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  1. punishment is important but taking advantage of alternate ways to connect and having several options available to us would allow us to have something rather than nothing... skype is working right now and has not been attacked for example... we can chat over it and information can be shared in real-time over it... why not have a version of 3dxchat that allows us to connect our skype accounts together while hosting the 3d portion of the game rendered locally on our own machines?
  2. I know Unity3d has peer to peer connections. I actually tried to use the unity3d free app to make my own 3dxchat once and took 10 courses to learn how o use it from udemy. That would simply be ddos proof as only you and I would be connected and one of us would declare our computer as the server. We probably couldn't have 100+ people in a room any more but we could get together with a few friends while waiting for repairs like ddos attacks. The hardest part of course was the networking course. There are a thousand different routers out there and ISPs and some of them will just not allow us
  3. Thank you XFilou... that sounds like we we are safe
  4. What is a DDOS attack? Are the members safe?
  5. There is no reason we can't be critical of what we're paying for. I heard you can build your own virtual server and stand it up here for $4 a week and that it is what netflix is using. https://aws.amazon.com/windows/ Unity is free so you can download it and make your own mmorpg game from scratch here https://unity3d.com/ You can learn how to make your own rpg here for $10 https://www.udemy.com/unityrpg In my opinion you could probably learn how to copy your room here and paste it to your own server on your own game and learn how to protect it to prevent anyone from being able to steal
  6. How do I delete my room off the server?
  7. Please make the f5 camera move slower
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