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  1. Yes, I would enjoy being shared with your make friends, long as they are respectful and treat me with a certain form of decency!
  2. Great site, logged in today ( 03/22/2022 @ 10:35am est ), find it very informative. My problem is I am getting that dreadful red box for reconnect! Aggravating to say the least, this site showed 3DXCHAT was working fine, I clicked on the report button, hope something is done to correct this problem quickly. Kisses
  3. Alright, been trying to log on all weekend is the server down again!!!!???? This is getting to be to tedious for me to have to pay for something that is not working!!! Gizmo??? are you even aware that the server is not working and why do we have to have a Discord account when 3DXChat has a forum for you to address these issues???? I am seriously considering not to renew my subscription if this continues!
  4. Come on, some one with technical abilities tell us how to solve this reconnect problem! I seriously have thoughts of not renewing if this continues!
  5. I got tired, uninstalled and reinstalled ... If it do not work now ... I shall think seriously about continuing another year. It worked for me the site is up and running, Yeaaaaa!
  6. Hey zigzag, you wish I will accept some of your free game time ... See you in the game if it ever comes back
  7. I was able to log in and open my character where I found all my gold gone! I had a nice little bundle since there is nothing to spend it on in game! This use to be a nifty little game to play, I would get out my toys to aide me in rl so I could satisfy my desires. Lately it has become no more then a 3DX social site with no sexual activity. Have more fun with Betty and Bob then with my fellow clients. Might as well go back to MNF even though it's 2d it is much more fun and never seems to be down! If game evr returns look for me and let's have fun, I doubt I shall be renewing this fall ... Maybe Gizmo and the developers will offer those who have been here since beginning something to entice us to stay! kisses ...
  8. I don't have that Kaspersky Internet Security and am not running windows defender yet I get the same pictures in 3dx gallery. What's up with this?
  9. OK guys, since I posted this I have entertained three or four guys in one evening at one of their homes. No, they were not all in the room at the same time and I was a little bit inebriated and horny when it started. Well It started with just one guy and evolved into them taking turns, at first I got offended but as the second guy said ' ... hey, I'm already in so why not just enjoy it! ... '. I did and it was a fun night they all were very nice, gentle and sweet afterwards. Oh BTW they all were so damn cute LOL
  10. I am all with you, nothing is more sensuous then kissing, licking or sucking a flaccid dick and seeing or feeling it firm up in my lips.
  11. Game is running fine for me now ... Yeaaaah!
  12. Hey guys, I have a question ... do any one remember the build we were in before the server went down?
  13. Yesterday (Friday), I was blocked from entering 3DXChat forum by a window that said something about DDos. It was well after seven before I could get back to the forum. I have to believe that Gizmo and Lisa along with who ever else is working very hard to solve this problem. We may be surprised when the site opens back and find more things we are allowed to experience. Whether it be poses or different scenes, I can not wait. Right now I am busy exploring the porn sites getting my kinks and freak on ... LOL Kisses all
  14. No, I remember that as well. I also remember the generosity that was extended to all ...
  15. I have never been in a 'Gang-bang' before but have had sex with a number of guys in a thirty-six hour period. I don't know if any of them where aware of the fact that they were not the only one I had sex with doing that time or not. For me it was a moment that happened so quick that all I could do was to enjoy all the attention I was getting. On average I think I spent close to two hours with each guy and was so tired and exhausted when I did get home that after a quick clean out and shower I slept most of the next day. I don't know if I could have done that in a room with all of them at once but separately it was a wonderful day. I had fun and learned which guy was better in bed then the others and took measures to insure that I met with the ones I liked the most again. Some of the guys were great orally and some were well endowed so over all I had fun. Oh BTW on the weekend I have great dinner dates with them even if they do not get to sleep with me they still take me out so it's win win.
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