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  1. Perfect, I'm looking forward to logging in later. Hopefully this new server solution helps resolve the overall crashing issue in the longterm.
  2. Of course! You are able to use old props if you'd like.
  3. Thanks for spotting that! I've fixed it. Haha tell me about it. πŸ˜…
  4. Really hope they announce the testing period for the new server soon, this is getting ridiculous.
  5. Hey all. Due to the recent server instability issues, we've extended the competition to the 24th July 2020. Update time is in the original post countdown link.
  6. Due to the crashing issues we most likely will extend it by a couple of weeks just waiting to see when this new testing will begin.
  7. It's what I'm trying to get moving, especially with the new server solution coming soon with protection of the rooms from hackers.
  8. Well said Torax. This could help bring more creative people to light for the devs to potentially work with and bring more content of great quality faster. This would be a great improvement to the game as a whole!
  9. Would be cool if you could set up a specific section of your personal room for the editor like you can set the spawn location and then experiment with all the different lighting options. Rather than the fixed lighting, but this may cause too much strain perhaps.
  10. Nice, a bit of an overreaction there with the ignore list, but that's fine. In regards to the actual topic at hand. Communication from the developers is of course key to better the game, that would be a good start. As well as taking community requested content to be implemented. One thing I do think in my opinion will better the game would be to bring in room ownership permissions, such as the ability to kick players from your room if they are stirring up a ruckus, but also to just give more control to the user for their own personal spaces. Also additional World Editor features such as perhaps a material editor which will allow you to change the multiply of the materials to give better tiling support for certain textures, to adjust the same materials for different sized surfaces to give a more authentic, higher quality design to your room designs.
  11. Hey there! I'd be curious to see your building capabilities in our current competition we've got going:
  12. Depends on the DDoS filtering they have set up. And how it's set up. It may be that the server is being attacked more than once and the filtering just kicks into high gear just filtering out anything and everything, which would explain why everyone gets disconnected. Or the DDoS protection activates and it disconnects people temporarily. It would be nice to have more insight on this issue though. All I can gather is the server itself is fine in terms of hardware specs. But their game software needs a lot of work. As it seems it's struggling with the larger population. As it always seems to happen around the time the US and EU timezones cross over with logins. Which makes me think the software just crashes and cannot handle the amount of population. Which makes me believe the developers of 3DX never expected the game to become this popular. I think the offer is what turned it on it's head. As we have not really had this problem before that only once in a blue moon. Which makes me think the population is too large for their software to handle. So hopefully they are working on some improvements to this. @Lisa @Gizmo can you guys make a comment about this?
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