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  1. GL... can't comment on the Nora but luvs my Lush. Hubby travels quite a bit.... using the Lush and FT makes those long trips easier to endure. Mine is over 3 yrs old n still... vibrating.
  2. Hayley Williams – Over Yet One of my fav artists….
  3. WOW… my OCD usually compels me to read everything posted in Forum. Yeah, kinda weird that way, but not CRAZY weird. NFW... I’m reading through over 575 posts made in less than 36 hrs. My OCD… will fucking get over it. Did read enough to figure out 3dx obviously pissed off n confused the fuck out of many club owners tossing out a mass of bans... over a WEEKEND. THAT SUCKS But communication is NOT Dev’s best asset, and it’s the weekend. So, at this rate we could hit 20,000 views by the time you get an explanation from Devs. Now THAT’s gotta be in Record setting territory… certainly one I can’t keep up with
  4. Hmm, I don’t disagree that a contest should be fair, meaning every participant is provided no additional advantage by the organizers and their work judged objectively and “FAIRLY” by peeps as impartial as possible. But I disagree with your premise that the participants have to be “equal” in skill for the contest to be Fair. That would be discrimination, preventing someone from entering. Not “fair” imo As for the prizes… they are the dessert, not the reason for participating. Artists create… not for money but for the love n passion of their art. Here I agree with @Anaganda…. as a spectator I WANT to see the Best of the Best. If I were an Artist…. I would want to compete against the BEST as well. And if all the talented builders within 3dx participated…. Well, with only 5 prizes most of the BEST builders will go “prize less”. Lastly, @Jadekhali, Yes, ofc you are entitled to your opine, just as we all are. But if we are to expect our opinions to be respected… we must respect others, even when we don’t agree. They are just opinions.
  5. Tove Lo – sadder badder cooler... Somedays… there’s just no hiding the Harley within
  6. What FUN it would be… To get a peek in those drawers Would you make me blush? Back to topic… I’m not a builder but do appreciate imaginative, innovative, quality builds with attention to detail. Though I suspect the qualities you are looking for in a Judge include extensive W.E. experience and either an engineering or architecture degree, none of which I possess… If you can’t find enough qualified volunteers I’m willing to be an “unqualified”, but fair, alternate/back up. What I lack in building skills I make up for in others... with perfectionist tendencies and a sprinkle of OCD I got an eye for detail. And a gift for keeping secrets… at Pan. Andrea's the only one capable of opening this vault. Regardless, look forward to this event as a judge, bench warmer or spectator. I’ve already been blown away with some of the builds in game, I’m excited to see the wonders of the imagination that this event will surely produce. ohhh, not sure what you’re doing for prizes either, but I would be willing to contribute… I have a thing for artists.
  7. Nothing more toxic…

    HATE is a cancer we make

    A killer of souls


    Self-inflicted Hell

    Infecting everything

    Corrupting… lifeforce


    Yet… we’re in control

    Cancer of our creation  

    Owner of its cure


    Always easier said though… than done. I’m no exception, not immune to its infection. Guilty of harboring this poison within my heart, feeding it, letting it grow until robbed of my fun here. And for what? Nothing of importance.

    I once enjoyed this Forum; contributing, participating and enjoying all the eye candy. Sure, I didn’t much like some of the Forum drama but learned to “look away” along with avoiding the local Bullies. But these past months… watching LIKES being exploited and corrupted pushed me over my edge.

    Though I couldn’t care less about the Leaderboard… I couldn’t let go of this charade in deception, having little tolerance for cheaters, liars or deceivers. Ironic, how it’s often our strengths and unwavering convictions that turn on their Master, edging us to our DARK side. Turning me into something… NOT me.

    My inner battle rages... struggling to let it go… compulsions making it hard. But trying to stop my freefall, refusing to succumb to demons of my creation. Reminding myself what is truly important and The Reason i come here… much too important to forsake.

    Shame on ME... any TIME is too precious to waste on hate. 

    1. Russian Kings
    2. Vaughan_Rarius
    3. Rodin


      There are still members here trying to help others Always as much as they can, even if I am not a "pro" but 

      Sooner or later ..they will get it


  8. Good Morning… YOU



    My Sunrise… always there to greet me

  9. Oasis – Slide Away...


    Two of a kind

    We'll find a way

    To do what we've done



    Let me be the one who shines with you

    And we can slide away

    Chasing the Sun


  10. Really? This is FUN? Turning LIKES into weapons? Not what I’m here for. Said it from the start The Leaderboard is poison Preying on our faults Keep the “reactions” But remove the Leaderboard Our problem is solved
  11. London Grammar - Hell to the Liars Hell to the liars Here's to you and me Hell to the best of us Here's to you and me Here's to the things you love Here's to those you find in love Hell to the rest of us Those who are born with love Here's to you trying And I'm no better than those I judge With all my suffering Hell to the liars Here's to you and me I look way above us Seeing no one free
  12. Good morning YOU

    Your Peaches is taking time before work to fulfill a promise….


    Reading the first chapter of your new story.

    Turning purrs into GROWLS :)

    1. SusanLouisa


      Waiting on my copy! I bet it's amazing.

    2. SusanLouisa


      Wonderful work! Looking forward to Chapter 2.



  13. Collateral Beauty - Way down we go … one of my fav movies
  14. Toad the Wet Sprocket - i Will Not Take These Things For Granted One part of me just wants to tell you everything One part just needs the quiet And if I'm lonely here... i'm lonely here How can I hold the part of me that only you can carry It needs a strength I haven't found But if it's frightening, I'll bear the cold
  15. The Plimsouls - Play The Breaks When every day's a rollercoaster ride… And your wicked thirst can't be satisfied. When you know this time, you've gone a little too far And you want to come back but you don't know how
  16. Good morning….


  17. i LOVE YOU


    1. Lady_Andrea
    2. Kaitlyn1989


      Mhmm, I do like the way she HUGS.  :)

  18. The CHEATER may win… But their victory… empty Knowing it’s a lie
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