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  1. Make sure your game is set into Windowed mode in game. Then you need to set in the properties of the shortcut "Target" field -popupwindow as shown: "#:\Program Files\3DXChat\3DXChat.exe" -popupwindow Like that and it will start the game up in borderless, if it doesn't and you click off the game to another screen or tab out it still minimizes, focus the game window again and press ALT + Enter and it should sort it for you.
  2. Fullscreen? Typically myself I use borderless window mode. It's the best of both worlds, but does require a bit of properties changing on the 3DXChat shortcut.
  3. Lisa did make a post in one of their topics about the new server solution that room moderation is on their todo list with this new server. Edit: This topic:
  4. Maybe they can use trello and have their board set to private and have different bugs that are critical or urgently need to fixed to be added on it and we can see the status of it? https://trello.com/ Or maybe they can get Atlassian JIRA. That's handy for workflows and bug reporting.
  5. Perfect. I will personally gift Alexa a 1 month subscription giftcard once all the prizes have been given out to the winners. Just awaiting on the codes from the devs. Then will send them over to you!
  6. Interesting. Or it may be the whole l vs I text formatting, that a capital I looks the same as a lowercase l so it could be Alyssa and Aiyssa just capitalized.
  7. Damn you're kidding. I was hoping to play tonight!
  8. Hey guys, Thanks again for the entries it has been fantastic to view them all. Also thank you for the reports, we had no idea about the room being opened up with rules being broken, so the Russian Ghetto room has been disqualified due to rule breaking with their title and intent. Which means the revised list is as follows: 1st Place: Jannick - Venice 2nd Place: Alliehotass - Infinity City 2055 3rd Place: Paulita - Ocean Drive South Beach Miami 4th Place: Sylphie - Sylphies Cyber lounge 5th Place: Pandorra - Berlin Penthause Thank you all again for the entries, it's been a blast. Prizes will be sent out this week. Sylphie and Pandorra, please DM me with your character names, so Gizmo/Lisa can send the XGold to your accounts. Giftcards for Jannick, Allie and Paulita will be sent through DM. @Alliehotass Do you have anyone in mind to give your code to? Please DM me. Feedback is delayed due to the changes made to the competition, we'll work on getting it posted asap. A bit hard to get three different feedbacks without language barriers, but I'm working on it!
  9. Winners for the competition are.... *Drum Roll* 1st Place: Yannick - Venice 2nd Place: Nonamelessa/VampGirl - Russian Ghetto 3rd Place: Alliehotass - Infinity City 2055 4th Place: Paulita - Ocean Drive South Beach Miami 5th Place: Sylphie - Sylphies Cyber lounge Congratulations to the winners! Feedback as to what were the things we liked about each build will be posted in this response this coming weekend as it was a tough one, trust me on this... It's 4am my time and it was a long night debating each build. You've all done fantastic builds. Congratulations again @Yannick, @Nonamelessa, @Alliehotass, @Paulita and @Sylphie. And congratulations to the other entries, it was a toughie. The winners will receive their prizes during the coming week. To reiterate the prizes are the following: 1st Place: 1 Year Subscription 2nd Place: 6 Months Subscription 3rd Place: 3 Months Subscription 4th/5th Places: 10,000 XGold
  10. I was on vacation. So the DMs were delayed to be opened, sorry about that! But I am back now and already discussing with Lisa and Giz the different rooms. Winners will be announced Friday.
  11. I do agree. I think there should be "Blacklisted" words that will cause rooms in game to fail to open whilst the title contains any of those blacklisted words and variations of words that users may try to circumvent blacklisted words a filter of sorts. And a public list of words should be published somewhere. Maybe here on the read first section. +1 from me.
  12. I agree with this. A donate to user button would work well and you can add your custom donation link in "Edit Profile" for example. +1 from me.
  13. Competition is now closed! Thank you everyone who entered. We will review and announce the winners next Friday!
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