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  1. https://www.cernovich.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/29.07.2020-Denial-of-Preliminary-Injunction.pdf This looks like trouble ahead and choppily seas.
  2. Top notch. However, I am a BIG fan of your Guzzi too!
  3. If you do what you do, 'cos you like doing it, go do it. If you're looking for payment, don't play games but get a job. This whole idea of commercializing each and everything makes me puke.
  4. I added a PDF with the presentation of my build. It is our capital city Berlin from a certain viewpoint. The world file is approx. 3.5MB. More infos given in the PDF. regards Pan Presentation_Berlin.pdf
  5. This newsflash was sponsered by the biggest, most exclusive, awesome and gorgeous discord-server ever! Still everything is fine, no? 😉 *scnr*
  6. Wishful thinking, I know. But together would be so much more fun than against.
  7. I find it slightly irritating if rules are not the same on different sources.
  8. This was my point. Seems we're agree on this one.
  9. Sorry, but as long as it is not defined what "3DXCHAT related" really means one could still argue giving information about room openings may be covered same way as clan recuting. This does not object that it really went out of bounds. I just beg to differ, that this point proves your stand as undoubtfully as you presume, @Whitesnake
  10. As long you can't prove it it remains an opinion.
  11. My sincere thoughts are, I like to take part. Maybe I am able to get a good placement, maybe not. But one thing I can tell you: If I would get a price it won't count me nothing, if I see, I did not compete with the best. For my understanding this is the mere sense of a competition. To get to know your standing against the godfathers of this discipline.
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