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  1. Choir Choir Choir covering David Bowie'S Space Oddity Great song, great project, great arrangement and acoustics.. and when the first chorus sets in it always makes me cry xD
  2. hasn't been impressed by dragons since the last two seasons of GoT xD
  3. I agree.. just dunno how hard that is to implement :3 It would need both a "style" and an "intensity" slider for every body-part, I guess? :3
  4. I like the tattoos So, thankies for that As a suggestion: maybe don't mix-and-match tattoo styles? Dunno what the others think about that (tastes differ), but having a black-and-white sleeve, a color sleeve, black-white leg, color leg, traditional, new-school, blackwork, and any style under the sun mixed into one tattoo-set just seems off to me :3 If mixing different parts of sets as Ex suggested is not a workable option, maybe have one set for blackwork, one for color neo-traditional, one for traditional, one for japanese-style or something?
  5. Also Emperor Augustus... and Kublai Khan apparently xD
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