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  1. I don't know, but I am uncertain, if it is a good idea to make your personal ID visible to everyone around here? Just saying...
  2. Hi folks, we hope you had nice holidays and slipped well into this year. We put a lot of hope into this change and somehow we guess, that this is true for not only the both of us. Whatever your hopes may be, we wish you that his new year will fulfill them. Our best wishes for a happy new year. It shall be better than the last. Jazz' said, the uneven numbered ones are anyway better. Let's prove her right! So what's up in January? We will open the PrismΔ Music Hall for a James Bond reminiscence. We got the licence to party! You can expect a glamorous environment and the best music
  3. You have found your one? You made a proposal? You will marry but are not certain, how to make it a special day? Perhaps we can assist you. We have found a wonderful place where we did marry and would like to share its secrets with you. It is a romantic temple of Venus with a near by hotel. We found it the perfect place for our wedding and maybe you will? We will not offer the service of a preacher like figure who babbles everyone unconcious. Everything else, like which music to play and other arrangements, could be claryfied in a personal meeting. If you're interested, give us a call
  4. I suppose during the holidays and lock downs is enormous traffic over the internet. Sometimes downloads need an aeon to finish. I blame it on Netflix Best wishes for 2021.
  5. Like @Diana Princesaid, same here. Supposingly 181.fm has not enough bandwidth for all listeners.
  6. Hi folks, already 4th of Advent. As this year comes to an end, Jazz and I review it and take some time for ourselfs. So no Christmas market on JaPan's behalf. Instead already we gather ideas for 2021 and make plans, how to improve and make it even more event- and colorful than this year. What a year. For me personally it was the most crappiest year ever. And we think, this might be true for many of us. This pandemia took a lot from us and streched our patiance more than anything, we could ever imagine. And we so much hope 2021 will bring salvation for all of us. While at th
  7. I faced the same problem once. After a while I found out, the AntiVirus forbids for 3DXChat to safe files to drives. After whitelisting 3DXChat.exe it worked for me. Hope that helps. Regards
  8. Go to http://3dxchat.com/support/ Follow the advice at "I have a problem with the Patcher. I can't update my game." I hope this helps. Good luck.
  9. Even MS does not manage to make it always work on every machine and on every configuration. But you can do manually. Sometimes it helps to give the updater admin rights and make sure it is not blocked by a firewall or antivir.
  10. Noone really cares about what fantasies you fondle. Just don't open rape-whatever for public. Where's your problem? Shall we all stand in line and applause?
  11. Hi folks, yesterday I was still breathless. I needed time to gather enough air to speak again: THANK YOU! Some may know, Jazz and I were having this in mind since early spring already. But fate kicked me severely out of the rails and we had to postpone very close to its sheduled date. So it took us until November. It was kinda fresh outside already uh? Nevertheless I was sweaping out of joy and excitement. If I'd ever dreamed about something similar to a "Welcome Back" it would not cope with this one. It really meant a lot to me and I had tears in my eyes out of excitement. Most of
  12. Hi folks, yesterday was really a blast. Thanks to all supporters and everyone who dropped by. You made it really the wonderful festival Jazz and I were hoping for. So awesome. We're already very excited about the 2nd half today and can't wait for the clock to strike 7. My favourite screen from yesterday. I call it "Make love not war". Have a great day and a peaceful weekend. We hope to see you later. regards Jazz&Pan
  13. You made an important point here. After you have been warned.
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