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  1. Thanks to everyone who has come by for the party! The Campaign is suspended for Thanksgiving, so the party will be on hold for this week. Please keep your eyes peeled, the "Spire By Fire" will be open occasionally just to hang out and chill. Here's a pic from the last event:Names have been concealed to protect the innocent. And the guilty. And the shameless. And the drunk. Thanks so much for everyone who attended and made it so fun!
  2. It is such a shame that we lose our European friends at this time frame, but thank you so much for making your worlds available to us! If you ever see the "Spire by Fire" up at other times, please pop in and see what we've done with the place!
  3. Calling all Critters and Critchers! Weary Travelers from far and wide! For those of you who love Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop role playing games, fantasy adventure, or just chilling with nerds doing nerd stuff, we invite you to our Thursday night Critical Role Party. Critical Role is a live D&D game streamed on twitch where some very funny and inventive people play through a year long campaign of high adventure. It is one of the most watched games on twitch, and has spawned a plethora of other content, such as secondary adventures, a talk show podcast, merchandise, an educational charity, and an upcoming animated series on Netflix. On 3DX, we get together when the stream is live, at the Spire by Fire Tavern in-game. We generally watch the twitch stream at home while we sit and comment, commiserate, and have fun with friends in 3DXChat. Meet new friends in a safe, social environment, and chill out for a lazy Thursday break. The room is not a sex or hookup room, but, well... adventures happen. The Spire by Fire tavern, where the party is held is the beautiful "Medieval Tavern," by Anaganda, to whom we are incredibly grateful. The party starts around the time of the show, which is 7 pm PST, (10 EST) and goes for about four hours. Everyone is welcome, and if you haven't been following the campaign, you won't find a better group of people to help you jump on in. The name of the room is "Critical Role Watch Party" on the public room list. Fantasy costume and RP is welcome! (P.S. The rumors are true, there is an ongoing game of "Combat Strip Truth or Dare" every week. Come by for details!)
  4. This is a glitch in the dressing room that will go away when you go out to any room. It seems to have something to do with having socks on your avatar, then loading a .avatar file without socks? It's similar to a glitch where if you swap out of an avi with a hat, it mooshes in your head when you load an avatar file without the hat. If you go to the "Stockings" picker and choose "remove item" at the top, this sometimes fixes it, but not always. You might have to put on stockings, then remove. Hope this helps!
  5. If we could move things around, I kinda wish we could have the tube tops in the bra category. You can't realistically wear a bra with them anyway, and I feel like, that I would wear one as a swim top by the water, but still want another top for walking around. By the same token, a tank top or cami top in the bra category would be welcome, too. Sometimes us flatties don't really want a constructed bra. And just to reiterate, non-shiny leggings are just... a must. There is no woman on this platform who hasn't played in her actual leggings. They are UBIQUITOUS, and it's like not giving us hair to not give us proper leggings. Let us de-gloss the current leggings, or just add the same model with the shading and highlight removed. I don't even know why we are talking about wants, though, at this point. Thanks for the rubber tee-shirt, though.
  6. It's not quite the same thing, but I' also love to see the old one-color hairstyles be updated to 3-colors like all the new ones.
  7. Why would anyone NOT want their avi filled with Jelly? That's about the craziest thing I ever heard.
  8. Thank you for letting us know you're on top of it, Gizmo! -Jelly
  9. Sorry if I should have put my post in Ex's clothing thread, but I felt like that has become a bit of a fantasy wish list, where people are trading ideas, but the devs are not really paying attention. I thought this implementation would be simple enough that it might get noticed, to at least give them an easy time giving us some new choices. An easy win/win. No disrespect intended to Ex or that thread. -Jelly
  10. Hey, this might be more complicated than I think, but I imagine it would not be that difficult to give us a pair of denim shorts you can recolor like the jeans, and a pair of leggings like the latex ones, but in a matte finish like cotton/spandex? There are lots of clothing Items I would want, but these two would really expand our choices with no new meshes or anything. I for one, would relly appreciate it. Thanks, Jelly
  11. Responses in the forums are pretty poor. If you send your particulars to 3dxhelp@gmail.com , they will usually get back to you in a day or less. For now, try to log in through a VPN from another country, that has helped me a few times in the last few weeks. If you don't have a VPN, tunnelbear.com has one that you can use for free for the first 500megs of traffic. Or google for a completely free one. I use Nord VPN and it has allowed me to connect during the recent server changes. Hope this helps, Jelly
  12. Have you tried both servers? I had this problem with patch 423, but it was resolved with patch 426, I think. If you have a VPN, you might be able to connect directly to the EU server through a foreign portal. Send a note to Juliet at: 3dxhelp@gmail.com She might be able to troubleshoot it with you. Best of luck, Jelly
  13. Hey, everyone., I am one of those who uses Verizon FIOS on the East Coast and was unable to stay connected, get the Room list, or World Chat after patch 423. Gizmo gave us a manual patch to install called Patch 425, which gave us the option of a US or a European portal. This solved the problem for many of us in that boat. This morning, with patch 426 out, when I patched the game, it went into a loop of restarting game/restarting patcher, ad nauseum. It LOOKS like the patcher is trying to install patch 425, finds it installed, opens the game, which launches the patcher again, and it never actually installs 426. I downloaded version 424 from the 3dxchat.com main website and ran it. It installed, and on first run, patched 425 AND 426. Hopefully, this will be a solution for people with the same problem. [NOTE: I am still having trouble connecting through the US or Euro servers directly, but connecting through VPN works. Hopefully, we will have a fix for that, soon.]
  14. Have you tried using a VPN? I use Nord VPN (A paid service) through Canada, and I have no connection issues. This weekend, I have had the same No world Chat/No Room List/DC after 60 seconds problem I had before the US server patch. It worked all week, but crapped out Saturday. Apparently, TunnelBear VPN, which is free for 500 MB or something, also works.
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