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  1. I suppose the basic differance is why to build at all. Of course there are no distinct borders and things and motivation mix and entangle with each other more or less, but in general I simplify it as follows. Either you like the proces of building per se, so does not matter how long it takes and after you finish you can use it for your purpose and maybe even give it away for public, so others may have fun too. Or you build with the intention to make an additional dollar with it. Since the latter though came never to my mind so far, I do not really care about protection at all, exept for those who open up their roooms for public parties, but do not intend to give it to public as a world file. But this problem seems to be solved by now. Besides, I am for sure not Banksy, but it does not need a Banksy to create art. On the other hand, not everything considered art by public or "experts", I would agree to put this label too.
  2. If you'd know what indeed I did change about my car. And if it would be mine I could paint Mona Lisa a beard even. And prolly I even would. I bought it, I can bloody well boot it. This is the sick idea in fact about "arts". Even some buildings. No nothing to change since it is art. Pff! If I can't use it my own way, just keep it.
  3. Well I did share some and I knew about the outcome. And if I'd not be fine with it, I won't share it. I know, everything can be altered, extracted, arranged in a new style, colored differently, copied a million times and so on and so forth. And I am cool with it. If you use a room of mine, or an item, do whatever you like to do with it. If you feel like giving me credits, I'd be honored. If not, also ok for me. I did not invent the wheel after all, so I don't care. I received some from community and gave some back. Finally in my view it is a gift to everyone from me. And since I presented it, I do not own it anymore. If you download it, you do. This is my opinion about it. I see the problem mainly for those who are trying to sell a product and fear about it being copied for free. Fact is, each file can be altered, shared and copied. And there's not that much you can do against it. Ask the music industry, they've tried a lot to prevent bootlegs. The outcome was until now not expecially convincing, I would say. If you really want and put enough effort into it, since you think it is worth it, you can open almost every lock. Be it by reverse engineering or simply by brute force. I refer only to a technical perspective, not about moral. But what do people who intend to steal care about morals after all? To prevent the possibility to download and save a room from the server just because it is opened for public is another story though. It would be nice if it could be inhibited. My2cents
  4. Will make me need two maidens to dress in time *scnr* But nice idea!
  5. Thanks for updating me @TashaTight Note to myself: irony does not work in forums.
  6. Sex Game Devil I suppose. Could be somehow connected with the folks creating 3DXchat.
  7. @Gizmo I found the round table with cards and liquor is bugged. It can not be selected, therefore neither moved ror deleted.
  8. Great to see the progress you made. And I like the new clothing options a lot. Concerning the shop options: I would find it useful to add a tiny toolbox saying what Item you are hovering about, instead of only showing the pricing. Eg: "salami" for pizza or "red wine", "Strawberry icecream", "Champaign" and so on. And I feel a terrible lack of Labellos (kidding). More stable sounds great. And fixing bugs also. I just would like to know, which bugs you did address first place? So far I did not see anyone walking into walls anymore at l least. Great! I am only still very unhappy with physics though. My boobs still behave like green jelly, humping and bumping like not from this world. This was already way more natural some time ago. Perhaps you can kindly consider to give it a more natural look again? Keep up the good work!
  9. Pair dances like Walz or Tango would be a big turn on! Same as more animations for musicians. Real bass instead of just another guitar. Piano animation stitting/standing. Sax, horns and trumpets? Yes sex game, got it! But many of us enjoy the whole lot of parties around, don't we?
  10. If you press [strg] while you rotate/move, it has the same effect. Rotates/moves according to the preselected settings. Handy shortcut.
  11. Reset sealevel back to zero in settings (editor) and load it up to server again. No big deal, but should be taken care of for the next update.
  12. Well, considering some peps came back after even more than a year's break, I don't think it is a good option. In a way they did pay for their names by subscription, so this would cause more problems, than it would help to solve. Giving more characters for names would be nice though, expecially space, minus and underline. Or just not care about doublettes anymore. I mean, how many Susans do we all know?
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