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  1. I stopped playing for a long time because of low server population. I really hope they give out free trials. Letting players play your game for free for even a week would bring in a lot of new players. The game needs people to survive. The more the better.
  2. I was curious how the server population is? The last time I was playing a year ago, I noticed there wasn't enough players. After a week or two, you're seeing the same players everyday. Has the server population gone up since a year ago? Could someone take a screenshot of the lobby and post it here, so we can see how populated it is? Thank you. I was thinking of re-subbing again.
  3. I have one account with two characters. I'd like to host a room with one of my characters (who goes afk in that room for RP purposes). Then I'd like to switch to my other character and join the room hosted by my afk character. Is that possible?
  4. I wish there was more people playing. The lack of players is becoming a problem. It would be great if the devs could add a free trial and/or pump some $$$ into advertising. If you do plan on marketing, the best way to attract new players is to advertise based on fetishes. If you appeal to fetish content, and show potential new players the kinks that can be achieved in game, you'll have a higher chance of getting them to buy the game. Don't just advertise general/vanilla sex, instead try to show fetish content; example ass licking, femdom, bdsm, foot worship, futa, interracial, etc. I was also thinking the community could start uploading really sexy screenshots from in game to various comic websites like: rule34.xxx maybe? That's free advertising.
  5. This problem didn't exist before the server move. Now when I join a room that's been hosted a while, the music eventually goes off, and the room host has to replay it on the music player. Please fix this ASAP, don't let it turn into one of those situations where it never gets fixed. I just joined one of my favorite rooms, but the music isn't playing. I've tried re-logging. I've also tried disabling the music from options (settings), then hit apply, then I go back into settings and enable the music and click apply, but that didn't work.
  6. I thought Lisa is like the liaison between us and SexGameDevil/3DXChat. You wouldn't happen to know how to contact the devs by any chance?
  7. You're missing the point. The information is public already. If I could get it, ANYONE can get it. It's extremely easy to monitor 3dxchat to see what IP addresses it connects to.
  8. 3dxchat uses a combination of Cloudflare, Scalaxy, & Ispiria Network Solutions. The Cloudflare (USA) IP addresses are totally fine:,, However, hackers are still able to freely access and DDOS attack: (Scalaxy, Ispiria web host, Netherlands). This is the IP used to login to the game. Let's do some research on IP - https://ipinfo.io/ , which is associated with: ispiria.net / scalaxy.com Scalaxy has a bad reputation: https://scamalytics.com/ip/isp/scalaxy-b-v "Scalaxy B.V. is a high fraud risk ISP. They operate 6,136 IP addresses, almost all of which are running servers and anonymizing VPNs. They manage IP addresses for organisations including 3NT Solutions LLP, Internet Tekhnologii LLC, and ISPIRIA Networks Ltd. Scamalytics see low levels of traffic from this ISP across our global network, most of which is fraudulent. We apply a risk score of 82/100 to Scalaxy B.V., meaning that of the traffic where we have visibility, 82% is suspected to be fraudulent." Try visiting Ispiria or Scalaxy's web site. If you click Contact or Support, it doesn't show anyway to contact them, they're dead links. There's no phone number or anything. That's the sign of a terrible, cheap web host. That's your first problem. Web hosts like these are prone to hackers and DDOS attacks, because they're too cheap to get proper security which costs $$$. Doing a google search of IP, shows it has a history of problems: https://www.google.com/search?q= https://www.abuseipdb.com/check/ https://cleantalk.org/blacklists/ The IP has a history of being used by forum spammers: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ktsaou/blocklist-ipsets/master/stopforumspam_180d.ipset (look up in this list) My recommendation is to call Cloudflare and ask them what web hosts they recommend; who can prevent DDOS attacks. They might be able to recommend a reputable web host in Netherlands. I hope the network/developer of 3dxchat sees this: 1. Your server should only communicate with Cloudflare IP addresses. That means the only IP addresses that are allowed to connect to it are from Cloudflare. Your server should have a hardware based firewall that rejects traffic from any other IP address other than Cloudflare. 2. 3dxchat client should only communicate with Cloudflare IP addresses. You can use Comodo to monitor 3dxchat IP address usage to ensure only Cloudflare IP addresses are being used. The whole idea is that your server only accepts traffic from Cloudflare, and 3dxchat only connects to Cloudflare. Cloudflare is the gateway, the gate keeper.
  9. I want to make my own animations and poses, instead of waiting for the 3dxchat dev team to do it.
  10. A lot of people are upset with the servers, and for good reason. However, if the devs promise to give us a pose editor, so we can make our own animations, then I will forgive all prior transgressions. What does that mean? It means I will forgive all these server problems and continue to buy the game and support it. The devs will have a clean slate with the community. No one will be upset anymore. Promise us that pose editor and you can keep the servers down for the next two weeks while you perfect it. What do you guys think? They can keep the servers down for two weeks, while they make everything perfect, but afterwards they have to give us a pose editor within a reasonable time.
  11. Can someone help me find a 9mm pistol, guns, ak-47, condoms, needles, cigarettes and cigarettes butts?
  12. I just got a six month subscription. I would really like it if the developers or community staff could keep in touch with us and take our feedback. I know they're busy, but I can be patient and am super nice. They have nothing to fear.
  13. The point was to have the game engine itself render the texture, so the developers know exactly what it'll look like in game. You're right though, I could also render in the 3d app itself, but I'd rather have it rendering in the actual game, then I can take screenshots.
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