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  1. i received the same error but it is better now. it's just a little slow
  2. i went to a club to dance and there were exactly four bald nameless players in the room also. i reloaded the room but that didn't fix the problem either
  3. I got to see this show in Ontario, Ca two tears ago and I loved it
  4. I agree very extensive description of sub rolls. I would very much enjoy more submissive poses like a proper kneeling, more aggressive choking, spanking & hair pulling
  5. he who melt it dealt it Confucius
  6. rooms I agree Nikki...with all of the "cold invite" rooms opening up no one bothers with the courtesy of reading a profile. if I am afk then I am afk I don't need to let anyone know with some code or bracelets A
  7. it is a nice gesture….a little too wordy for me
  8. may I? no! ouch you did jerk!!
  9. beware of the man wearing large shoes but has small hands.....probably not his true size
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