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  1. With using mirror for the download, how will you get the patches? Is it going to be like a normal patch where you log on and it stops to download the patches?
  2. With using mirror for the download, how will you get the patches? Is it going to be like a normal patch where you log on and it stops to download the patches?
  3. Carlene


    Nikki, I do not know you but I already talked to the DJs, I know the process, it's been dealt with and squashed so please stop. No one is bashing or hurting the DJ's. If you want to get to know me and my good intentions please just email me. No need to create unnecessary drama
  4. Carlene


    I emailed you, I hope we can just squash any misunderstandings that way.
  5. Carlene


    I do not know you Achilles, but Ash has already been to the night club. He not only did that but he chatted with a few of us, including me. This issue is already fixed. Ash explained a lot of how it works and we are enjoying the new music. If you're one of the DJS thank you for your time, it's appreciated. No need to feel like we aren't being torrent or mean to myself or DCS for expressing our opinion especially when the issue is fixed
  6. Carlene


    Ok everyone has turned this into personal attacks. I talked to Ash, he not only came to the club but talked to us. Something I think the dev's need to do. He fixed the loop. Now as I'm not going to attack anyone because that solves nothing my opinion is this, we pay $20 a month with not a lot of updates. Were I know world of war craft players get updates more then we do and only pay $15 a month. I'm not asking that we have support on hand 24/7 but updates that are actually what we are asking for. Music again, French's poll was awesome and gave me hope. My, nor anyone's length of time o
  7. Carlene


    I think her point Ash is like that Betty Boop song omg I was going crazy with it, for the last few nights it's been like a loop of the same songs but you'd get a cool song from the 80's thrown in that loop then back to the loop I've heard bettie boop every night for a while. And the last 2 nights I've heard the titanic song, shouldn't that be for love island? And no one is bashing anyone I get it's you guys are trying just was like a crazy loop of not good music for awhile there. Yeah I know you can't please everyone but when more then a few of my friends are turning off their music it kinda
  8. Carlene


    Thank you for explaining that, no one was bashing you just upset with the loop of music. I now understand I'm grateful for your hard work I just like to dance to different stuff so the loop was getting out of hand so I had to put myself out there. Now I hope the devs get on it for our rooms Thank you for responding Ash
  9. Carlene


    I know we said 70's 80's 90's but have you actually listened to it? It's a repeat of the same songs every night. I'm not saying I hate the music but when it's like a loop of the same songs it sucks, is there no way to get it to play more songs so if you are on two nights in a row it's not the same music you heard the night before?
  10. Carlene


    OK I'm not trying to complain to much but we have had limited support until the 11th of January. I get it everyone needs a vacation but.......... We are now going on how long without music in our rooms? Changing sucks because you have to mute your music or listen to that commercial over and over. No more just stockings, if you want to provide clothes give us more, we either have to wear pants or limited dress/shirts unless we want our butts poking out. The poor guys get limited clothes. And I'm tired of Christmas trees going 2 weeks in January. I'm just curious when is this all g
  11. I would love to work at a mall and spend my gold on clothes, tattoos and piercings too. Great way to personalize our Avi's and we "workers" could help work that mall
  12. I think this is an awesome idea, I'm happy there is a new place but same music. Give us a variety. Maybe theme nights, like 80's night. Songs you can twerk to haha Thank you Olesya, great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Split the NC into several "rooms" like a country room, hip-hop, r&b and techno, Add music to the regular beach, not love music or rock or techno those are already taken. Get guys and gals more clothes always more clothes, Have more flexible posses ie. kissing well having sex. Let us get tattoos (any kind any place ie. back leg even if a girl wants a sleeve tattoo, not just guys) and piercings (not just sex ones) so we can be more unique. Can you make our Avi's smile, please A possible slap button for unwanted hugs or kisses even when your profiles says no to that More
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