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  1. Hi Kiki, Make sure you are trying to install it in a place that isn't protected. I would advise installing it in it's own 3DXChat folder in the "Documents" folder.
  2. @TiaDelightPlease try what Serenity stated above by logging in with the different login servers on the email log in screen. If this doesn't work, please try turning your internet router off. Wait 60 seconds then turn it back on and try again. If this doesn't work then try using a VPN such as NordVPN or something along those lines and try again.
  3. Thanks for the additional screenshots, Collier! I am super excited to see more progress on this next year!
  4. This is a fantastic build tool! Looking forward to using it.
  5. It's mainly server maintenance/stability. More than likely the Datacenter the server/s are located at, were doing some maintenance on their lines, whether it be upgrading connectivity equipment i.e. Switches, routers etc. Or if it was maintenance on a hostsystem level as Diana mentioned above with an OS update or Kernel update perhaps.
  6. Excited to see all the builds that are made! P.S. I love the format of the OG post
  7. Currently having discussions about this, I think it would be a great idea to open up new registrations again, even for a limited time. It was disabled due to a large wave of bots and scammers.
  8. There is always the possibility, with the consistent improvements to the World Editor and the very essence of creativity of our talented community individuals, it is possible this may return in some form. Perhaps in a more official capacity?
  9. Good luck Alexa! I look forward to seeing the competition and entries by the many talented individuals here! Good luck everyone and may the best design win!
  10. It's just a different outlet that users can go to, to discuss things 3DX. Although the Discord is available to chat in now, the amount of channels are still limited for the amount of content people wish to share with a no NSFW policy as well. So the forum does still have it's uses here, as well as a place to discuss certain topics in full, without losing the chat due to many conversations being made.
  11. So what's the in thing now in game? I'm so out of touch these days...
  12. Ashbash


    Same here hot damn.
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