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  1. Indeed, without our fantastic FRIENDS & GUESTS noon of this would be possible, soo a GREAT BIG HUGGS to everyone. πŸ’‹
  2. Thats awesome build Allie, 11.7 Million kisses for you, πŸ’‹
  3. Hi, Like to submit a room that i build, Consist of two locations but one room. a Rooftop Terrace Club where people can dance and have fun overlooking a beautiful sunset and surrounding cityscape. Large dance floor, bars, seating areas to relax when your feet hurts.The Club is connected via a Skye Bridge to an Escort Sex Club. A Escort club where Patrons at the dance club can meet 3dx Escorts and go to a more sensual enviorment to be teased and pleased. The glass display windows for the escorts and 4 private color coded bedrooms, Ive used a few items from the 3dxmodz website which is currently down so i cannot add links, but 99% is my own design, Girl in a Cocktail glass wallart, Modified engine into a beertap and a windebottle and speakers, dj table supplied by DJ StefDE.
  4. Hi My latest build for VS, a night club and escort club connected via skybridge,
  5. I am speechless seeing these orgasmic designs, why oh why havent i seen them in game, your work inspires me to do better!! πŸ’‹
  6. DreamLovers Paradise Home, Fun party place. rooftop dancing and beds, below has a fireplace and hottub with showers, no kitchen as i dont see the use of them in 3dx. Nice little beach areas to party, setup for nighttime, switch to sunmode in game. Special thanks to the following people for all your wonderful creations, Hammock, Floating stuff, Livingroom, Garden Sofa, Hanging plants by Torax Grill by Icebox, Yachts by LukeM, Beachbed by Chloe, Hottub and more from Amy's house Had some time to update this home with the following changes, Added a Dj Box to the Top Floor Added dance poles Added flowers and a small pool to the bedroom top floor Added Table poses top and bottom floor Changed the flowerbox bottom floor with my own flower design Changed the Fireplace bottom floor with my own design Added a Gloryhole in the bathroom Added a Table pose in the bathroom on the sink Added chairs in bathroom
  7. Thought id start posing my rooms here as well, my latest creation is an Industrial Loft Cub/home. Comes with Dance floor & Bar area Bathroom Bedroom Balcony overlooking Desert evening view You can download at 3dxmodz website, Thx to all other builders for items used from them.
  8. I wasnt asking for a full refund either, just the game time left i havent used yet 3/6 months, and like Partywiggles says, give us information, if you have new servers or solutions coming, tell us when, as a business you must know when this will happen, if i have proper information i can decide if i want to SUCK IT UP like some say i should or not. Anyhoow, i will open a ticket with BMT Micro. Just an fyi, i love this game, its the best out there in my opinion, im not even bothered about all the small bugs it has, but the daily crashes we have now are just unacceptable, i spend hours of work as do many other hosts in arranging partys, creating venues, dj's and dancers. With every crash thats all washed away, totally ruins the evening.
  9. And when will that happen, in 2050, if you buy something at a shop and it doesnt work, dont you take it back and ask for a refund or a NEW working ITEM? But hey maybe youre rich and dont care?
  10. Dear 3DX, Please reimburse me for the remainder of my 6 month subscription seeing as you cannot provide a stable platform for me to play this game on. And im being polite to say the least. Its annoying to say the least to see hours of work being flushed down the toilet every single night in EU prime time. How do you expect your memebers to organize and hold event with all the crashes... Not happy... SO can i have my MONEY BACK!!!!
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