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Is love possible in Virtual world


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I am here for about 9 months now and never thought I would raise a topic like this. I considered virtual world as an alternative entertainment till recently. But it seems to be not so. I met a person three days back in a dance club. Till now, I am not sure what magic spell he casted on me, I started feeling an attraction towards him. That is the  first day and in the second day, I have fallen fully for him.

I am not using his name here because I have never disclosed what I felt for him so far and I would never do that. But my heart accelerates when I see him and see him watching me, chatting lovingly with me, and I wonder he also feels the same as did. 

I am really not sure what I would do if he says he loves me as I do, but my mind craves to hear those words.

Is it real or am I just imagining things, I have no idea.

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Of course it is. To me that is like asking if a blind person can have love when they can`t see the other person.

They fall for the other persons words, thoughts, feelings, expressions, opinions and the very being that shines trough. It is the same in a virtual environment, there is a real person behind the avatar, and it is that person you are infatuated with.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. One is that the person may be using constructs to get you to like them. As in saying all the right things to get you to be more and more infatuated with them for their own personal gain, whatever that may be. The other is that even if the person is genuine, their real life appearance may not be what you expected, or matching the persona you have built them up to be in your mind. 

And i leave you with my best wishes and a link to some good advice on the the early stages of falling in love from Psychology today.

How to stay centered while falling in love, despite the inner chaos you feel.

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YES, it's possible

Though no easier or fair

We reap what we sow


But don't confuse lust or infatuation for LOVE

The first two... easy, taking no effort or commitment

LOVE... will demand all of it.


i've been fortunate to experience all 3 in my 6+ years... here n there. But aways been careful n practical, no diff than RL... where there are angels and monsters too.

I've also been blessed n lucky meeting good peeps, finding the Forum my oasis. 😉 It was there Andrea's writing first caught my eye, later my heart... for 6+ yrs 🥰

The reason i stay, also the reason i can't leave... bc that is how LOVE is. Uncompromising, illogical and GREEDY. But i got no regrets.  


Regardless, what the future knows... enjoy these feelings for they are priceless but be patient and careful as you make your journey. Remember... it's not about the destination.   

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Your brain does not know the difference, when it comes to the chemicals that falling in love, and love it's self produces. However, I warn against it. Due to the nature of 3DX being something you can simply turn on and off at will. It's just not feasible for happily ever after. 

Maybe I am jaded after years of trying to love and ultimately being destroyed in the process.

Just remember, no matter how love ends, be it in death or in a breakup, it always ends in pain. 


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