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  1. Where does everyone hangout these days?

    1. LovelyBritney
    2. Trena


      I tend to go to Coyote Ugly, ShayRennie's room when it's open.

    3. tђє ﻮгєคt кђคlเ
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    Sorry that's poor wording on my part perks of a quick lunch time review. 😖 It was meant to say isn't fully secure in regards to you ignore a person they can just make a new character to harrass you still, sorry for any confusion! I've edited. ^^
  3. Ashbash

    User Reviews

    -UPDATED REVIEW- I left a review right at the start of my playtime here back in 2014, but I feel it doesn't reflect my full thoughts on the game so I will be writing an updated review on this today. I started 3DX back in 2014, back then it was very small, with only a handful of public rooms and only around 20-40 people in each room. The playerbase was very tiny back then, most likely around 2-3k players. Since then the games player population has risen 2-5x at least judging by the amount of rooms there is open now (Player rooms) and how a lot of them have the high 10s and sometimes above 100. Back when I started having 100 players in one place was a massive feat and only typically happened when there was 3DX events going on like Halloween party, Christmas party etc. Over my time here, I have met a lot of great people and not so great people, but this is everywhere you go. It's been a journey but it's been fantastic. After watching the development of this game happen overtime, it led me thinking just where could this game be in 5-10 years time if these big features such as the World Editor, Pose Editor, Clothing editor and any other editors are implemented to their fullest capacity. And I think this game at that point could easily rival games such as Second Life, A-Chat etc. Especially with the 20$ a month price tag giving you all the capabilities you could want. Now with the new forum with it's downloadable feature, this opens up a sort of player run download center on the forum, which opens up a lot of capabilities for players to share their creations in a safe manner, rather than clicking on these sketchy third party websites with no security certification and the referral sites that give people 5$ per 1000 clicks for example that spam you with ads or not let you download unless you disable adblocker. 3DX has been one of those types of games, where no matter how many times you leave the game, at some point you will always return and I find myself in this type of cycle I leave for a little while, but then come back and see how people are doing and what the new happenings are in 3DX with the new updates they bring, it's always one of those places you always find yourself returning to regardless. Now here are my pros and cons of the game: We'll start with the pros: High fidelity graphics giving a new breath of life into the adult gaming genre. Easy to use interface. World Editor, to give endless creativity a go. Unique stories and experiences with the players in the game. High quality animations Direct Messaging Gifting system 64 Bit support Continued development Chosen game engine with a lot of support and content with the asset store, for those moments you need something quick to be implemented. Now the cons: Ignore system isn't fully secure, due to it being character based so the perpetrator can still get round it with a new character. Time between updates. Lack of customisation options for avatars. (We need an advanced system like: https://www.reallusion.com/character-creator/ but with better support for 3DX avatars.) Lighting is not fully dynamic, resulting in when you move the camera it takes a moment for the lighting to update, this sometimes gives weird results. LODs are too easily noticeable and you see them pop in and out rather than a smooth rendering of the assets quality as you move closer/further away. Small development team for a project of this ambition. (Needs more staff I got some good links to recruit more staff if needed for freelance/contract work for this industry and type of game etc.) Delays to reports of inappropriate behaviour. Single server infrastructure. Will add more when I have a moment to do so. Was a quick lunch time review.
  4. Yeah I think with the new pose editor a ghost partner will no longer be needed. 😁
  5. @Gizmo Yup I am here. 👀 I like the new forum. Good job!
  6. Test. I am able to reply @Gizmo also thanks for the forum update! Now to make it look pretty.
  7. In regards to the updates, here's what I think should be the future steps, this is my own opinion of course and not a generalisation. They should get the animator out they have been working on and showing for months in Telegram. Once this has been released they should work on the following, again this is my own opinion and not a generalisation: 1. Room moderation functionality, such as the kick, ban and perhaps even a mute. As this seems to be asked for quite a lot on the forum. 2. Create an official modding toolkit, which can give tech savvy people access to tools to create mods for the game. Within reason of course, we don't want another pandora episode. 3. Clothes, clothes and... Clothes. 4. Advanced Avatar customisation, to finally be able to create unique looking avatars that doesn't look like 30% of the player base. 5. Material creator/editor, examples being cumshots, sweat, fluids in general, as well as among other things such as skin materials, to the point that you can design your own bump maps, masks etc. But have a graphical option which will disable these on a client, because if someone runs around with 4k materials+ on their skin, times this by 10s of people in one room, it can cause lag to ensue on lower end system, so perhaps have a graphical option that disables custom skin textures and just shows the default skin on the client. 6. Static mesh support, to give rooms a higher quality look, but without the performance loss that comes with it, which comes with the geometry shapes we use. Which can come with the material creator etc. And many more, but cannot think of it at the moment.
  8. The server is probably all messed up at the moment, most likely had crashed early this morning EU time.
  9. Long time no see all another one: https://www.mixcloud.com/ashbash231/the-return-vol-1/ Name: The Return Vol 1 Style: Electro House, Big Room Length: 1:15:12 It's a bit rough at some transitions as it has been around 2 years since I did my last mix, a long, long time! So I'm a bit rusty and need some WD40. Thanks all who take a listen!
  10. The issue with that is, the more content as big as those you mention they release the longer it will be come the time of the migration to a new engine version and also cause older versions to potentially no longer be valid example being you make a ton of clothes in a clothes editor for example then they're all useless due to format changes, then all that hardwork has gone. Unless they start to write those applications in C#. Edit; But who knows what they're working on. ^^ Hopefully we see some content improvements soon. I have been keeping track of this game and am surprised to see such little updates the past year compared to how it was back in '14-'15
  11. 3DX has a huge chance to improve. One way is migrating the game to unity 2018.X. The downside to this is that 3DX has a ton of scripts written in JavaScript and the newer versions of Unity are scrapping JavaScript in favour for C# this means the developers will need to rewrite half the game for it to migrate correctly with minimum issues. This most likely would be a main reason why we're still using the old 2017 Unity 5 version. Also I have seen some users request support for performance and see they are using Intel HD chips. I do agree with some points above, the game is built in mind of older computer systems and eventually it will need to be updated to 64bit and improved to stay within the market. Which will eventually make older systems obsolete, especially as both Nvidia and AMD havebscrapped 32Bit drivers entirely. Also some users most likely who use laptops might have discreet graphics cards in their system and not realise it's not using that device and is instead using the integrated CPU chip. There is a lot of different factors as to why the game may not have higher quality hairs, skins etc. Hopefully the 3DX developers will work on a solution that will please all involved, but I guess time will tell.
  12. I would like to see a spotlight feature in the game that a player/ typically the room owner can control via their mouse to have a spotlight move around the room, which would be fantastic for liveshows, bands, theatre etc. As it's nice to see clubs and everything, but everyone is making a club, the game needs something more unique, bring some solid creativity to game in the form of Theatre and Cabaret, as the game misses those types of unique show experiences. Example of a "Look at" spotlight feature which you can do in the Unity Editor: https://twitter.com/nulldiver/status/1104043641138483200
  13. Turbosquid stuff is typically too high poly which if put in a real time game like 3DX will lag like a boss and is often designed for Daz Studio builders. So it would be designed to specific body shapes known as the Genesis Bodies for women. I do agree though Turbosquid does bring some amazing content for people to purchase and use, but often requires beefy machines to run it and is typically used mainly as a demostration for your portfolio/demoreel when getting a job in the industry than actual game content, although some of the stuff on Turbosquid could theoretically be brought into 3DX but it will need to be readjusted, which means they'll need to purchase them via the interactive license, which costs a lot. It would be better if they potentially spend the money they would do on Turbosquid and the licenses, on another Artist to create unique stuff to the game that cannot be "Referenced" to another creators creation.
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