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  1. Can I say it with a full album?
  2. I doubt you will ever hear Gizmo or Lisa complaining about lack of funds. And indeed, while there is no reason to believe they are nosediving when it comes to finances, the game seems to be plagued by the same issues for too long. If there would be enough money, they would fix it, either by doubling the server count if it is hardware related, or the developer numbers if the bugs are in software. But then again, maybe they already did this and more things will be implemented in the game. Because it really needs new things, and would benefit greatly from in-built creative tools, regardless if there will be any kind of market for the creators or not. The only issue that asset diversity will cause is connection cuts due to lack of server power or engine crashes due to way too many individual assets loaded at a time. Or a combination of these two. So it goes back to the need for more servers and engine improvements. Or maybe it doesn't need anything and we'll play the same thing for 10 more years
  3. Perhaps you missed the part where I said that the clothing editor would be free for all, so anyone can learn to make their own clothes, just like anyone can learn to make their own maps, thus nobody would be locked-in to buy gold, it wouldn't be an absolute necessity. Also, you missed the other part where I said that creators could have the option to give items for free, although this would probably favor an out-of-game black market of sorts. All in all the devs need the money to advance the game and I think players who really want to get that sweet sweet piece of apparel, or wanna learn that hot sex pose from that sexy instructor will buy gold if they wouldn't have to pay hundreds of real dollars for it. And no, in-game gold should not be exchanged for real money. This would only lead to predatory behaviors where creators would look for obnoxious ways to promote their stuff because there would be a financial incentive. It simply wouldn't be healthy for the game and for the community.
  4. The world editor is already a robust tool to enrich the game, it could be expanded to create clothing and eventually poses. With this, an in-game market that sort of regulates itself could work if it follows some rules: 1. creators are not paid by the devs, basically real money will never mix with this; the only in-game good that will be bought with real money is the gold. 2. the game strengthens it's security so creations of any kind will no longer be stolen like rooms are nowadays; this will make the in-game market more secure; any accounts using reported stolen goods will be banned, of course there will be digital receipts attached to each account for each item bought, so it won't be a blind ban. 3. items (rooms, clothes, etc) will be sold for in-game gold only, and each creator can ask for any price, with no limits; this is what would help the market regulate itself, since the editors would be free for all and the prices can't be set too high because the items just won't sell. 4. creators will also be able to share items for free if that's what they want (although this is so-so, because it could give rise to a "black market" where players pay outside the game by other means so they can receive the item for free in-game). 5. the daily coins will be cut off, but subscribers will still receive some pocket change with every new subscription, also the price for gold bundles could be lowered.
  5. Go to Character Editor left column, select Shape & Colors, then on the right column scroll down to find tattoo settings. Choose a style then just play around with the sliders.
  6. Speaking of frequent crashes, I suppose it is the fault of multiple factors coming together. The game engine may be dated, but switching to a new one would take serious time and development. It would be cool to see a switch to Unreal. The game seemingly allows unlimited people to join a map, which can stress the servers. It could help to hardcode a limit for how many people can join a map, or at least allow the map owner to establish that. The builder as well seems limitless about how many props can be placed on a map, and some builders go crazy with the amount of details and objects placed in. Here a hardcoded limit would be even more justified, although I can already hear the rebellious shouts of artists not wanting to be restrained in any way, shape or form. All in all, the game engine+servers have to compute and stream all these maps with all these people with all these animations with all these objects, no wonder there are crashes and issues.
  7. Wait, that can't be true about Lisa, can it? I mean I have a big crush on Lisa, she's nothing less than an angel, don't ruin her for me, please ❤️
  8. Was there really a ban on someone speaking french? It would be silly. I suppose the mods want to moderate the chat and if they don't understand a language they just forbid it because they can't moderate it?
  9. You actually inspired me to create a post for such a discussion, feel free to contribute.
  10. That makes sense, my initial skepticism was rooted in actually seeing room owners advertising the room in the Local chat (of their room, of course), which to me looked odd, because only people already in the room would see the ad.
  11. Whitesnake

    RP School

    I was reading a recent topic on RP and someone suggested it'd be cool to have a thread where RP tips are given by those who have experience with it. So how about we do it here? I like to RP occasionally, but I don't know the unwritten rules of RP etiquette, so I'm willing to read about what otters consider to be the "right way to roleplay". So I can't really teach others much on the matter, but if there is one advice I could give is to never break 3rd-person when starting your line with the /me tag. Example below: /me likes the way he kisses. becomes Whitesnake likes the way he kisses. One wrong way to write this would be /me I like the way you kiss. which becomes Whitesnake I like the way you kiss. Each player has their own style and personal rules, some honed after years of doing roleplay, feel free to describe and perhaps explain why you do it the way you do it and why it works for you. Keep in mind that the purpose here is to teach and learn from each other, not necessarily to yell at others that they are wrong, so please try to stay away from being overly critical and keep it civil and constructive.
  12. What will you advertise in your own room? Your own room? And to whom? To people who are already there?
  13. Speaking of unrelated things, TV is not software. One can't break transmission by adding some content to a TV show. We clearly won't see eye to eye here. My opinion remains that 3dx doesn't break often enough to warrant a refund, especially after months of play, but to each their own, and good on the devs for giving refunds anyway.
  14. For me the game works as intended most of the time I engage with it. Admittedly there are times when it doesn't, but way more time with it working than not working.
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