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  1. Very soon! We proudly announce the appearance of the fabulous Devil Dancers tonight. See you at Babomba.
  2. Only 12 hours left. See you later. 🤸‍♀️
  3. Hi folks, tomorrow 20:00h CET we'll open Babomba Island for the first time. Kindly supported by White Breeze™, MacyD, LuxInterior and the Devil Dancers which we sincerely appreciate. If you got your costume done for Helloween and have finished your pumpkin artworks, we promise you a pumpkin-free zone for this evening. Instead we'll celebrate a tropic night with surfin' sounds and a huge area to explore and have good fun at. Don't forget to bring a towel and your bathing suit. 😉 See you at the surfin' bird Jazz&Pandorra PS: To our friends from the other side of the pond, please bear in mind that Europe already switched to normal time. The difference between EST and CET will be only 5 hours on this day. PPS: Bathing suit is not obligatory. PPPS: Bird is the word.
  4. DDOS predicted precisely by the victim? Great job! Rebooting for an hour? Not so much.
  5. One argument is still missing. Trolls are trolling now 'cos they don't need to fear anything. Room owners are defenseless. If they get the tool of kick/ban I am certain, the attempts of trolling will lower significantly, because it would leave the trolls defenseless. And I strongly agree to the following. If you own a pub and open it for public, it does not mean it is public space. You're still the owner with all the rights. If you go to a pub and misbehave the owner will wipe the bar with your ass in no time. Easy as that. Same, if you open up your own build place for public. It is still no public place. And you should be ofc able to wipe your bar with trolling asses in no time. However, I have never really felt the lack of this tool by now fortunately. So far I could settle everything with a friendly approach. But I vote a strong YES for this tool and I really hope it will be with one of the next updates. My 2 cents. Regards and have a fab weekend everyone
  6. I don't remember anyone but you, calling for decency. If you like to call each others names, go for it. I have Coke and Popcorn for ages.
  7. Hi folks, Already October. Just before you go out for Helloween, Jazz and I are exspecially glad to invite you to our October party. This time we will have a cooperation with White Breeze. Thank you White Breezers for being with us this time. We expect this to be a shitload of fun, so mark the 28th. best regards Jazz&Pan
  8. Frankly spoken, someone calling another cancer should not speak out loud about decency. My 2 cents.
  9. Hope this helps: https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/2047-door-just-walk-through/
  10. Ignoring the differences between BDSM slavery which is based on mutual agreement and rape which by definition is not, only shows that either a walnut is more brainy than you, or that you wear your undies over your head, or you that are just simply trolling. Anyway, it is like talking about math to someone who does not pay attention to the fact that 1 plus 1 equals 2. Waste of time.
  11. Makes perfect sense because there's a big differance. "Slavery" as used here is a BDSM practice where the slave agrees to be enslaved. Therefore it has not much in common with real enslavement where slaves are taken against their will. In contrast a rape victim by definition does not agree to the violance forced upon her/him. If both (or more) agree to whatever takes place by definition it can not be a rape. This is a simple fact so much obvious that even a walnut could get it.
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