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  1. Hey everyone! This month 3dxchatsharing.com celebrates 4 years of sharing! I just take a minute to thanks the hundreds of contributors who are sharing their creations, we past the 3000 items on the website. Let's keep it going for many other years! I am rather busy RL and not so much in game anymore, but be sure the site will always be updated and upgraded. https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  2. Simply quote me the part where he requests the room to be removed and I will do it, simple as that. Meanwhile congrats again to all builders who participated, and I am out.
  3. Show me where Pagos has an issue and where he asks me to remove the room from the website.
  4. Yes and I answer to you. As far as I know, you are Tiazinha, not Justin who built the room, not Pagos who did the speakers, as far as I know you are not administrator of any website, nor are you 3dx developer, Lovense team or Redji, and still you try to teach me how to run my website, teach jury and organizer how to run their contest, and putting claim for Pagos while he doesn't have issue? The only one here who isn't rational, is you Tiazinha. Your claim was "Justin used Pagos's item" right? So now we got Pagos's answer ( nice one), and he is fine, case closed.
  5. Read Pagos's answer. Noone contacted me because he decided not to claim and move on. You should do the same.
  6. I will kindly ask you to mind your own business and not tell me what I should do or not. If someone has a claim, they can contact me and we will solve the issue, it happened before and will happen again.
  7. Except that neither Dallas, SweetTia or myself come on forum and self proclaming ourselves top builders...Number of downloads, number of views mean not much. You guys should all end this useless battle, cos noone will win at the end, and go back to world editor and create more and more. The best answer you can give is by building even better rooms, not to win a competition but for yourselves.
  8. Or these people dont give a fuck about the build and came for the music, or to be with friends. You never got a great party real life on a simple beach or just around a fire and nothing else? You dont need to be in a palace or a luxury house or in a fancy club to have a good time. Let each person decide what is good for them or not, and let's not judge them. Keep in mind that as good as a builder or a dj can be, it is ONLY a builder or a dj, nothing more, nothing less. We all love building, but we should keep in mind that building is not everything neither and builders aint gods but are only normal players like anyone else in game.
  9. More than 2700 items now shared on the site, thank you everyone for your contributions! Today i just released 82 new items, check them out! https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/all-new-items/
  10. @AlexaDarkness, no reason to be sorry, as discussed on discord with @SweetTia, the issue will be adressed. We try to filter as much as we can, but no system is perfect. Also I would like to mention that I didnt create the store, @SweetTia created it and she is the owner of it, we help each other to maintain both sites, and promote as many builders as we can. I usally check rooms on store to see if I recognize some shared items ( this is actually why my submission process is different, I have to check each free item before it goes online), but with the volume that keeps increasing and rl work, I dont always have the time. Nevertheless, if a claim is raised it will be solved for sure as we want to avoid any fraud, or scam and try to keep site as a fair and clean as possible!
  11. How long does it take to have uploads and an account created on 3DX Sharing?

  12. You can find many builders here: https://3dxchatstore.com/ And join the discord to put your request or contact some of the builders with your project! : https://discord.gg/pWYknaPC
  13. Heya Misery, if you have discord, could you contact me on discord so we can fix this?
  14. Stay tuned! The first 3dxchatstore.com and 3dxchatsharing.com party coming soon!
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