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  1. Lisa is not the only one working on poses. She is letting people send her their ideas and poses. To me it is a reason why I love this game. The community does input their and they do listen. For those of us who have used the DLL, we can see a lot of Rochi's ideas in the common editor (also on that note thank Rochi for always going out of her way to make the game better) As for the blackmailing way to go!! I mean bad naughty naughty.. πŸ‘πŸ˜
  2. Did anyone who read what Lisa wrote on WC ever consider it could have been an accident? Maybe she was in a room with a lot of French people she knows and she accidently wrote it in WC instead? It is not like something like that has never ever happened to anyone right? Or she was drunk and joking, high and joking or just plain joking. And that statement was when? It is not like it is or was repeated time and time again. Then again I have seen photo shopped conversations. But hey if her opinion rubs you the wrong way then do not ask her for her opinion. A far as I have seen no one has gotten blo
  3. Call of Duty has hundreds of programmers working in their company, I was playing Black Ops and the game crashes, lags, in other words, shit happens. It took them a couple of hours to fix the issue. Call of Duty does not do upgrades, they make another game for people to buy, still no pikachu suit, nothing worse then getting killed by someone wearing a pikachu outfit... To compare one game response to another is just unwise, it is like comparing two different sports. Golf and Mixed Martial Arts both have athletes, kind of.. Best thing to do is play other games, watch a movie, restart season
  4. When I joined in very late 2015 the highest number of players in a room had been 97. The rooms, there were only 2 private rooms where players could rearrange the furniture were not much in comparison to now. There were some that use a cheat engine to lift a few tables and had a stage, that was unique. Then a dll came out and so did the builders. Rooms made out of tables, sex poses that took a lot of imagination, creatures made from room dividers then the game did something not many games do, they upgraded. Better graphics different surroundings in the rooms then another upgrade. This was follo
  5. To answer Coeurdange's question after Pretty's translation, people buy more than one account and stack them into rooms to beef up the numbers. Mainly most people go to rooms that are full having more then a few people. Thing is if that is how people chose to spend their money, let them. As long as they are not harassing anyone let people do as they do.
  6. If you want up to date information, go to discord. They post information if any there first. 3DXForum is more for community info, parties, openings, ideas and lost of shit talking.
  7. Here is the thing, we can talk about best builders or why some chose not to compete or do compete. For me this is a great idea why, because many of us have different timelines and have no idea what the other builders make. Mainly not all builders post their builds for free or show off their builds. For many years I have found hidden gems. They are shy and some have built things that make others (mainly my own work) look and feel dull. Why, because they have put new things people have never thought about, I have seen things that have inspired me to lift my game up so I can make better things kn
  8. There is nothing wrong with World Chat. People who advertise a room excessively tend to be put on ignore anyways. The one minute timer is annoying but only if you want to chat with people on WC. More often then not the conversation goes to private chat. People have fun in WC, talking about bacon, politics, nonsense sorry already mentioned politics, pizza and tanks if they have them. WC is a fun outlet. 3DXChat has become a virtual community so dancing, djing or music sharing, friendships and other things do occur. WC however is not a toilet, just the shit heads there make it a toilet. But once
  9. I don't speak French, Russian or Japanese, just English and Spanish. I chose to type in English due to less spelling errors, and more people use that language. Speaking other languages or typing in the should not be something to punish people. I have used google translate before to help people new to the game not able to type in English get a better understanding and find help for them, Google Translate really sucks. But that is my opinion.
  10. Well if the tool auto bans for mentioning the names of games then it would be to the Dev's best interest to let people know. As for the game mentioned their official dj had that name for months on his profile. he is still in charge of the music in the rooms but we can not mention it? Maybe it is better I am banned start looking for other games.. Right now I am pissed off. So up to Gizmo and Lisa if they want to let people know to not mention any game names. I think it is bullshit, but that is my opinion..
  11. The problem with this is at no time was I on WC today and was on local earlier at a party. Tonight prior to the block, ban, suspension whatever they want to call it. I was talking to my girl about how some players had left to other games for a little bit. I mention 2Life and Li*Closer. If the tool is banning people that mention games in Private Messages then we got serious issues. 3DX will need to make sure people know they can not mention names of games. As for contact support, I am not allowed due to not having my order number at hand. Which makes 0 sense. This auto ban tool is gonna back fi
  12. yes, I was banned for Suspicious Activities. With a question mark about how long the suspension was going to last.
  13. So I was with my girl talking about how some players have left the game and got suspended right away. Private messaging, not local, not WC, I did mention the name of the game since it is one that is related to the general room dj but not really known by me as being opened or closed. If mentioning the names of games equal auto suspension please say so. As it is I was not advertising a game I do not even know if it is active. Like it or not, the DJ in charge of the general rooms does have a link to the game. So is it illegal to speak about it in private messages?
  14. I am sometimes amazed by the builders that are not known then by the ones that are known. The ones that are known were once unknown too until they created something many people remember and it stays with them. There are many builders entering and me, I love that something finally got people with amazing ideas to try. The primary thing that sets builders apart is not the quality but the idea behind the build. I encourage people to do their best. These best builds however will one day not be considered the best build for the builders since I hope they discover the fun in making an idea come to l
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