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  1. Hello I am trying to understand why when i tried to go to an event today that the room was completely white, no wall, floor, ceiling coloring; people appear to be floating in mid air and their wasnt any furniture of any sorts. Also my rooms are doing the same. When i looked in my settings there isnt anything marked and when i last was there they were marked and honestly i do not know what they were lol. So how can i fix this for the next time i decide if i decide to come back?
  2. I have given this some thought and the things I have came up with are as follows: 1) More interactive poses- some for socializing, some platonic and the best for sex ex. pulling hair tit sucking and so on 2) A shower/bath to use alone or shared; with options for the user. 3) Better furniture, being able to have a color palette to make the objects what color you would like 4) Better decorating accessories for the apartments; being able to use own pix or upload pix to decorate also. 5) Maybe, some how (if possible) people who are married to be able to have a "third" home for them to share. 6) Being able to edit your room with someone there in the room with you and be able to listen to your choice of music (radio or stream) 7) Please for those poor men, some better clothe choices and dance moves omg smh ahaha. 8) More hairstyles and accessories for women 9) Reinstate the TVs and allow streaming 10) Be able to swim in the ocean without having to "hack" it to do so These are just some of my own ideas.
  3. ok, I will see if this helps...didn't know you had to do that in order to get rid of the modifications that have been done. Thank you all for your help!
  4. I want the all the modifications to be deleted and that is why I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. And now it will not load to go to editing the room unless I am using the DLL.
  5. I am not sure if this is where this belongs; but i am having some technical issues. I had to uninstall the game due to me keep losing connection. So, after i reinstalled the game i decided i wanted to decorate my room (and no not with the DLL. just regularly) and everytime I try to do so it loads and never completes...one time i let it be and it was 2 hours later and still did not load. Now whats odd is it has no problem loading and completing the load if i am going to other rooms, public or private; or my own as to just being there to chill out. As soon as i try to go to decorate it without the DLL it wont work and with the DLL it will. I would love it if someone can or would tell me what thee hex is wrong with this and i have uninstalled like 8 time no lie and still same outcome. Any help anyone offers i would highly appreciate it. Thanks Psyn <3
  6. As I have said no one in the rap industry says *igger so go and get educated! What is and does get said is by the members of the black culture, is a term of endearment amongst one another. Never to be misconstrued as the racial term; you seem for what ever reason, like to keep popping out. Get it right before you try to justify your own behaviors. Clearly you do NOT know what the world you are saying.
  7. I honestly get and receive your valued message; with that being said hun I have to say, I have redneck relatives/friends and are proud of it, but none of them ever were killed or mistreated for being perceived as such. My point is this word is not like being called a bitch; it holds a greater pain, that unless you yourself have been in the shoes of those who endure this mistreatment; you can only imagine the effects this word has or has had on black people. See those who have never felt the backlash of the word and its significance cant begin to understand why one doesn't just "ignore, get over, or over look, or don't let it get to you" easily said then done, for you all that would suggest such an action. It goes way beyond anything I could possibly begin to explain. Its sad that even in this day and age, this is still an issue and still is being tossed around without a care of its side effects. I refuse to lose hope that it will never end; I wont stop feeling this way till we all open our eyes to see...that a skin color isn't a prize or a curse.
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