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  1. OK. I am going to say this just ONCE. I already say it in the original topic. Stop blaming Hinch pc because it is not his pc/connection or whatever. How do I know this? Because of the tests we made. Hich stream worked ok in the default room. Everyone can listen to it. So it is the room, both Paradise Creek and Havasu Falls have the same issue. He did not change nothing in the rooms and the radio stop working after Server change or last update. Only logical conclusion to me, 3DX fucked up something in the update as they always do, but problem is find out what it is. I say it again, if the radio works in the default room without issue but does not in his custom rooms, when it used to work ok, then it is not his end which has issue but the game itself.
  2. It's not only the host who don't listen to music. Any new user that comes into the room while the host was offline can't listen to the stream either until the host start the radio again.
  3. Torax, you do have the option on profile too as well. You can donate to the host or buy XGold to any player you want to give XGold to. Not sure how that or the donate button work because I only logged in briefly, but the option is there.
  4. Gonna step in and give my view about this topic. First answer to Coldheart question: The pint of the third gender is to not grow a cock accidentally by selecting a pose that requires a starp-on or cock to work. It's not a big issue, you can change from cock to strap-on in the middle of the pose... but... for instance I had a very awkward moment where my partner with a strap-on selected a pose where I would need one and I grew a cock... we switched places and it was gone. BUT we change to another pose... one that for me had no option to add or remove cock/strap-on and I was stuck with a cock so we had to stop sex and do it again. Thank god we were just testing poses and not really having sex or that would have killed the mood. A 3rd gender is not necessarily the only way to avoid that, and is certainly not the most easy to achieve. A 3rd gender means to work on poses for a lot more of combinations and I know by fact cause I have talked with one of the pose developers that making a pose for each combination takes time. Right now they only have to work on MF/MM/FF... if you add a 3rd gender they need to add each pose to each combination. Not to mention that it will require a rework of the whole system. It won't solve the issue of knowing who is behind the avi, for those who really care about it. Men will keep playing as women... they do it in the games where there is a 3rd gender. And for those who say we lesbian do not need that options... we do need them. Maybe not the sucking the strap-on pose... or the cumshot poses... but I do like my girlfriend to use a strap-on with me from time to time... we do need pore poses where a starp-on/cock is not needed, but that is for another topic. A bit of info about other games, cause I have been in a few. This is the game that more FF poses have... why? Because they release the poses for all at the same time. @SusanLouisa can back me up with this, cause we both were in AChat were you have the option of a 3rd gender. There you had tons of MF poses... a lot MS poses... pretty decent SS and FF poses... and a really sadly low amount of MM poses. And for a long time there were almost none romantic pose for other orientation that was not MF. For me the option to customize avi choosing between using strap-on or cock when required would be enough to solve the main issue that is growing a cock by mistake. Even a simple lock cock option would make me happy. That's all. Kisses and hugs. Eidamir, the purple dragon ^^
  5. Hi Laurita. Lisa posted in various topics about the servers going down and the instability of them. She say they are working on a new architecture for the servers. I don't thinks that is something that can be done quickly so we have to have a bit of patience and enjoy the game as best as we can with the current instability. Kisses and hugs.
  6. The bug fix referring in patch 415 is related to building. They were some props dimensions that were messed up in patch 414 and were fixed in patch 415
  7. Tomorrow starting at 7pm CEST (UTC+1)
  8. Tomorrow starting at 7pm CEST (UTC+1)
  9. Tonight, starting at 8pm CEST!
  10. Tonight at 8pm CET (UTC+1) The Purple Dragon brings you her crazy mix
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