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  1. Ähmmm und das mit dem Club war sicher deine Idee. Nur wer ist der komische Mann an deiner Seite Petra??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Wie, was, wo... der olle Achim heiratet Hmmmm da muss ich doch schauen ob ich es da irgendwie on schaffe.
  3. Liebe Eva, liebe Petra, wünsche Euch zwei lieben, langen Wegbegleiterinnen, weitere wundervolle schöne gemeinsame Jahre in dieser oder einer anderen crazy Welt. Denke die Party wird wie immer der Megahammer und viele tolle Gäste werden Euch an diesem Jubiläumstag begleiten. Damit ein paar mehr kommen bin ich mal nicht da oder anders gesagt.... Viel Spaß beim feiern....
  4. Agree with Rochi. For me as customer, not as Room Owner, its better to use as the unsorted ranking before.
  5. same time same day- bad server task job every weekend..
  6. but think its better you guys can use the women clothes first before you get new phones. But you can hope that you get mens clothes fast too.
  7. and the other watch has the false time. Please fix
  8. Juhuuuuuuu a St. Patrick Day Party in Paddys Puff ähmmm Pub (sorry im confused because the last "Big" Parties are always in a Brothel). Perfekt Event because... Yessss we are and have Party Ähmmm no Champagne but good beer.... Fuck, but Duennes isnt usually green. Ähmm ok i´m not sure we will be always get drunk and have fun till the end cu there...
  9. Mehr als ein Jahr mit Dir zusammen. Vor einem Jahr am Beach geheiratet. Immer wieder Kashara <3

    1. kashara
    2. laromis
    3. tinanude


      Hallo Sven, lieber Nachbar, hat mich sehr gefreut das du wieder mal hier reinschaust. Du fehlst...

  10. Valentinesday? Thats the day where unfaithful husbands give flowers to her wife? and get the right lovely answer? or escape in a new worldrecord time? Yes thats Valentine´s Day... the day for Lovers and the industry that deserves it. or do i confound it with Mother´s Day? but a perfekt day to hear wonderfull ballads and lovesongs with Darki
  11. Last time often in Sin after i think one or two hours, li sometimes, beach often after a couple of minutes. crowded rooms load a long time but dont crash so often like the public rooms. but its my experience. its like in 3dx 1.0
  12. I have the same problem with a good nvidia graphikcard and the newest nvidia drivers.
  13. Only a few hours to go... First guests arrive the Island.... Angi and Kali are well prepared.... very well... Have fun Offtopic: Tomorrow hope to cu there http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/6206-3-years/
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