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  1. Hi folks, we had a hell-ish good time yesterday. Jazz and I want to say thank you for coming around and making it such an enjoyable evening. A very loud shout out for the devil-ish dancers Sirens&Sailors and for Eyleen and CardinalCopia, who hit on our eardrums really hard! We are already busy with the event on April, 13th and we hope to meet you all again, happy and healthy, at the ☆Star Club, Hamburg. Take care Jazz & Pan
  2. Hi all, we hope you are all fine and the present situation leaves you and your beloved ones unharmed. If you find nothing better to do tomorrow evening, we would love to welcome you to our devil-ish party. Let's keep a stiff upper lip. Stay safe, take care and all our best wishes Jazz and Pan
  3. Same here.
  4. Since we have singers, drums and guitars, I miss a little bit of a brass section. How would be something like that, @Gizmo? What could be more sexy than a well played tenor sax? Yeah, you guessed it - two well played tenor sax! And horns! 😉
  5. Hi everyone, since tomorrow we switch into the 3rd month of this year, Jazz and I are very happy to announce what will be our monthly party for March. We hope we will welcome you at the purgatory. So mark the 20th of March. You're all cordially invited. Regards Jazz and Pan
  6. Hi, maybe you find a solution if you follow this thread here I hope it helps you to solve your issues. regards Pan
  7. Good day folks, we wish you a wonderful Sunday. If you feel like some serious ear pounding, be assured you will get some. Jazz and I are very happy to have the Dangerous Divas and the Sirens around today! And we hope very much, you too! See you at the Fucktory! Gates open at 20:00h CET. Jazz and Pan
  8. Hi folks, already Feburary. Another month and our next party ahead. This month the Dangerous Divas are going to beat your eardrums. They will be supported by the sensational Sirens. We cordially invite you for a rocking time at the Fucktory. 16th Feburary, open gates at 20:00 CET See you there Jazz and Pan
  9. Hi, @olivermellors, like Hazyray said, middle mouse button
  10. It's a bit more tricky, @olivermellors. You have the camera for screenshots too in edit mode. It has a zoom you can use therefore and it gets you very close to your nose. You can count all freckles. Hope that helps.
  11. Well, I promised a little surprise for rememberance. @Kemistry did it again and she did it great. Thank you Kem! I hope you will enjoy this impressions and if you have been around, maybe you recognise yourself? Give it a try. Thanks again for you celebrating with us and making this evening so wonderful. We really had goose bumbs all over. See you next time Jazz and Pan
  12. What a blast! This was such a wonderful evening. There's not much to say while Jazz and I are still speachless and overwhelmed. Thanks to you, our dear friends, for your kind support. Without your precious help it would not have been possible to get it done. We are sincerely grateful for each and everyone who joined and celebrated Motown Record's anniversary and the opening ouf our PrismΔ Music Hall with us. Jazz and I had goose bumbs out of joy. Stay tuned, soon there will be a nice rememberance appearing, which you hopefully will enjoy. regards Jazz & Pan
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