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  1. If they lowered the price they would make more money and people would be a lot happier, supply and demand would make you a lot more money at a lower price than this tbh. If I made my name the way I like it, I would pay 143,000xCoins, which would be the equivalent of €150 for one month. But I don't see €150 a month, not that I don't have the money, but that's far from reality Of course, not everyone has to use the feature, and whether you need it is an open question, but many just want something to look at. It's up to you, but the prices are simply not related. Of course you support the developers with it, but as I said, the price is up for debate. It's simple marketing, but when you set the price so high, many may not be able to afford it either, as I said if the price were less you would make more money in bulk. And you don't have to ask yourself whether you need it or not, every person is different, to each their own. I know what I'm talking about, I run my own business and I'm self-employed, but pricing that high is the wrong way to generate money and I think it's in the interest of 3DX, it is no bad reproach just a little help, It's just my constructive opinion on the subject.
  2. Hello everyone who was still looking for this AVATAR Files if you scroll up you can find them I edited it into an post over here just scroll up and you'll find it now, I decided to leave 3DXChat completely so if you have any Questions or I will have something new I will keep you updated in this thread, why I left 3DXChat because I have a company and I am doing a lot of work that means I have no time at the moment to do some stuff I uploaded the Files in this Thread you just have to scroll up, I am Independent now with my own business but if I will find some time I will keep you updated.
  3. I mention it to everyone I am not responsible for any problems, but I will be happy to help if anything is unclear or a problem occurs. Most Problem that only occurs that your old character is going to load again into the editor but if you do all correctly this problem will not occur ! Steps for inserting my modified characters: FIRST OF ALL "Save your current old AVATAR" just in case. 1. Download the WEyesHphonesMale.avatar from our Chat on Discord. 2. Go into your Game open the Character Editor. 3. Hit the Load Button check where you saved the WEyesHphonesMale.avatar Data. 4. Load it into the Game. 5. As soon that you loaded it into the game please directly change one type of clothes like T-Shirt or Hoodie. 6. Why is Step 5 Important ? Because sometimes it will bring your old character back and the loaded one will not correctly be saved server sided. 7. If you did anything and changed one piece of clothes please tell me and meet me at a Room my favourite room is "Havasu" just that I can do a little check up on it that all was working correctly. 8. The headphones can be found on the beard section you can change colors of that like in the vids above / Do not remove or change the beard it will remove your Headphones you have to load the character all new again from my data or it will maybe not be saved. 9. The Cap can also be changed to different Colors just click on the Pattern that is added to change the Cap Color or you can choose what you want to wear on your head if you want the cap back you have to load the data again or it will not save. 10. Have a lot of fun with these in the future I will be working on more stuff and more collections of different accessoires. Also check out this thread to stay tuned because I have also female avatars made with some collections. Thanks to @Psycho and @Khallum Troyfor writing me also special thanks to @Rodin for showing me the basic AVATAR Files, I found a way to work with them more and more also added female char with headphones @MeiLing above in the posts.
  4. Desktop_2021_03.25_-_23_56_09_04.mp4 Desktop_2021_03.26_-_00.04_03_06.mp4
  5. Hello @Rodin First of all I have to thank you for sending me the basics of the Character's without you it would not be possible to make this Stuff like I am working on it in the Future, I also really appreciate that you linked me on this Thread/Post and that you would recommend me, without you none of this would have been possible I am currently working on several combinations because I have found a way how I can work on characters, also I will send it straight to @Psycho via Discord, if someone want's an Character I have these both Combinations I am working on more if I have the time for it just hit me up on the PM's in this Forum, I will send all the Files via Discord. I got asked a lot about something I want to tell you something about it because some people was scared. This isn't game breaking, hacking or to harm other people, this is only the character data just changed that you have some things that not everyone has, also this is legit and not forbidden For well known people in this they know that we are only creating an DAT-File changing it and saving it back as an .AVATAR File to load it into the Game. My Combinations are also working for everyone and loading into it if you load it sometimes I was facing some problems where your character gets set back to your old one with my files I can't even remember that this was happening I got good reviews. - I also try it every update with a brand new character to load these AVATAR Files into character last tested today the 13.05.2021 / 3PM. Best Regards, TaylorJ WhiteEyesFemaleNormal.avatar WEyesHphonesMale.avatar Edit: Headphones Female 14/05/21 FemaleOnlyHeadphones.avatar 27.06.2021 / 12:23 I put the AVATAR Files into this Post have fun with it, I decided to leave 3DXChat for some RL reasons.
  6. Same over here a lot of people like that running arround
  7. Hey everyone, In this Thread show all your editings from your Pictures. Best regards, Taylor J
  8. Keep up the great Work @Aliviax I just bought the Millennia Luxury Vila 3. I'll hope the Servers will come back soon that I can try your Villa :D
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