize that you have no actual argument , which means you're wrong, and join my side instead of continually barking against me when I haven't done anything to you ? Think you have the brain power to do that ? HMMMM ?? I'm skeptical but hopeful. Cute puppy btw =)
  7. Well I cant disagree with that too much, but even though they turned on me, they are good people. I don't agree with their reasoning and I'm hurt, but I can understand why they did. I just think it's lacking any logical thought... and it wouldn't have happened if the Pandora thing had been taken care of. It will happen to more and more people and it's wrong. and wether or not people using it should be banned is the issue at hand. Really, it's not even that. As some have said, that would be difficult to enforce. The issue is that they need to find a way to prevent its use to begin with .
  8. Look up the word " HYPOCRITE ! " IDIOT ! STOP SCREAMING ABOUT MY SCREAMING ! This pandora thing is actually something that is a valid reason to complain ! my " screaming " isnt ! it doesnt effect you ! does it ??? no! fucking go away . " CHill" stop your damned barking ! Stop your drama ! you stupid moron ! And responding to assholes, isn't being an asshole.
  9. Try losing all your friends and see if you don't get dramatic about it.
  10. no i didnt. I thought you were a nice guy. You confuse sexual with bad. I guess you think being an asshole makes you manly .
  11. YEA... this is dumb . You people keep talking about " mind fucking " people. Having an alt doesn't mind fuck people. Plain and simple. You can play whatever avatar you've created. Anyone can., and it has no effect on me or anyone else. It's simply no one else's business. Pandora IS intrusive, and is simply not comparable to the dll's . You can't have sex with people without their permission. That's a lie. If you have to lie to make your case, then you have no case. You can choose poses without having to get the partner's acceptance of the pose, but the partner has to first consent to sex and can always choose to stop whenever he/she wishes. Nice try with the " rape " card. Here is a REAL card that can be played. You are all a bunch of paranoid homophobes. I don't use that term lightly, but I have a hard time explaining any other reason for the paranoia about someone being a male who is playing a female and assuming they must be, just because they had a male avatar. Your so paranoid about the possibility of the person on the other end being a man. YOUR HAVING SEX WITH A FEMALE CHARACTER ! relax !
  12. wow. How very understanding of you . I thought you were a good guy. My mistake, " dear ". It's not your business if i lose friends, but it is the fault of Pandora and assholes who use it and idiots who think it " proves" something, and it IS the business of the developers of the game .. who will lose customers because it ruins the game for some people. " Scream all you want "... wow . I never knew how incredibly stupid you are . You can't actually make an argument against what I said, so you just say " waaa . stop screaming ! " It's something to scream about, but if you don't care about it, then my screaming about it shouldn't bother you either.
  13. This was very insightful . I wish I had known you, Ruby .
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