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    Here to have fun and not think about real life...this is my fantasy world. I'm a Cum Slut, I love sex and enjoy cum, sort of kinky at times but always willing to experience new things. If you are freaky, female, she male, girls with something extra between your thighs or guys that can rock my world...find me in the game, let's have fun ... In the game I stay in character, what's the fun to have one and not live by it. Cum Sluts are not allowed to cum and must never refuse sex from any one. Once you ask I must serve and allow you to cum. If you give me gifts I must obey you and please you. Yes, you can even have me service your friends and love ones.

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  1. Newtons Second Law do not seem to apply to the subject matter! I fail to see how ' ... The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object ... ' applies to having sex! This is Newton's Second Law ...
  2. I am all with you, nothing is more sensuous then kissing, licking or sucking a flaccid dick and seeing or feeling it firm up in my lips.
  3. Game is running fine for me now ... Yeaaaah!
  4. Hey guys, I have a question ... do any one remember the build we were in before the server went down?
  5. Yesterday (Friday), I was blocked from entering 3DXChat forum by a window that said something about DDos. It was well after seven before I could get back to the forum. I have to believe that Gizmo and Lisa along with who ever else is working very hard to solve this problem. We may be surprised when the site opens back and find more things we are allowed to experience. Whether it be poses or different scenes, I can not wait. Right now I am busy exploring the porn sites getting my kinks and freak on ... LOL Kisses all
  6. No, I remember that as well. I also remember the generosity that was extended to all ...
  7. I have never been in a 'Gang-bang' before but have had sex with a number of guys in a thirty-six hour period. I don't know if any of them where aware of the fact that they were not the only one I had sex with doing that time or not. For me it was a moment that happened so quick that all I could do was to enjoy all the attention I was getting. On average I think I spent close to two hours with each guy and was so tired and exhausted when I did get home that after a quick clean out and shower I slept most of the next day. I don't know if I could have done that in a room with all of them at once but separately it was a wonderful day. I had fun and learned which guy was better in bed then the others and took measures to insure that I met with the ones I liked the most again. Some of the guys were great orally and some were well endowed so over all I had fun. Oh BTW on the weekend I have great dinner dates with them even if they do not get to sleep with me they still take me out so it's win win.
  8. Not able to connect to server...are you guys really serious??? This is not customer friendly, yes 3dx is allowed pass my firewall and worked fine last night but not this morning!!! Can any one give reasonable excuse as to why we are treated this way???
  9. OK I was not so easily done...had to copy and paste to Word Pad, then print out a copy then re-write it manually into the about me section...it seemed to work well for me that way. Now my concern is why we are not collecting xGold when we log on for the day? I would luv to have an answer with out having to go to 'tweeter' and find it!
  10. Great work I just love the toys and wish there was lots more...maybe some hints as to which goes where...You know how they work and stuff, Yes
  11. Have any one addressed the issue that we are not getting the xGold for logging on!!! Yes I believe that we, loyal players, do need to recoop the xGold we should have got doing the down time. But not getting the xGold since it is back up is really an insult! Gizmo, Administrators come on get on the ball and tell us something even if we do not like it at least we will know where we stand!
  12. Well at least Gizmo is trying to correct his/her slight of us last week...please be patience ad if it takes as long as it took last week I'll be among the first not to renew my yearly membership! After all why pay for bad service...
  13. No not working here on the East Coast of the USA!
  14. Could be good timing, 10am in Europe is 5am Eastern Time Zone USA, So by the time I am up at 6am, game should be up and running yes? How ever I am still upset by this imbedded message from Gizmo or who ever '... We will report progress on our Twitter, please follow us to stay informed https://twitter.com/3dxchat ...' In my opinion all progress for 3dxchat should be made here in the forum not some third party site. Do you see my problem now with the message?
  15. I resent having to monitor 'twitter' in order to find out what is happening in 3DX!!! Maybe no one else finds this to be offensive but I do. Why is there this 3DXCHAT forum if we have to monitor changes on 'twitter'! Is Gizmo to ignorant to post here or is it that gizmo has other motives for having updates posted on 'twitter'! Personally I do not enjoy having to establish another social media page to monitor what is being done here! I think we all need to re-examine how we are perceived by the administrators of 3DX and act appropriately! Again my objection is to being asked to check the progress on twitter for what happens in 3DX!
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