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  1. There is tons of little wars in game, some people were in personal wars with Warning or OffGang, and I guess both side did some nasty stuff like in most wars. But this is not about personal wars. Devs are not in those things. They are in keeping their game up and running. I dont think Gizmo nor Lisa hated Warning or Offgang, most people in this thread dont hate them neither. It is about having the game running and not being hacked. It is not about room numbers, dj's or anything like this, personal wars will never stop in game. This was an issue that touched everyone in the game, whatever
  2. I play 3dx for 5 years and the shit we got about disconnect never ever happened before. And it doesnt happen anymore. They dont blame just any group Nalley, they blame a group who showed they can do a third party tool and crash the game (even if not to the official one). It is like you get robbed, but instead of blaming the robber, I blame you cos your home is not secured... If I am the owner of this game, and I suddenly have server issues, DDOSS attacks, and during the same period, I see a group of hackers or claimed hackers who can crash my game, raise, well I will look there first
  3. As far as I know, Warning is banned, but I am not sure. Maybe some others are banned, no clue. The ones still here (but this is also true for you or me) are free to play, as long as we dont show any affiliation to OffGang. From what I see, devs picked the ones they consider guilty of crashes and so on and banned them. They considered others only as followers and let them the chance to keep playing if they stop following.
  4. Ah ok, I think you didnt get it Nalley. The group is considered guilty. They didnt ban all people who were OffGang, at the condition they stop to support OffGang. So they need to erase any affiliation to OffGang or they risk to be banned. Basically they banned who they considered responsible of what happened, and let a chance to others to clean it before being ban. But it is clear, OffGang is not allowed anymore
  5. I dont understand sorry >< From what i read from devs, it is a reason to ban them.
  6. Something happened, hacks happened. Devs took a decision as they are allowed to do. The decision is that offgang is now not welcome. We like it or not, it is like this. This was a devs decision, not yours, not mine, or anyone else decision and now we just have to accept it. They dont have to prove anything to us, if they have to prove anything to someone, it would be to the people banned but not you or me. So far in this discussion, there is not one screenshot which shows someone is guilty or someone is innocent. We see some nasty behaviour from pro OffGang and anti OffGang, but not
  7. Then he might be smarter than others cos I never saw him with anything about OffGang on his profile.
  8. Also since I started this game, there was always profile of people with anonymous mask, actually the mask is even available in game. To be named Hacker doesnt make you are a real hacker, likes BBC in the name dont give you suddenly a BBC between the legs rl...
  9. Yes I guess it is the best to do, so no bad surprise after. Would be nice if you let us know if you get an answer.
  10. Well, you want it or not, you are on their servers, so you are associated for many. This is the whole discussion: people might have joined offgang for many various reasons, whatever is the reason, all we can see is that they are OffGang. I know you are not part of their group, but it might let some people think you are by being there.
  11. Yes the decision remains yours, but you should know that this association might bring you issues. I dont say it will, I am not devs, but it is clearly not a good idea to be associated to them.
  12. you dont need to have an active avi in game to do ddoss attacks. So if game crashes, it can still be the same people, and not other ones. Nalley, since you look to know so much about so many things, why dont you put all those names out here? Why dont you enlight us who is behind the crashes if not OffGang? Cos it would make the game better no? So why not coming out with all what you have for the sake of all of us?
  13. What issues are not fixed? Tbh, I expected chaos after devs banned them, and so far it didnt happen, so cheer to the devs for this.
  14. Well I put it this way, you know this server/group is now pointed out as damaging the game you play. True or not, this is not important. Devs declared them toxic. If you promote your animation, which are not linked to the game itself, well, why not. But so to say, you eat in all hands now, you use 3dx for making money (this is ok) and at the same time you use enemies of 3dx to make money.
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