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  1. I am looking for a custom built Room with a main dance hall, a big bedroom with lots of beds, Sofas / devices on either side of the pathway, collection of BDSM tools (I have a collection which I can share if required), lighting as mutually discussed and finalized and finally boards and signs which I shall be providing when we finalize the contract for building the room. Interested please contact me here or in the game with the same ID. We can decide the rates by mutual discussion. Purchase will be through 3dxchat store.
  2. Shibari is a Japanese art of bondage, binding the models tightly with ropes in various position with emphasize on exposing the beauty aspect of bondage as well as the girl subjected to Shibari. Hmmmm....... What if the girl subjected to Shibari is me - Dream ?, NO, MrDelux broke all taboos and let that dream come true. Hanging upside down in rope bondage, bound with a burning candle heating my belly, bound in a doggy position and licking the prized hardness of him and much more in the post. Exclusive pictures from the photoset is shared, visit MrDelux's room for some unique unforgettable experience
  3. Bound, Shackled, hanged in chains, fixed to the wall like a decorative object, being used as a furniture and many more come to my mind when I think of BDSM. Only in dreams, books and videos I have seen such scenes. It is difficult to visualize myself in that position to get a feeling of under bondage and under the control of someone who is more powerful than me. Such fantasies used to give me broken imaginative figures unrealistic to imagine me as the target of bondage. Thanks to 3dx for letting me experience all such bondages that I had dreamed of and letting me live in ecstasy every moment of those wonderful instances. I share some of the single BDSM poses possible in 3dx. Very many thanks to MrDelux, Masterik and Midnightreaver for helping me compile such a wonderful collection
  4. I never knew that my secret desires are to be ravished, lovingly forced open in unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love by a man of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensitivity and integrity (David Deida) The room was semi-dark, cool, fantasies reverberating in every piece of tool he had created, my spine shivering with excitement and he - Mr.Delux, at last offered a demonstration on all the BDSM equipment. It is a demonstration not meant to just watch but to get engaged, bound, shackled with every holes of mine violated, hanging helpless defying gravity at the mercy of his sole hardness and he went through this one by one letting me experience what I couldn't even dream of. Thanks to Mr.Delux for the wonderful tour to his room 'Nude Apt only colds new poses' that unknowingly arrested my senses letting me feel the extremes of BDSM With love Mahima
  5. Mahima

    BDSM Manor

    BDSM Manoir for download 1506474152_manoirBDSM.world
  6. Mahima

    My new Role

    Oooof, I have started to be trained as a pet and will be domesticated by my owner. I sit at his feet like a loving Cat while he is at his desk looking after the day to day work Hmmmmm .......enough to feed my fantasies Kisses Mahima
  7. I am here for about 9 months now and never thought I would raise a topic like this. I considered virtual world as an alternative entertainment till recently. But it seems to be not so. I met a person three days back in a dance club. Till now, I am not sure what magic spell he casted on me, I started feeling an attraction towards him. That is the first day and in the second day, I have fallen fully for him. I am not using his name here because I have never disclosed what I felt for him so far and I would never do that. But my heart accelerates when I see him and see him watching me, chatting lovingly with me, and I wonder he also feels the same as did. I am really not sure what I would do if he says he loves me as I do, but my mind craves to hear those words. Is it real or am I just imagining things, I have no idea.
  8. I was not able to remove and if I went to a room like that I would have gone with double dress. But now the problem is not there
  9. After the recent updates I too had the problem. If I selected one of the newly arrived bottom or top wear, it didn't disappear if I just changed it but the second selection was seen over the first selection. I had to first remove dress and select the other one. This is some kind of a bug it seems, I solved it by restarting the game. Then once again I tried and the same thing happened. The same thing happened and this time went a bit further, tried the third dress already wearing the first two. Now also the ones I wore didn't disappear but the third one appeared and was seen hanging in space which I could not remove at all even after restarting the game. I have been careful in recent days while changing the dress. I first remove the one I am wearing and then change to the other one. I am not sure this bug is still there or not but tonight let me try and update the status
  10. Of all my rooms, I have always considered City pent house as my favorite. It has many facilities to offer that are amazing. Dancing floor with VIP dancing poles A small pool near the dance floor with the view of sky Excellent pool area 2 Master bedrooms Wonderful dungeon in the basement Try and you will start loving it as I did Love Yasmin AKA Kavitha 315492032_CityPenthousebyHipfu20201121.world
  11. Try Kavitha (me in the game) who will be mostly dancing in Anna's Strip club
  12. Try Kavitha (me in game) who will be mostly dancing in Anna's strip club in th evenings
  13. Try Kavitha (who is also me) who will be dancing mostly in Anna's Strip club in the evenings
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