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  1. Fortunately, this topic does not deserve to be locked or deleted. +1 for new clothes, it has been a long year ...
  2. "useless shit" ...? More useless than stupid trolling and self liking?
  3. This might be a word that comes to me. I'm not looking for a friendly answer to what i've said. I just wish a cleaner forum, more respectfull between members, with less flaming, trolling and unconsiderate behaviour ... well the list could be long and i no longer believe in Santa but still i raised my voice for what i think fair and right.
  4. This comment could have been avoided in my opinion since it is perfectly useless and arrogant. Some sentences have much alarmed me ... "i feel offended by your pathetic attempt to get the last word." (this one i laughed actually) "my respect for you has now reached the lowest point imaginable." "I see through you perfectly well" "it must be dark and stinky up there, but you seem to enjoy it." "as i find your whole attitude more unconstructive than you blame others for being." (shoot the medic, laughed a bit also) These are strong words and they clearly show a very high self-esteem and a lack
  5. Everytime is the same thing ... You people are not arguing about what the game should or should not provide, you arguing about who'll have the last word ... And yes, this is childish (Regardless of this been told suits some people or not) So yes this thread might be lock, again, like so many others, and again it went far from its original purpose. A typical day on 3DXChat Community Forum
  6. Soon like when the cable guy gives you an appointment, somewhere between 8 am and christmas?
  7. Thanks, i learned something, will sleep less dumb tonight ^^ This i'm not agree in this specific case, because the topic moved on an issue which was interesting to discuss. But it's gone ... Nevertheless, thanks for your reply.
  8. What you call OP is the guy who create the topic? What about the people expressing themselves through this topic on the thread it went on?
  9. Hmm ... i'm not sure the topic was off purpose, some people were giving opinions through it and it disappeared quite fast i guess.
  10. Hello, I was wondering, and maybe someone of the forum's staff will be able to give the answer, what happened with the topic "The Cube Club"? Thanks for your reply.
  11. Plus, since when it does not have a bathroom? Customizable appartments would be great, create spaces like we wish them, that would be a must! But at least for now give us a bathroom please. Shower, bathtub, indoor jacuzzi, pick a choice or make them all real
  12. It would be perfect with ZQSD shortcuts also now
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