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  1. Thank you for letting us know you're on top of it, Gizmo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -Jelly
  2. Sorry if I should have put my post in Ex's clothing thread, but I felt like that has become a bit of a fantasy wish list, where people are trading ideas, but the devs are not really paying attention. I thought this implementation would be simple enough that it might get noticed, to at least give them an easy time giving us some new choices. An easy win/win. No disrespect intended to Ex or that thread. -Jelly
  3. Hey, this might be more complicated than I think, but I imagine it would not be that difficult to give us a pair of denim shorts you can recolor like the jeans, and a pair of leggings like the latex ones, but in a matte finish like cotton/spandex? There are lots of clothing Items I would want, but these two would really expand our choices with no new meshes or anything. I for one, would relly appreciate it. Thanks, Jelly
  4. The World Editor has a forum section right here, with the original user manual presented as web pages. Since the editor is fairly simple (In terms of complexity, if not ease of use) it's actually a pretty thorough guide. So I bothered, big deal. -Jelly
  5. Responses in the forums are pretty poor. If you send your particulars to 3dxhelp@gmail.com , they will usually get back to you in a day or less. For now, try to log in through a VPN from another country, that has helped me a few times in the last few weeks. If you don't have a VPN, tunnelbear.com has one that you can use for free for the first 500megs of traffic. Or google for a completely free one. I use Nord VPN and it has allowed me to connect during the recent server changes. Hope this helps, Jelly
  6. Have you tried both servers? I had this problem with patch 423, but it was resolved with patch 426, I think. If you have a VPN, you might be able to connect directly to the EU server through a foreign portal. Send a note to Juliet at: 3dxhelp@gmail.com She might be able to troubleshoot it with you. Best of luck, Jelly
  7. Hey, everyone., I am one of those who uses Verizon FIOS on the East Coast and was unable to stay connected, get the Room list, or World Chat after patch 423. Gizmo gave us a manual patch to install called Patch 425, which gave us the option of a US or a European portal. This solved the problem for many of us in that boat. This morning, with patch 426 out, when I patched the game, it went into a loop of restarting game/restarting patcher, ad nauseum. It LOOKS like the patcher is trying to install patch 425, finds it installed, opens the game, which launches the patcher agai
  8. Have you tried using a VPN? I use Nord VPN (A paid service) through Canada, and I have no connection issues. This weekend, I have had the same No world Chat/No Room List/DC after 60 seconds problem I had before the US server patch. It worked all week, but crapped out Saturday. Apparently, TunnelBear VPN, which is free for 500 MB or something, also works.
  9. I don't know what legal rights we can claim, but DJ Biacat's parties are generally well-attended and she has good music. In a platform where user contribution is vital to the fun, it's not fair that we have no recourse against these bans and reports. No one is logging in to dance at that old west saloon to whatever that crappy radio station is. Our rooms, Our DJ's, Our events are what builds our community. Please find the time to address this system of bans and punishments. It's disheartening and is really putting a damper on new rooms, parties and events. A friend who recently c
  10. Twiggy's comments were quite reasonable and politely stated. I don't really fall on the same side of the discussion that she does, but her point of view is completely valid, whether you agree or not. Your comment was pointlessly hostile and insulting. Grow up. -Jelly
  11. I have ocassionally noticed this problem, but like you, I have only been able to solve it by relogging. I have even swapped to a room with a different stream, and the background stream from the first room will still be playing. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but it's not something unique to your system. -Jelly
  12. Hey, It's Sunday Night, September 27, 2020, And I am having the situation we had before. No world chat, no location list, and on and off friends list and gallery images. Disconnect after about a minute. It has been this way all day. Again, NordVPN through Canada works, but the US hub does not work any more for me. I am a Verizon FIOS customer in New York City. Thanks. -Jelly
  13. I don't believe I've ever placed a barstool action object or put a chair beside a table without having to go back and re-edit after "real life" testing.
  14. Sometimes I will post in WC if something fun is going on in a specific room. "Fashion Show at such and such" or "such and such class at Slutmoore is happening in twenty minutes. Are these bannable messages? I don't open my own rooms up, they are literally promoting other people's events that new people might enjoy, so they actually experience some of the fun user content in the game. I am very confused by this "ad" ban. I would rather go someplace where I was invited anyway, I find the ads friendly and they lead me to new people. Isn't that what we are here for? -Jel
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