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  1. Here's an idea for WC Spamming and Advertising... Make an Room owner option to make a Add for their room <like the /me text> That then gets attached to the room so it automatically fire off in WC when the room owner Tops the room ie 300XGold per top/add? just my 2xg. M
  2. Would be nice if the chat channel when I logged in was Local, and not World Chat. If that could be a thing, that might be cool. M
  3. Since latest patch I can not find my screenshots that I take. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a FIX? I take a screenshot, <i use Print Screen button>, I hear the camera sound effect, I look in the spot where all my screens have gone for the last 4.5 years, but nothing new is there. Morgi
  4. It's that time again, Morgi's Birthday, New Room for party. ALL WELCUM!!!
  5. Please Give the camo pattern to female clothing options also.
  6. Thank You all who came to party and have fun, SoS and the Bunnies Thank you!!!
  7. Preparing for Moday's Party !!!

    1. j4ckd4ni3l



  8. Morgaine Invites you all to my new club, soon to be 2 places to have fun.
  9. The New MMF Bed pose is still glitched from Test. Standing Female get thier body reset to Betty's body, and only reloading the room will reset body to normal.
  10. Membership has expired. On test server? IS this real or a bug now? I didn't think a sub could expire on the test server. This happening to anyone else? M.
  11. 64 bit was so nice, for those big 2.0 rooms
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