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  1. What's new? March 5th 2021: Contributions: 1 New object by AndroidGirl: Island Fortress (RP) 1 New object by Jukio: ABC Slut Font (Font) 5 New objects by Torax: Gramophone (Music), Floating Pillar (Room Part), Gate (Room Part), Metal Trees (Room Part) & Runes Circle (Room Part) March 2nd 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by Alikiinchains: Wild West Town (Themed) 1 New room by Arantxa: Villa (Villa) 1 Updated room by Alikiinchains: Carribean Pirate Island (Themed) www.3dxchatsha
  2. I will speak only for myself here. I asked myself what would I have done if Gizmo said "sorry guys for the next year, no update". Would I renew or not? Well, for me the answer was fast, I would renew anyway. While I would love new things coming in, I am already satisfied with what I have now. Yes clothes could be more, but I am not forced to run naked, there is still some choice. Poses, we got a bunch, some missing but still enough not to end always in missionary. And rooms or maps? Well there is like hundreds if not thousands of different rooms now. The community is also always renewing. Some
  3. The gramophone already found its place in your cabin lol
  4. Here a little video, the rooms is not complete but now we got an atmosphere!
  5. Here is my attempt! Gramophone.world
  6. I gave it a try too. What did Diana looks perfect as a shape and curves are perfect cos of quarter circle. I took another approach, considering that it was made of 12 identical flat sections, i lose the nice curve, but I can work the 12 sections as on the picture. Best would be to combine both techniques, to have the curves and the 12 sections, but so far, I didnt find out how to do it. Maybe someone else will have an idea!
  7. What's new? February 26th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by SummerX: Sky Tower (Villa) 1 New room by Arantxa: Villa (Villa) 1 New object by MissVermillion: Daft Punk Tribute (Decoration) 1 New object by Jukio: Melting Point Font by Rooty modifed (Font) 1 New unshared room by Riverine: Black Penthouse www.3dxchatsharing.com
  8. The room is still a work in progress based on JackPine's original idea and pictures. We agreed to share the final room for everyone and I would like to thank him for this. Here some pics:
  9. This is just WOW! And what blows my mind the most is all those little black lines you inserted to give this cartoon effect. The effect is amazing but I also can easily imagine the amount of work it added to the build. Impressive!
  10. What's new? February 19th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by Noaa: F7 Box (RP) 2 New rooms by PammyCox: Modern Sin CLub (Club) & Tocame Beach (Resort) 1 New by AngelQueen: Ghetto Street (RP) February 15th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by ToniMoreno: Mini Club (RP) 1 New room by BeluHaZiel: Heart Club (Club) 1 New room by Alikiinchains: Carribean Pirate Island (Themed) www.3dxchatsharing.com
  11. What's new? February 7th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by SweetTia: Sweet Home Cabin (Villa) 6 New objects by SweetTia: Sofa Set (Sofa), Side Table and Chairs (Table & Chair), Dining Set (Table & Chairs), Babebecue (Garden), Sexy Lips (Decoration) & Store Items (Acessories) 1 New object by Guenni: Oriental Lamp Stand (Lights) 1 New room by LexG: Chinese Garden (Themed) 1 New object by Magefield: Modern Chandelier (Lights) www.3dxchatsharing.com
  12. What's new? February 2nd 2021: Contributions: 1 New unshared room by Rooty: Dead Cell 1 Updated room by Rooty: Ludo (Game) 26 New objects by Rooty: Marble Arch (Room Part), Marble Stool (Chair), Marble Bed (Bed), Marble Chair (Chair), Coffee Table (Table), Dining Table Set (Table), Dining Table (Table), Table (Table), Marble Sofa (Sofa), Marble Table (Table), Pole (Toys), Napkins (Accessories), Bed (Bed), Chair (Chair), Chair (Chair), Pole (Toys), Sofa (Sofa), Stool (Chair), Table (Table), Glory Hole (Toys), Bottles (Drinks), DJ booth (Elect
  13. What's new? January 26th 2021: Contributions: 1 New room by Torax: Alsacian Village (Themed) 13 New objects by Torax: Alsace Sign (Decoration), Cart (Themed), Cart (Themed), Chicken (Animals), Church (Room Part), Flowers (Plants), House (Room Part),House (Room Part),House (Room Part),House under construction (Room Part), Tower (Room Part), Wine Press (Themed) & Wineyard (Plants) www.3dxchatsharing.com
  14. Yes I think you got it right, it is not about old or new player, or about how you play this game, it is about people reaction only. Some will choose to always stay silent, some will only reacts when things go real wrong (aka 20 dc's per hour) some will scream all the time and this is mostly explained by who each of us are rl, not the way we play here.
  15. the new fonts and back ground on 3dxsharing make it that you can not see the print

    1. Torax


      Hi yes, I will fix this.

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      ty much better

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