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  1. Soundcheck... check, check, one, two, one, two... ♪ and the monkey crawls the drunken sailor ♫ ...one, two Rock Show... Works, we're ready to go earthquaking.
  2. Today we cordially invite you to 3.300 feet depth. Let's provoke an earthquake. regards Jazz&Pandorra
  3. Just an idea: Did you try to unignore? Maybe this would solve the issue. You could probably ignore then again with a different outcome. Perhaps.
  4. Hi folks, meanwhile spring has come and it's time to wish you all a happy Easter. And of course in additon to give you a sneak peek, what we're coming up with this month. So here we go: On 16th we invite you to a very special party. In cooporation with Icarus Designes, New Basement and White Breeze we'll bring you to an extraordinary place for dancing the night away. I won't tell much more yet, but if you're curious, you'll find some clues in the following clip. Maybe you manage to guess, where this party is going to take place? Hopefully you're not afraid of hights. Save t
  5. Hi folks, thanks for sharing a laid-back, lazy Sunday evening with us. This was a perfect ending of our week. Well, if it's fun, why not do it again? Since the 8th was big fun, Jazz and I will do it again. On 23rd we gonna spin in Hamburg. Germany's largest port city is always worth a visit, certainly not only because of it's red light destrict. Probably you've heart about "Reeperbahn"? See you there. Regards Jazz&Pan
  6. Hi folks, today's the day for The Manhatten Transfer. Jazz and I are looking forward to welcome you. Have a nice Sunday. See you later Jazz&Pan
  7. Doomsayers? Funny indead. You don't have to be Einstein to figure, that if it is possible to get paid for whatever, people will sooner or later demand to get paid for whatever. Probably sooner! As if that could not be seen each and everywhere. I mean, it is already now, that some try to sell their rooms and I've seen prices from 5$ up to 25$. Though there's the possibility of being wrong my prognosis is: It will change the way, that it will become hard to find a DJ, dance group or anyone offerring a service not demanding a fee. Rooms, items or roomparts for free download
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