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  1. Chikan

    Foster son

    Are you still playing?
  2. First of all... Let them add some proper creampie option
  3. I wish that someone there was actually RP'ing...
  4. It was retorical question and not the actual question. No need to trigger yourself... look! next person didn't read at all what I said! attitude or be ignored stright away for your gender. There are but they don't come in waves like Futas and baby-cry for each and every update feeling descrimitanted yet they're the one who decriminate the others. Lol! It's more of a fact rather than an assumption. We don't need her proofs. It's not a kindeer-garden. It isn't very important to me either (which I proved) but to 'them' it is cuz you can get
  5. and what 3rd gender would that be?! Futa?! C'mon! We already got hudrets of rude futas who are played by insecure guys because that's their only chance to get closer to woman. Anything supporting futa communicy (which is already huge) is big "no, no!" and should be, always!
  6. they love it ;) 


  7. You never seemed into that type of stuff so idk. what hit you all of a sudden 😐
  8. M-Momma!



    1. RRomul


      so horny ❤️

    2. Chikan


      Yes! I just can't help!

  9. That's what she said...


  10. Time to do my workout rutine... also known as MILF cardio


  11. In a need of a MILF


    1. Farra


      how hard do you fuck?_

    2. Chikan


      Sadly for you... I fuck the hardest!

  12. Im hungry my sweet boy...


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    2. Chikan


      Let me help you out



    3. Chikan


      and showing you why I'm always employee of a month!




    4. LexiBella


      Im waiting....


  13. I guess amnesia would be helpful in that case but not sure who need more help, guy who "plays" his game or the person with amnesia. That's more of an interpretation of yours over your game/acting career rather then pointing out the stuff that I did. Disclaimer part is for me here? -because I feel like your going to far with that one, my gosh... let's see what've got over there Jeez! You got that oen into deep analisys but I'm affraid that's too deep to say that because this sound like any people's story over here. "respective partner" ? -that's how you call random person that you do
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