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  1. As i mentioned in the original post, ive already messed with all these settings and nothing helps, i monitor all my hardware and nothing is thermal throttling.
  2. I mean if you read the last line of my post, maybe youd know why i didnt just use that.
  3. Thats pretty straight forward, neither.
  4. Try the clean install from the release topic Extract it somewhere else than your current install and then run the 3dx client from that folder, that should work everytime.
  5. Ive loved most of my time on the new update, great additions even if some are a bit controversial to some, i think general its good. Only problem i have is that performance has taken a massive hit on all settings for me, especially gpu usage has been hit quite hard, and i believe the many moving tails and wings is the issue. I can pan through a room just fine but once a few people with wings or tails come into view, gpu usage shoots up and sometimes the game becomes laggy. Now it should be said i have a powerful pc, so i cant imagine what it might be like for other people, ive messed with settings and nothing seems to fix it directly. So my suggestion is as follows, lets have a toggle for physics on the avatar, which would include breast physics and other clothing items like the tails and wings. As those all seem to be the biggest problem currently. If anyone has some more insight or have noticed anything similiar feel free to chip in so we can make this suggestion as detailed as possible. (Ive tried the current physics toggle in the game, and it seems do nothing at all, hence this topic has come to life!)
  6. I noticed this happening for a while, but since a couple of updates ago it seems to be constant now. I get these tiny constant flickers anywhere that has shadows with Ambient Occlusion turned on, only way to make it stop is to turn the option off, which is less than ideal as that lowers the quality quite a bit. Hope someone can look further into this
  7. So after updating my game i noticed big fps drops in bigger rooms which i usually didnt have before. I went through the options and found the source to be breast physics, so if you experience lag like i did, turn that off as a tempoary fix. Im guessing it has something to do with how the devs updated physics in this patch. @GizmoAre you aware of this issue?
  8. Try turning off breast physics in the settings menu, thats fixed it mostly for me
  9. I think if the game servers were at their limits and no upgrades were coming to fix it, this could very well be an option to look at, but as that isn't the case currently, I doubt it would be well received. Because this is a paid subscription, its hard to justify it in any capacity, if it was a free to play game sure, then you can kick for inactivity cause perhaps you don't see those people as providing anything to keep other players interested and so on. I know a couple of people that enjoy simply being around people, without necessarily talking or any direct contact, they just enjoy being there, seeing people move around, things happening and such. For them being able to get that virtually as well is great, so if this became a thing, it would greatly take away from their experience with the game. And without poking too much at anyone in this thread, if for personal reasons or whatever else you'd rather not see someone, the ignore function is there just for that. There is a lot to consider before implementing something like this, and I just don't think we need it just yet
  10. As far as i can tell it has fixed if you have a high refresh rate monitor, it would give you several options for the same resolution but at different refresh rates, which is not needed as the game controls that in another way. In short, for some users there was a shit ton of the same resolution in the options, now there is not
  11. How about instead of a marriage system, let users make their own relations public on their profiles. Much like Anaganda said, make names clickable, or simply have a button that says relations where the married persons name currently is, which would then open window where you can add whoever you want, with whatever title you want, they would need to accept this on their end too. I think this would cover most people and their needs, if you want a harem that will do it, if you want to just be married, then thats still possible. Just my thoughts
  12. Been bugged like that for ages now, no idea why the patches havent fixed it yet, for me just changing settings at random sometimes makes it go away, havent been able to find a pattern yet.
  13. Reinstall and make sure to delete the modified dll you used before
  14. My thoughts after messing around with the update for a bit. The faces need to be reverted, but that doesnt mean remove the new ones, just add them as new faces instead of replacing the old ones. And to be clear, i dont mean the new eye shader or the color of lips, im talking about the shape here, especially the lips and cheeks. Pubes also need to be looked at, not sure why they were darkened so much, but basically all the landing strips are now black holes, either revert or finally give us the option to color them ourselves, would be a nice feature and also remove this issue, two birds with one stone. The mirror texture is a bit weird to me, i personally like the new one a lot, but i see why some people prefer the old one as it basically another way of having a matte flat texture that works for a lot of things, so my suggestion would be to simply revert to the old one and rename it to matte plastic or something like that, and add the new one as a new texture called mirror. Water looks amazing now, really cant complain there, custom pools and such are just great to look at now, no complaints there. As for the poses, i like them all except the slapping one, i get what people were saying before the patch now, it looks too violent for my taste, tone it down a bit, maybe add a button beside the cum button in that pose, so we can trigger the slap ourselves, should fix it up id think! Now for the cum, very mixed feelings on this, on one hand its a thousand times better than what we had before, but its too solid looking... which sadly makes it look more like you are peeing than cumming, so my suggestion would be to break up the stream a bit, make it more scattered. Everything else like the profile button changes and such is great, only problem is that if you happen to set the scale too big for your game window, its impossible to revert without going into the registry and changing some values there, if anyone runs into that issue just let me know and ill make a guide to fix it. Thats most of my thoughts on the new update, some bad with some good, dont think its a failure as some have said, just needs some fixing.
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