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  1. Well, I promised a little surprise for rememberance. @Kemistry did it again and she did it great. Thank you Kem! I hope you will enjoy this impressions and if you have been around, maybe you recognise yourself? Give it a try. Thanks again for you celebrating with us and making this evening so wonderful. We really had goose bumbs all over. See you next time Jazz and Pan
  2. What a blast! This was such a wonderful evening. There's not much to say while Jazz and I are still speachless and overwhelmed. Thanks to you, our dear friends, for your kind support. Without your precious help it would not have been possible to get it done. We are sincerely grateful for each and everyone who joined and celebrated Motown Record's anniversary and the opening ouf our PrismΔ Music Hall with us. Jazz and I had goose bumbs out of joy. Stay tuned, soon there will be a nice rememberance appearing, which you hopefully will enjoy. regards Jazz & Pan
  3. Today's the day! Only something about 2 hours.
  4. Hi folks due to the help of our very talented friend we're proud to give you a little insight. Did you all polish your dancing shoes already? Look above, as time is ticking... Thank you for your awesome work, @Kemistry ♥ regards Jazz & Pan
  5. Just a tiny reminder, how long Chloe's vacations still last. Nah, just kidding! Countdown for Motown Records's 61st birthday's party of course. We can't await to welcome you. Get ready for an evening of Soul! Jazz & Pan
  6. Not so easy to answer. I like almost every kind of music, which evokes emotions in me. I have a strong focus on Rock music, particularly Classic and Hard Rock. I do listen to Metal and other stiles often though. Furthermore, I like Blues, Blues Rock, Soul and a lot of other stiles. In a way I am a fan of "hand crafted" music. Let there be drums, guitars, maybe trumpets and saxophones and I might be very much into it.
  7. Someone who was Born on 12th Jan. 1959 will be 61 soon, like Bryan Adams. Don't forget the date in another regard, because on this day one of the most important labels from Detroit, Michigan, USA, also known as Motortown was founded. Or short: Motown. We will celebrate Motown Records's 61st Birthday, which was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. Share a night with wonderful and unforgettable chartbreakers. Songs which aim to the heart and hit there. Music to share with someone close and to fall in love with. Rythms, that you can't sit still for. Enjoy unforgetable hits of artists like The Temptations, Tammi Terrell, James Brown, The Marvalettes, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and so many others, who's fame's origin was Motown Records. In addition this will be the first event of JaPan Productions and the openening of the new PrismΔ Music Hall for the first time on Sunday, January 12, 2020. So while one has it's 61rs birthday, another one will celebrate it's first. With this event, Jazz and I are starting something new. We cordially invite you for having a great time at the PrismΔ Music Hall by JaPan Productions. We'll see you there, save the date Jazz and Pan
  8. Hi folks, Happy New Year! I wish you all the very best for the New Year. I hope 2020 will be happy and healthy, joy- and successful for you all. May it fullfil your wishes and make you dreams come true. And I hope we will share tons of fun again. Today I make my very last post here, as this thread has lost it's purpose. Fucktory will not die though, it will remain as a location and I hope for many more funtimes there. However, during the last year the ties between Jazz and me became thicker and rock solid. As we share so much, we also want to share the joy of setting up gigs together. Therefore, we gave birth to something new. What it is, you will find out here: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/9702-japan-productions/ Thanks again for all the big fun in 2019. Let's add some more in 2020! yours Pan
  9. Hi folks, Jazz and I wish you all a Happy New Year. With this, comes the announcement, that we are going to work together on preparing a good party time. So if you see this you'll know we are involved. For January we have already planned something special. There are more details to come very soon. For now, we just want to wish you well. Have a good, peaceful and happy year ahead. Be healthy, be happy, be blessed. Stay tuned Jazz and Pan
  10. Stick to the remaining 20% then and everything is fine. If you come to my home, you will not dance on my antique dining table and certainly not piss anywhere else, than where it is common for civilized people. And I'd like you to sit down while doing so, please. So yes, if you come to my home, I will tell you where to piss and where not, if you don't know by yourself. Easy as that. If someone is dancing on my table or pissing on my carpet, I have all the rights to kick this person out. Kick button: yes! A good hostess or host would certainly not kick anyone just because of the wrong color of the pants. Vice versa they would try to make people feel fine, welcome and appreciated. If you really consider someone being too easy with the trigger finger or playing Queen/King of the world, avoid their rooms, so what? But against unteachable-carpet-peeing-trolls it would be an legit option of self defence.
  11. I beg to differ. If I invite you to my house and you behave there like a barbarian I will treat you exactly like that and drag you outside. If you don't like to play along with the rules of a room, there is an easy solution: Do not go there first place. But just because a room is opened for public, it does not mean it becomes private property. Like in any club. It is open for all but it has its house rules. If they say smoking ok, go light your cigs. If not, than not. It is only the decision of the owner. It is no public ground like the city streets and never will be. Weather it is a room for colding or an area for socializing and party is pretty much the right do decide for an owner alone. There's no need for democracy in this regard. I mean, noone forces you to go there. If you join, you do it only because you want to. However, if you go to Rome, do like the Romans do. Just see it from the other side. If someone builds a room, puts efforts in it, arranges music and this and that to share a good time with others, doing the best to be a good hostess or host, isn't that someting that should be rewarded at least that much, that you are polite and try to be a good guest too? I support the idea of a kick button for room owners definately. Although I have luckily so far never really felt the urgent need for it myself, I think it is an important tool. Like an umbrealla. If you leave it at home, it definately starts to rain. Better to have, than not to have. My2 cents
  12. Who's goal is that? As far as I am concerned, everyone inside the game has paid for the game and therefore has any right to hang out wherever they want. Who am I to mind anyone hanging out in WC? If they like to be there, so be it.
  13. If you are in the wardrobe, turn around and see your face from the opposite side. It gives you a better idea how you will look like if there is less light like standing in the shadows. Less is more 😉
  14. In addition to what @HazyRays said you can use the camera zoom and see every tiny freckle.
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