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  1. I had a guy telling me in walls and walls of purple how he was breathing on my earlobes ... while i was laying in a free fuck room wearing nothing but heels and a slut collar ...
  2. More stuff is always appreciated, but it is "a ton" of work to remake all of the items to match both genders, and they are not the fastest to add new stuff, let alone rework / merge the old tbh, so i highly doubt we will see anything like that for many many years, if ever ...
  3. I had the same issue and this worked for me : Move the entire game folder to another location, start it from there, dl the patch and when it is done just move it all back to where you had it.
  4. We only need one straight sheer / transparent texture. If you mix it with patterns or fabric we already have, the possibilities are almost endless. I honestly don`t get it why it is still missing. It is already in the game on other clothes and items. It is easy to implement and it would give both the male and female wardrobe a real lift.
  5. From launch in December 2012 and until December 2013 this game had 81 small updates.

    It must have been so fun to have a little surprise and something new waiting almost every time you logged in.

  6. " gobble gobble up with my booty up, french fries, thic thighs " [ A result of suddenly remembering Belle Delphine`s song ]
  7. Still waiting for sheer fabric.
  8. A friend of mine is renting out his cottage just like that, solar panels though, but the rest is a bare minimum, carry in water from a well, and a huge fire place with a self shot polar bear skin from Svalbard in front and it is always fully booked. :]
  9. This is Steam`s top 10 and 6 of them are free to play. Counter-Strike 2 Free To Play 1,312,422 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids Dota 2 Free To Play 735,880 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Free To Play 567,537 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids Team Fortress 2 Free To Play 154,147 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids Apex Legends™ Free To Play 1323,845 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids Call of Duty Free To Play (Demo) 123.218 Players atm - Bot / Cheat infested and littered with kids There is a reason the 3`rd biggest tread on Steam Discussions are VAC bans ... Yes the player count goes up, but it does so at the expanse of something else. There is no such thing as a free lunch, you get what you pay for.
  10. My guess would be SL, but yeah, it looks good.
  11. To those that are alone or lonely during the holidays Merry Christmas to you
  12. Why so serious ? ( A result of boredom, high speed and a scandi flick for the fun of it )
  13. I always thought of my self as a casual gamer ... I might need to rethink that

    You played 33 games - Steam Median 4

    You unlocked 1,164 Achievements - Steam Median 16

    Your longest streak was 131 days - Steam Median 5

  14. She got that look because she gave head when i took the shot, but when he moved, she stayed in the same pose for a long time due to lag probably and this was the result.
  15. Well i don`t. Having many of your costumers redo their additional work over and over and over "just because" is dumb. It may seem trivial to many of you, but there are several people in the game that only play it based on how it has been facilitated by people like @PussyGaloreXXX Granted, creating additional poses it is not something the costumers "have" to do, but their work on poses / builds are something that have kept many other people in the game a lot longer than they would have if they had not done it. And when the people creating them get fed up by the "just because" and stops doing and redoing them again and again, i doubt their clientele will stay long in a game that does not even have a gag.
  16. Lupa ( One of the first pictures i made for someone, and i just saw it again when cleaning my hd`s. Still makes me laugh though )
  17. I could care less if you have been here longer or if you are lying. My comment reflected that your profile says you joined October 1 so it was a reasonable assumption that you did so. Hardly a "pissing my pants" from laughing moment, but what ever floats your teeth.
  18. Reads about Forum Boarium, the temple of Hercules Victor, a copy of a Greek tholos, some sails, and then suddenly sex. lol so random, love it
  19. There are people that get seconds on top after boosting it, while others stay for what seems like an eternity, so of course it would be fair to have a system that was equal to everyone, but all of this has been suggested countless times over the years, yet here we are status quo. Anything that could potentially reduce SGD`s income from xgold sales and subs are a no go. So what to do ? I have no idea, and since my sub ran out, i have other things to use my energy on than fighting windmills.
  20. Really ? Demean his opinion ? That is what you read ? I guess that says something about you too then. To clarify since it was hard to understand, I said it because people that have been here for a while, well those that are still here, have seen the changes, the lack of communication, the broken promises, etc etc over the years, and many of us have changed our opinion about the dev`s and the game in general, thus saying "let`s talk when you have been here 8-10 years that some of us have and find out if you are just as happy with "an update every 6 months" then"
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