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  4. I guess amnesia would be helpful in that case but not sure who need more help, guy who "plays" his game or the person with amnesia. That's more of an interpretation of yours over your game/acting career rather then pointing out the stuff that I did. Disclaimer part is for me here? -because I feel like your going to far with that one, my gosh... let's see what've got over there Jeez! You got that oen into deep analisys but I'm affraid that's too deep to say that because this sound like any people's story over here. "respective partner" ? -that's how you call random person that you don't know. I mean... you don't have to know that person anyways but jsut saing... I'm not sure where you got that one because even I can't rember when I did succed with that "trick". It msut've been so quick for you to cancel my partnership and kick me out from that., because I couldn't ever read your name. That;s actually the most silly thing written by someone who has such a 'likes' and states herself as "slut". Are you serious at the moment? -once agan- Are you? -because that's just... at least silly that you're the one who could have any problem if such a situation even happen. Check your profile once more or re-edit it the parts that are mistaken. I politley ask you to do that right now. I'm pretty sure that : "3somes, Gangbangs, being used & abused" - is totally your thinkg (acorting to the profile). I'm not really sure of what situation are you talking about here because I was pretty sure that you mean the situation that you were unable to witness, that happend at room called 3dxchat getto/hood (can't rember the name) until you've hit the pissing pard... say what?! -Ok, I'm pretty possitive that this can't be me; not into pissing and I can count this type of situations when someone was willing me to do that single-handed. LIke I've mentioned before, if you meant THAT situation (with the exception of pissing part) then it's kinda hard for you tell us anything, which is explained by your corolful story. As far as I rember I was only responding to my friends actions who mentioned that person in our RP but calling it sexual harassment is totally wrong because nothing sexual have happend. Worth nothing is the part of yours when you came and exclusively un-ignored me just to came to the room after everyone was done with their RP's and started attacking me over local chat, doing that only to preform this type of act... that's an assault and pure harassment. If I'm such a "puppy" you should get the hint that any human being gets from such a nicley running puppy and play with it, don't be mean to it just play... but seriously now You had me on ignore since march 2017; even if I would've done anything like that it's impossible to extend that to anything like harassment not to mention stalking. You should think of yourself as stalker if you're putting so much effort to harass my person over the forums with such a topic bringing here all the support that you can get from your friends and such only to create greater drama over something that didn't took place. I shouldn't even comment that one because it seems like I can't even enjoy poledancers without rubbing into your attention. I think might've end up a little closer because my previous spot was taken or the dancer was streching herself around the diffrent angle so I had to pick that spot just to visualise myself and her in those actions a bit better. If you've been screaming and shouting that over the local no wonder I wasn't able to see that, since it often contains random bullshitery. Next time be more direct and use PM's. I've explained it 2 posts ago.. can't you read it? That bug actually happend to you because I even checked that out if it's my fault to make it happening but it wasn't... I was able to check it out quickly on my friend who's ignoring me for some reason and her ignore was still remaining; it must've been you who triggered it (if you really want to believe in that), I've already explained how it works too. No, I'm NOT USING ANY .dll There are many other names that violate or/and insult someones taste, that need less thinking prosess and knowledge to figure out their offensive meaning...
  5. Yes, that's why I was shocked why don't you bring this more stringh but I guess that here we go again... Sorry but if sending sombody a "hi/hello" message is anything abussive after almoust a year then imagine what kind of harasserwe've got here and some of them are doing it every single day! Woah! Jesus... if it's done by just my prsensece in the same location as you are maybe you should consider yourself as the 'problem' - to me it's just too much paranoia. Actually... last two times I was a victim of this bug since it must've happen to you (that bug); not me and you seem to quite overused it and blame me for that. You seem to not pay attention to what I posed before (despite quoting it), all of that was mentioned, it goes both sides. I suggest to not tease yourself with this type of situations and stay cool. Yes, I figured it out after looks at 3 of you pouncing on that topic and raging to my last message. Are you sure that this gif is proper one? - You've should've posed something like... "Lol, didn't read" - because it clearly shows that. I've already said that last two times happen to Veronique; not me. I know! I just posted the answer to this topic willing to help and explain some things that you can explain only in anger.
  6. Hmm... not sure how I've done it the last time but I think I made the same 'mistake', if you used the exact same e-mail like before you should be all fine despite that message as far as I rember I got my pre-paid card from members section; I'm not sure if this will work like this (all fine) if you try to use public section ending of this scenario might be diffrent but still not sure about that. Keep yoursel in touch with that topic and we'll try to do our best to help you out.
  7. I'm not sure if you ever expirienced that but I had this "bug" happening to me. It happens to me like... once in a month and it made me 'visible' (out of Iggy-list) for the people who got me on there and cleared my iggy-list as well. This 'state' can stay to few hours, also when you add someone to iggy-list durning that time that person will not be there after it's done, due to the previous settings. If it happens to many people at the same time or at least one person per day... this can leave you in such a confusion/panic/ paranoia (you name it) and idea of "someone hax here!". I feel like it's some sort of bug that you can't 'catch' and/or initiate but it might be some server/game state that makes it happen.
  8. LoL Last time you weren't anywhere near "slutty" level xD Cya in-game, maybe next time
  9. It would be nice to see you responding... I'm still interested... See you in game
  10. Yeah! All of a sudden game got more demanding since 2.5 in the terms of requirments... I also had the same 'bug' on my older PC.
  11. Haha! Exactly, next time just respond to the RP approach or the chat that suggest you getting involved in some
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