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  1. HI and thanks! Indeed, the idea would be simply to have a section on website for people to showcase their creations but not share the world file. Some rooms can be very personal and builder dont want to share them, I do the same. Nevertheless maybe it can still be shown via some screenshots to share it with the community.
  2. Hi everyone, with all these days without 3dx working, I took some time to think about how improve the website. I came up with the following idea, and I would like your feedback: So far, on website we showcase only shared objects, for people to use them for free. But we all know there are tons of rooms hidden in 3dx, not shared, and beautiful, as well as some unknown talented builders. I was thinking to create a whole new sections for rooms NOT shared. Like for shared rooms, each room would have its own page, with screenshots, and builders as well a page with all the creastions they wish to showcase. This way we could see rooms we might not have the chance to see, give credits to builder and also it can be an inspiration source for builders. I know some topics of builders are on forum already, but I thought it could be better organized and displayed on the website. Please let me know your opinion!
  3. Here is a little survey to get some feedback https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/survey
  4. What's new? July 3rd 2020: Website: Furnitures,Decorarations and Accesories dispatched in 9 categories: Bes, Sofas, Tables and Chairs, Other Furnitures, Garden/Pool/Bar, Lights, Decorations, Accesories and Toys/Games Contributions: 1 New room by MarieSexy: The Mountaineer (House) 1 New object by Jeffxxx: Piano (Music) 1 New room by YenneferVengerberg: Apartment (Apartment)
  5. I just made the test, and when you try to get a new sub, when clicking on one offer, you are redirected to forum, all messages from Lisa saying the game is down. So no they arent taking money while the game is dead, you simply cant register if you arent already, so no new joiners will be tricked. It might have happen the first day(s), but this is fixed. If you click on one offer below You are redirected there: So yes before accusing someone of something, if you can verify it then do it.
  6. Hey everyone, I have decided to end the long serie of Torax Pool Parties that started somewhere in Januray 2016. I would like to thanks all people who joined those parties, djs, dancers, friends, unknown, it has been a very long and amazing journey with you all, but for me it is time to close this chapter. I will keep building and hosting parties sometimes but nothing regular or organized anymore. To totally turn the page, I also decided to share my Pool Party room as I wont use it anymore. You can find it here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/torax-pool-party-by-torax Thanks again everyone for your help and support for all these years!
  7. Today is a special update for me. I share my Pool Party room as I decided to stop hosting it. So here is the last Torax Pool Party from a long serie that lasted more than 4 years. I hope you will enjoy! What's new? June 26 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by Torax: Torax Pool Party (Resort) 6 New objects by Torax: French Billiard (Accessories), Sofa (Furniture), Sofa (Furniture),, Table and chairs (Furniture), Bench (Furniture), Plants (Nature) You will find them all here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  8. I did your stats on the lonely thread of my lonely website: Days 647, Views 45.837, Replies 301, Views per day 71, Views per reply: 152.... so lonely!
  9. What's new? June 25 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New object by YenefferVengerberg: Sofa (Furnitures) 1 New object by Tazcha: Fence (Room parts) 2 New objects by Tigar: Jetski by Tiger based on Rob Trirod (9kb) & Hotdog / Burger warmer (Food) 1 New object by Anynamewilldo: Clarinet (Music) 2 New objects by SugarSam: Led Zeppelin poster (Decoration) & Clockwork Orane Poster (Decoration) 1 New object by MarcusGraphix: Club lights (Electronic) You will find them all here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  10. Explain me the " go back to your lonely website", what is the connexion with the discussion we had? To help you have an idea of how lonely I am, some figures since you like them. I just took like the last 4 months and i try to find a figure below 14000 but I cant. I never attacked what you did with Safe Haven, cos I respect the work done. I request you the same.
  11. That's likely you get more views at this speed. My only points since the beginning of this discussion was simply to say that 25000 is the number of posts and not of views as you claimed. Bottom line my maths were correct and yours not. This aint an opinion, as you explained so many times. Number don't lies right?
  12. So let's put things back in order... Ex speaks about this section: And ooohhhh 25411 posts.... Now you say 25 000 views in 8 years So I sorted it by the most viewed and i got this: The temple of Lust of Lust alone has 28 000 views.... wait what???? 28000 on one thread??? isnt it a bit more than the 14 207 from Safe heaven? Wait BDSM gang has more too...oh and another one Firey....damn... So hum as far as I know 28000 > 14000 views....so first the whole section event activities has wayyyyyyy more views than yours, but we can even find topics in there which have more views.... I think you should come in my country for maths, cos yours obviously aint that good, even tho I suspect the issue aint the country but you. Also this is not in 8 years , 2013-2014-2015 are in separate sub sections.
  13. 25000 is the number of posts...if now we add up all view from all post in events....there is no more comparison possible... These are just facts and numbers
  14. I followed your advise to understand you better...and I ended up on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder#Associated_features
  15. Yes I edited my message when I realized it wouldnt fix this issue πŸ˜›
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