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  1. I think this is one of the best RP story I ever heard. You obviously played your role with sincerity and fun. Making the train miss the rails,waking up people with something unusual through creativity...to me,this is what defines the best RPers. I wish I had been there !
  2. I was just laughing for the good joke...
  3. MikeBiker


    Yeees ! These curves limitations are lame ! Why is everybody having teenagers bodies ?
  4. Hello ! Maybe I can do something for you. I m a manly man and I can be hard,if you want. I love intensity.
  5. Hi Annie ! Your text really made me laugh, and I thought this is exactly what I miss here : descriptive and funny people who like the idea of making a global kind of film,all together. Even if it s not Mean Streets or Casino... I like to play the godfella . I m very new,here,only 3 days, and I think that only cold sex won t last to untertain me. Hope to see you soon,Annie ! And talk about cinéma...or us,making it !
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