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  1. Good day to return to the game after a long break just to find it working the same as it did before..
  2. Back in the game with open mind. Will see what this time brings along..

  3. Nephilin


    We all have done the same mistake. It's life and in this playworld gets a big number on some ppls actions. I know. I was one. Like I opened in one post I had some IRL issues and they reflected to the game in very bad way. But in time I learned to live out of them and everything got much better after that. It just took time. Lost a lot of good ppl becoming friends because of my actions over the times. But I deserved it. Hope to someday meet them again and see how things start going again..
  4. Because I am quite a tall guy IRL and wanted to reference it to that. And no, I do not play Diablo lol
  5. First started the game from another similar game for the better sex. Staid for the sex. Kept renewing for the sex. It was something to get me let myself out more open what I was. Helped me to deal with in my RL situations I usually had problems with. Bought the 360d memberships for the friends came up on the way. Wanted to spend time with them. Learned new things from myself that surprised me. And not in a any bad way. I Confronted my own issues daily bases and finally learned to deal with them. Met people with similar issues and saw I was not alone with mine. But as in any world.. There is BS. And it kept growing up. Variety of it. Month by month.. Got the last 360d just to see, does the BS get any worse.. It did. I left. Didn't renew anymore. Why I am still keep coming on to the Forum? Because the friends I made during the time. I miss them. Maybe some day I will return to the game.. Maybe.
  6. Everything has its time. Mine came to the end of it. Leaving the game for good, or just taking a long long break. Who knows yet.. bye

  7. Somebody.. Kill me now and burn my ashes just in case it still hurts a second longer.

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