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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath Sams. I've been dming him forever about a few problems but never does anything about it. Really ? just add a bunch of stuff to eat drink and smoke? and a few alterations on clothes? never fixing the problems the Customers address??? I gave up, they don't care but when these new mmo's come out they'll be crying sadly. RLC lost tons of customers to 3dxchat now he's starting a new world as well as others that are going to be far more advanced like other versions of 3dx. The only advantage here is a very fast server and a lot more people, but I don't seeing it last too much longer unfortunately...
  2. @Gizmo Still putting new poses on top I see making us spend so much time re-coding poses for the special poses we make... I've been asking you to change this for a long long time but you insist on messing up toys builders make. Same with the clothing messing up the dance teams set outfits. I mean what do we pay for? to spend all our time re making outfit lists and re-coding our toys making more work for us? It's just RUDE! Plus the partner teleport you say was a glitch that you got rid of. Again as a dancer we need it. And thanks for making all kinds of useless stuff instead of trying to fix what we've all been complaining about SMH! I see no changes at all with all the glitches, same old problems that never get fixed for your paying customers...
  3. I've noticed this a lot like when you have a bar too close to a wall making a narrow pathway. Just a bit of moving things helps
  4. Yesss, we used to have a fading tool that Rocchi developed in the old 32 bit version and a reverse slide bar. Also had a tv that worked using ogv files. But alas Rocchi has lost access to making improvements with her dll files...
  5. I would just like everyone to know something about NoirDesire's survey. We, including Felinia and another person were getting quite frustrated with the bug report in the 3dx server. Noir desire has been doing these surveys for some time now but invited the 3 of us to help get this last survey out. That being said, this one was a bit different. instead of a just a few people between 50 to 200, we spread this survey around to other servers and clubs and friend lists and we reached over 1000 people to vote on the 3 most important problems that need to be worked on as well as the top 3 suggestions just to narrow it down for Gizmo and his staff. I'm sorry if you didn't take part in the survey but over one thousand 3dxers did. I do think that makes a huge majority over a few individuals complaining about it. The bug report turned into another World Chat full of drama. Now I'm seeing the same thing happening here already and I think the bickering should stop. Someone states their opinion it will be taken into consideration whether you bicker with them or not. It's just a waste of your time and Gizmo's to keep reading all this drama. Please lets not make this another Drama Pit???
  6. Please please please stop putting new poses on top and bring back the partner teleport. We have builders that make toys with poses and every time you put a new pose on top of the list it ruins the toys and it's a pain to renumber them. Other than that it's great that you're upgrading to a better version of Unity. Hope that will solve most of the problems we have now
  7. I take it that we'll get no answers from the staff. Like at least tell us you're working on it?
  8. OMG!!! Getting SOOOO many Bruises from the bewbies smacking my face!!! Can we have a 3rd option for the breast physics before I know myself out? ^^
  9. a lot of work... smfh to come up with this bullshit!
  10. Totally agree Lexxxi, 6months since the last update and what do we get? Clothes from the 1950's??? Is this a sex site or are we going to CHURCH??? The poses??? fine 2 bed poses that look great? the rest PFFFFT. Did it really take so much effort to come up with this crap???? I asked Lisa if I could help with poses with some kind of training program or a clue how to make them, All I got was a name of a program and figure it out myself Then show her what I can do... Yeah so take a few years to figure it out... Maybe NOT!!! Clothes??? who's grandmother made these rags? I come from a very sheltered life that had to dress from head to toe everyday and I come here to be down right slutty and what do we get, coveralls with shorts that go just about down to the knees that belong in the men's section??? A new 3some pose? PFFFFT tell me who can figure out any of the FFF poses without ending up with a DICK??? byt the time we get it right we might have well not started at all.How about making separate avi's for TG's and FUTAS and giving the same poses men have???? OK You want to do an update and make your subscribers happy. LET US MAKE OR AT LEAST EDIT OUR OWN CLOTHES!!!! AND WHERE IS THE POSE EDITOR THAT WAS PROMISED EONS AGO??? AND GET ROCCHI BACK!!!! AND AGAIN!!! DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO PUT THE POSES ON TOP OF THE LIST AND FUCK UP ALL THE POSES THAT PEOPLE HAVE MADE IN HERE????? NOW WE HAVE TO CHANGE ALL THE NUMBERS AGAIN???? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU DEVS???? SHOW US YOU CARE ABOUT THE LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS AND STOP FUCKING AROUND WHEN OTHER SITES ARE WORKING DILIGENTLY ON UPDATING, AND YOU KNOW WHICH ONE I MEAN THAT SURPASSING THIS ONE BY FAR!!! WHY AM I YELLING???? BECAUSE I'M MAD AS HELL!!! fuck it, no one is listening anyway or cares as long as we pay to play!!!! btw the hoodies don't even work right!!! Aliviax has some great poses I've seen but she wants to get paid. what would it take to make a third person to fuck the girl from behind when she is giving a blowjob on the 3rd oral couch pose? I met the girl who made that pose and she said it would be easy and would work on it but I guess she is gone too now??? Fucking great!!!! 6 MONTHS TO COME UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT??? GEE THANKS!!!
  11. Happy Birthday 3DX for being the best social media site/game EVER!!!!
  12. can still go in and build and lyud can go masturbate to his dolls Bob and Maryl
  13. I can't take it anymore.. i'm laughing so hard it hurts!!! See you all in world when it comes up
  14. that so what you are doing is stealing the game by purposely paying then getting a refund... Wow!!! And you love yourself? If so many people are going to get away with htis now there won't be a game left... I repeat my statement... You are an .... nvm.. not worth it...
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