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  1. What's new? March 30 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by DrakeStorm: Treehouse (Villa) 1 New room by Aelle: The Office (RP) 1 New room by Annliss: KeySud (Club) 1 New room by JuicyJina: Hotel Room (RP) 1 New object by Chemykals: DJ Battlemixer (Music)
  2. What's new? March 26 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by Ghostintheshell: Baybitch (RP) 1 New room by Torax: Forgotten Island (Themed) 14 New objects by Torax: Bed (Furnitures), Bed 2 (Funitures), Bench (Furnitures), Bridge (Room Part), Column (Room Part), Cupola (Room Part), Fire (Decoration), Jar and Cups (Drinks), Lamp (Decoration), Pole (Decoration), Small Cupola (Room Part), Small Table (Furnitures), Table (Furniture) & Torch (Decoration)
  3. Sooo Specializt will do his come back at the deck from 8 to 9pm, then CardinalCopia will rock you from 9 to 10! After this I will gonna play except if i have some new guest dj's :P See you tonight!
  4. Hi everybody, tomorrow evening I will open my latest room and will share it during the evening. I will share 3 versions of it and also props you can find in it Here a preview!
  5. What's new? March 25 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by SummerX: Island Sanctuary (Villa) 3 New rooms by Lucho: Villa (Villa), Zen Garden (Themed) and Church (Themed) 1 New room by DJKhal: Villa (Villa) 1 New object by DrakeStorm: Oak Table (Furnitures)
  6. I see ANOTHER version of a bed, not a way better one or something more clean, just something different, which is cool too.
  7. Torax

    By Anaganda

    If it is impossible to say and kinda useless to know who is the best builder or the best room, I admit that this is the room which impressed me the most. I am not a steampunk fan, but the level of details and execution is pretty incredible. So for me it is the room that made me wanna throw away all my own rooms cos it is close to perfection what you did there.
  8. What's new? March 21 st 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by BlackVelvet: Red Rocket (Themed) 1 New object: Lighted Oak Hutch by DrakeStorm (Furnitures)
  9. Great work and thank you for sharing it @BlackVelvet ! Here is the link for download: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/red-rocket-by-blackvelvet Thanks again!
  10. What's new? March 17 th 2020: Contributions: 5 New rooms by Hincholas: Deluxe Suit (Apartment), Island Resort (Resort), Prison (RP), Theater (Club) and Train Station (RP)
  11. Everything is online here an example: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/modern-house-by-rubbina On homepage, you can see them in the new contributions sliding.
  12. What's new? March 13 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by Rubbina: Doll Island (RP) 1 New object by Hipfu: Love Bed (Furnitures) 2 New rooms by DJKhal: New Hollywood Club 2020 (Club) and Relax Island (Resort)
  13. What's new? March 9 th 2020: Contributions: 3 New objects by CharityFine: Electronic Keyboard (Electronics), Snowmobile (Vehicles) & Neon Girl Sign (Wall Art) 1 New object by Rubbina: Factory Shed (Room Part) 1 New room by Rubbina: Modern House (Villa)
  14. What's new? March 6 th 2020: Contributions: 1 New room by Torax: Villa 2 (Villa) Time is passing by and I try to let go more of my stuff. So here is my house, many objects are already shared, but this is most likely the room which condensate most of my work. https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/villa-2-by-torax
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