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  1. Yadda yadda yadda. Does not matter what one may find disgusting or not. If two guys/girls are making out, you need to tolerate this even in case you find it disgusting. Your problem. Rape or child molesting on the other hand is absolutely nothing to tolerate. Furthermore it is not tolerable if this is advertised in any way. Since you obviously weren't yet able to get the point, I will tell you: the difference is, if there's force applied to act against another persons will, or not. Now it's more easy, uh?
  2. I'd prefer sickos to apply to a therapist. Rapists and child molesters are nothing to be tolerated.
  3. Lolita is a japanese word? Hmkay! And a tanto is a medival french tool for opening grapevine snails. Lolita as an synonym for a childlike woman has its origin in the novel "Lolita" from russian author Vladimir Nabukov which was first published in 1955. But ain't we all fans of alternative facts meanwhile? While following your statements I get the impression, you are. Rape rooms are forbidden. Get over it.
  4. I don't get the reason of all this hysteria. What ppl do in privacy does not bother anyone. Just don't use terms prohibited by the TOS for advertising public rooms. There are many kinks and fetishes you may enjoy all day long in private. No one would care as long as you keep forbidden things in privacy and fantasy. "Gedanken sind frei", as we say in German. But keep it on your own and don't wave a flag: "I'm a sick pervert who loves to provoke and I if give a fuck about rules". Farther than that, noone cares. Problem solved. Besides, this is no matter of discussion in any way. And 3DX is also not the United Nations. If Gizmo says, this is allowed but that is not, it is no proposal for voting. Get over it, 3DX is no democracy. If you don't like the rules, get yourself another playground. If you break the rules, face the consequences. And concerning this "but in other countries" pseudo arguments. If you come to Rome, do as the Romans. In Germany we can go as fast as we like on highways, legally. So 250km/h won't become a problem generally, als long you don't drive like a jerk. If you get cought 250km/h in Swizerland, your driving license transforms to confetti right on the spot and you have had a car. Get the point?
  5. Noone tries. Gizmo will just do so. Fortunately. Finally. With reason. @Gizmo - will there be information, which terms will be banned?
  6. Oh shit! Fortunately you and your pets are well. I sincerly hope you will be able to return to kind of normal life soon. Watching the pictures ist frightening. Take care and stay safe!
  7. OMG you're completely outta bounds! But plumbers sure love you! Awesome builds Allie
  8. Thanks for your post @AtticusFinch. To read that we managed to share some good times with others, convinces us, that it was worth while. I quoted a paragraph of yours, as it resembles the conclusions we made. Take care, stay safe and have a good time.
  9. Pity indeed @Anaganda. You would have been most welcome. I had the pleasure so see some of your builds "in action" and it was utter fun. I adore your skills of building. Always top notch. Back to topic, the system is first and foremost made to make ppl throw coins. Everyone has the right to see it differrently, but our conclusion is like that. And we won't, that's up to us and we handle it our way. At least before the change we have never seen this kinda battles of crown spamming as present days, and we dislike it. How you handle it, is your way. This was an explanation, not the attempt to missionize anyone. Your coins, therefore you're free to drop 'em where ever you like. Case closed.
  10. Well, the present situation breaks down to one rule: the more you pay, the more attention you get. Considering this a good system is also telling a lot. Making observations (gathering data) is one thing, drawing conclusion is still another. It is also true, that not everyone interprets everything the same way and therefore different people come to different conclusions even while based on the same observations. Anyhow, now it works actually the way, that the more you pay the more attention you raise. Systems like this work like Monopoly. If money is the only adjusting screw, at the end only the biggest fish survives. If you come to different conlusions, welcome. We did come to ours and therefore we quit, 'cos the present rules are no rules we judge as worth while to support. Therefore we take measures and don't go along with it anymore. If we would like to spend our time in a competition race, we would simply go and play Monopoly. But Jazz and I agree that Monopoly is a rather boring and crappy game. Before it was also counting how well your event was received. If people liked it and stayed it did also matter. This was also not perfect, agree. But perfect solutions are rather rare. Nevertheless, in our humble opinion it still was better than now, where only more crowns and even very very much more crowns count. Besides this was only one more reason, that triggered our decision, but this is no topic for a forum.
  11. Hi folks, we quit. It had been fun and we like to thank all who supported us during the past years. We sincerely hope we managed to give you some pleasent moments at our venues. Jazz and I can ensure you, we had. But since we don't have that fun anymore, it's time to close the curtain. There are several reasons for it, we won't discuss here nor anywhere. Only one thing, which did really discourage us a lot, I'm gonna mention here. This is directly connected with the way the locations are listed now @Gizmo . Probably it is gaining some bucks, uh? But from our point of view it has a harmful side effect. Besides we already payed for our subscription Besides we put our efforts into building our locations Besides we pay for a stream server (most cases something relyable with broadwith, quality and unlimited listeners comes not for free) Besides we put efforts into engaging dancers, DJs, yadda yadda yadda And besides all this we should pay in addition XGold to get on top and noticed? Haha, yeah of course! Get yourself other suckers, we are out. Certainly every day a dumb one rises and we guess it pays off for you. However, it won't be the brightest idea on the long run, as we consider it. A good friend of ours did already quit month ago and now our time has come to say no more. The dumb ones rising tomorrow won't be us again. I wanna be damned if I ever again pay 300 for a crown under this circumstances. We don't have any hope that things may change to the better again, since a nice rally of groups established, who are throwing crowns like confetti on a 4th July parade and we suggest it pays well? But Jazz and I won't. Our friend was not the first to resign and we won't be the last, we are convinced. We tell you, what this will most probably lead to. Go downtown and have a look around. What do you see? We know already what you'll see, not even knowing where you live. But we can tell you nevertheless. You see McDonalds, Mango, Zara, Douglas, Starbucks, IKEA and so on and so forth. Different city, same crap. Variety, individualism, uniquity died. It will be the same here, since this system makes it too harsh for tiny independend groups or individuals to compete with the "companies". So what? There are so many, who consider currywurst a meal, so nothing for you to worry about, right? Right! If fish fingers are fish enough, one may pretty well give a shit about the oceans. Doesn't matter anyway, that's just our 2 cents. Perhaps here and then we'll open one of our clubs and play some tunes. If you like, have a look at the lower part of the locations list. You'd be cordially welcome. Especially if you like to listen to tunes, which aren't played too often elsewhere. EDM free zone, promised! So far Jazz and I are done with putting any more efforts in organizing events. regards Jazz and Pandorra
  12. For the early beginning of this summer, we like to invite you to swing with us through an evening of refreshing sounds, pure as a spring. Dance performance of the gorgeous MOON Dancers and music by Eyleen, Wednesday, Jazz and Pandorra.
  13. OK, back to topic then. Some socks for guys? Yes. I mean you get blisters barefoot in shoes on the long run. Have a good one!
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