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  1. I am as well looking for long term roleplayer for my darkest fantasy could run for months.
  2. I do almost anything for a BBC Gangbang.
  3. God mmmm... The chance of always being caught makes it so hot.
  4. I love being bound and made helpless. Love captions
  5. I love being bound and made helpless.
  6. Seem to missed you but will keep an eye out.

  7. Saw you replay in my I need a pimp but have not caught you yet.
  8. Cerena

    I Need A Pimp

    Glad to hear will send a reply to each of your profiles so can contact me or leave a post here.
  9. I would love to serve your friends and you as well treat me like a slut.
  10. Oh is he a cruel, dominating, into bdsm, degrade, and humiliate me? I am on most days Monday evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday in and out almost all day. Let me know a time he is one will catch him in whichever BBC Club is open at the time.

    1. AnnaJSW


      Hi, OK. he will be online soon. I will write you. His name is Rocco. He is a really maniac.

    2. Cerena


      Turn out I missed you will be in and out all day today to maybe catch you then.

    3. Cerena


      Seems I missed you again well maybe later.

  11. I say not sexy and skimpy enough like a tiny winy micro bikini, sheer micro bikini, sheer micro tops, sheet micro skirts, and plain micro skirt 3/4 of your ass and va jay jay for all to see.
  12. Cerena

    I Need A Pimp

    My Name is Cerena and I am into BBC, forced prostitution, bdsm, forced enslavement, and here to live out my darkest Kinks and fantasies. I don't like to be a freelancer so looking for a pimp who fully controls me and also takes the Money i make in Form of Gifts. I know I am such a Slut So if you are Black, very Dominant, strict abusive and a Pimp, and want to own a very pervy and obedient but loyal blonde slave girl text me .
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