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  1. As far as i can tell it has fixed if you have a high refresh rate monitor, it would give you several options for the same resolution but at different refresh rates, which is not needed as the game controls that in another way. In short, for some users there was a shit ton of the same resolution in the options, now there is not
  2. How about instead of a marriage system, let users make their own relations public on their profiles. Much like Anaganda said, make names clickable, or simply have a button that says relations where the married persons name currently is, which would then open window where you can add whoever you want, with whatever title you want, they would need to accept this on their end too. I think this would cover most people and their needs, if you want a harem that will do it, if you want to just be married, then thats still possible. Just my thoughts
  3. Been bugged like that for ages now, no idea why the patches havent fixed it yet, for me just changing settings at random sometimes makes it go away, havent been able to find a pattern yet.
  4. Reinstall and make sure to delete the modified dll you used before
  5. My thoughts after messing around with the update for a bit. The faces need to be reverted, but that doesnt mean remove the new ones, just add them as new faces instead of replacing the old ones. And to be clear, i dont mean the new eye shader or the color of lips, im talking about the shape here, especially the lips and cheeks. Pubes also need to be looked at, not sure why they were darkened so much, but basically all the landing strips are now black holes, either revert or finally give us the option to color them ourselves, would be a nice feature and also remove this issue, two birds wit
  6. Perhaps instead of changing the current world chat, have a advertisement channel, or something along those lines. Or you could go the route that many roleplaying forums used to and have a OOC channel (Out of character) which would be used for random discussions and such, kinda like the world chat is now, just minus the ads. And then you would of course have the advertising channel as well. Only problem with all that, is that most people would just spam their ads everywhere they can, so without some kind of moderation on the public chat channels, it will be very hard to please everyone. I d
  7. No but you are going completely off topic as i am myself currently, but am doing so to hopefully direct your complaints to the right thread. Instead of complaining here, perhaps make a new thread in the correct place, or reply to one of the many threads already started where that kind of feedback would be relevant.
  8. Its a widespread thing, for some ignore works just fine, but for a lot of people including myself, people just randomly vanish from the list. Seems about as random as the whole profile bug.
  9. Perhaps you should try and read a few of the replies from Gizmo on this thread, then you would have a lot more info, and wouldn't have to ask that question
  10. Will say it here as well in the hopes more people see it, use the ignore function built into the forum to be free of his shit(literally) http://3dxforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=ignoredusers Go to that link and then type in his name in the text box, tick all 3 boxes and hit save.
  11. Go check the bug thread, there are two possible solutions there that have worked for different people
  12. This is really weird, if you do the pole anal pose, boobs shrink down in size untill the room is reloaded, tested with F/F EDIT: After some further tests, its seems to reset arms, legs, butt, pelvis, boobs. Doesnt affect stomach or chest it seems
  13. Could also be what i said earlier, passwords are case sensitive now, and so are emails. Another "bug" if you have any special characters in your profile, it will change into some weird characters on the test server, seems like lots of special characters arent allowed
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