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  1. Best comment on this subject... I was going to say the same thing. Making it free would just bring in children. it's bad enough dealing with teenagers and 20 somethings at times lol
  2. more like XanderMCNaughty!!
  3. What? no RL photos??? lol
  4. forgot to follow this subject,
  5. I see it as a virtual social platform where people have feelings and unfortunately they get crushed by game players. Been there! I must admit I play the sex game but for me friends and intimacy are the virtual social platform. Being a woman is difficult in here because of the game players and the big problem is there is way too much temptation for guys to wander. And then you have all the colders that will never read a profile or start a conversation but only want a sex toy to play with. That's why I charge them. You want to treat me like a toy then pay for it like you would a blow up doll lol Anyway, when it comes to a relationship it always has to be open for me because I would never want to tie anyone down sexually to just me. However when it comes to love in 3dx or anywhere for that matter that is what really matters. The sex is just the game unless you are intimately involved with the person you're having sex with. Intimate sex is so much more than game sex!
  6. It would be nice if some people would start designing clothes them selves and sending them to Lisa for approval. I've seen this on other places but the problem is they usually don't fit right or other clothing bleeds through, so you have to be really good at it. In the mean time I think Gizmo only has a small team of Devs that do all the work they've been doing on making 3dx a better place for all. Although the ideas are great, if anyone would like to learn how to make clothes, I believe Lisa might be able to get you the right programs to learn using a certain system they use but you'll have to learn how to use it and get really good at it. I asked to make poses and well... the apps that I needed to learn were just way too much for me to learn. I know there a lot of experience coders in the game so, if you are one of them, give it a shot and see if it works. Just telling them what you like to see in 3dx is just more work for them to do what they are already planning so don't expect much. In stead help out if you have the knowledge.
  7. @thechilenazoman Speak for yourself please, us subs love to be victimized and dominated and love to be held down. There are so many other poses you can enjoy so why complain when others love these poses? People in here have all kinds of fantasies so play the game as you like and let others enjoy the way they like to play. I hate the face slapping poses but I know others like it so I just warn who ever partners me not to even try it on me. Your partner doesn't have to accept if they don't like the pose.
  8. hmmm @Gizmo did you see the "hehe" after the statement? Didn't you ever hear someone say,"what am I, Chopped Liver? So now I'm strange lol... I totally understand that, I was just busting your chops a little You should know when I'm complaining because you also know I don't hold back. But it's all good now, so I'll just make suggestions while we have your undivided attention in this forum. Like the Page Down and Up idea. and it would be nice to have the partner teleporting back so we can jump on things to dance on like speakers and such. All I'm asking is just consider it.
  9. @Gizmo and Devs, I would like to make one suggestion if I may. If you could put the moaning and cumming on the page up and page down keys instead of the 1 and 2 keys it would make it so we could still chat while pressing them. Just something to think about on a future update. Merry Christmas to you all and great work! I know Gizmo, me not complaining ?? lol
  10. Without investors? What are all your paying customers, chopped liver? hehe Anyway great job on the update all of you Devs and oh well Gizmo too not mad anymore now that I have a permanent solution to the toys we make, just so many to do now but won't have to fix them all again. uhm the devs don't make bdsm toys, the builders in the game do. There are plenty of bdsm poses, you just need to find a room with them. I have one with at least 100 of them plus other small rooms. However it's going to take me and others to upgrade the poses so maybe in a few weeks they'll be done. As far as potential? I'm just wondering what 3d game is better than this one? The speed, the quality, the amount of face options, the clothing options, you can't find them in any other 3dx style game. Maybe all the clothing aren't updated for the options yet but I'm sure they'll be working on them. Just Saying.
  11. Thank you, that would definitely work great since Guys, lol can never figure out what the codes mean Wish I knew about this before I started ranting and raving to Gizmo about it, but dayum here goes another few weeks of doing this as well, but well worth it. @AJM You're my hero!!!
  12. Of Course, Why do we all waste our breath when all we get is no no no no or just smartass answers. We pay to be here but funny how the customers are Always wrong. You don't even care how rude it is to ruin all the work decent builders do in here for others... Shame on You I won't be wasting my breath suggesting anything to help the community anymore since you you really don't care what any of us think... I'm done!
  13. It doesn't work that way, who is going to know to count from the bottom??? And the rape thingy was never Rape. it was your choice to accept that or not. It is a sub/dom thing and only you can allow someone to do it and telling him or her what they can not do. I have no idea where the RAPE thingy came from. You can always still reject a pose.
  14. Like I've said I've been doing just that for the past 2 years with no response from anyone. I mean ho hard is it to put poses on the bottom of the old poses? You still do not get it and makes it really bad for us who have these rooms with bdsm toys... And what is with all the smart ass answers.. Why can't we deal with this here and now? As far as Rocchi, All I suggested was why couldn't you have Rochhi code with you all? Every suggestion about fading clothes, the tv, the 2 way slider, etc etc would still be in use no?
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