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  1. Your concerns are valid, but they apply to almost anything sold, on internet or not. I dont know much copyright protection that works proactively. Movies, books, musics, everything is downloaded illegally and authors have to make claims to make them removed. Hell even, 3DXChat got issues and got copied right? The issue already occur sometimes with free items, people shared them and then see them reused in ways they dislike or by someone they dislike. I think as soon as you share or sell, you must be aware of such things, if the person is not ready for them to happen, then don't share at all. Speaking about the store now, isnt it easier to have a single place, to see who is selling what? In term of control, you can check faster if something there shouldnt be there. We do our best to keep things clean, and if someone has a claim, the claim will be handled like for any store. Asking for 100% security and 0% drama on internet, it is a bit like asking to unplug the ethernet cable or turn of wifi. For the store: - Sellers must be active players - We now added fields so people can say if everything is their own or used shared item and give credits - Buyers cant do commercial use of their purchase (meaning reselling) - Prices are free, if someone is too greedy then no sales because of too high price - The store dont handle any money, payment goes from buyer to seller via paypal or for some cases other payment platform - The store takes no commission on sales Even if things are not perfect, I think they give a better environment than paying someone on paypal/stripe and then pray it was no scam and you don't get your file. So yes, there are risks, the same way there are risks when you enter your credit card details on internet, if buyer/seller/builder dont want to risk anything, dont buy/sell/share. And you dont need a store to have drama in 3DXChat, the game is already an amazing place for them lol
  2. We only offer websites for people to share and so on. All the builders are the generous folks, I am not alone
  3. Yes, we contacted the developers about it to be sure we are ok with them. We are not allowed to advertise directly here on forum and we also make sure sellers have an active subscription on 3DXChat. This is not the first website where you can find rooms to buy, actually it exists for more than a year.
  4. Hi Serenity and thanks for your help! I did the change beginning of August this year, almost 3 years after the launch of website, it was about time for lol. Now it works better and better than old version !
  5. Heya, that makes me think, I could have a Diaries / Writers section and there you can put link to website or forum topic
  6. Hello everyone! There is so many people here around doing great stuff for the community. So I am trying to create a directory, so people can find in one place a dj, a builder, a dance group, a discord bot, or anything that could be helpful. If you are interested to join, please follow the link below! If you think you new categories should be added, let me know as well! Everyone is welcome! https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/3dxchatdirectory/ If you have suggestions, please let me know too! Have a good one!
  7. @Gizmo I believe too it can be a privacy issue. I know so many drama that occured because of some screenshots, I can imagine what can come out from live streaming. 3DXChat is not a shooter game, a sport game or whatever, but an adult social game. People wont stream a football game, or a battle royale. Some rules to stream the game would be nice, like streaming only wiht name hidden in the room and chat box hidden would be nice. If some sex stuff, and people involved are all ok about streaming it, why not, but people should all be aware of it. If there could be a warning somehow, when we enter a room to know if someone is streaming, or when someone enters a room streaming would be nice. Basically something for users to know if someone is streaming. I bet it aint that easy, but that would be nice.
  8. It is possible but you need a good pc and patience. Select center for rotation, and select your whole room, then do your rotation but dont release the button of the mouse, keep it pressed the whole process, your game will freeze, sometimes it will say not responding, and so on, but keep pressing until the rotation is done. You have to be patient, even if you feel the game is frozen, hold the button pressed until the rotation is done.
  9. Here is the pug! Added with many other creations from Evelinka, Consuelo, Jukio, AntoniaRYG & MissVermillion! https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ https://3dxchatstore.com/
  10. Many new items from Technophile, SummerX, AnnLynn, Angixoxo, HotKitty and myself! I am working on some wall art series: All those are already available for free. Soon will be added: Squirrel, Rhinoceros, Pug, Otter, Cat, Duck, Rabbit, Panda, Owl, Dolphin, Butterfly and Turtle. If you have suggestions for wall art in this style please let me know! You can find all items here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ And also dont forget to check the store which is growing! https://3dxchatstore.com/
  11. Check all the new Items from Lucho, DomMac, MissVermillion, LadyDragonne, Evelinka, Lexzia, SweetTia and Torax! https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/all-new-items/
  12. Hi everyone! The new website is now more or less finished! We are glad to welcome Spikeys, AlexaDarkness and Evelinka as contributors! I created a new page so you can see easily the latest 50 items added here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/all-new-items/ Hope you enjoy the new design!
  13. Yeah got some issues while coding, i checked now and it looks ok on chrome edge and firefox. Can you confirm please?
  14. Hi everyone! I finished to change hosting company and change all website design. The website should be faster now, and I hope better for you all to use it! Some things are still missing but it will come soon enough! Please let me know your impressions!
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