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  1. If you want to have it in the editor sure you can send me the world file and I will add it
  2. Going to release a update soon with a new option Characters not in the font will either be removed or replaced by a space Remove will be the default option With those settings the result will look like this Thanks @Khallum Troy again for the feedback
  3. Thanks for the detailed response, what happens is that the world file is not created properly, which is clearly a bug and yeah might be the grouping as word which causes this. Will take a look into the code and fix it.
  4. @Khallum Troy Thanks for the message and the feedback. What you describe happens when the world file that is created is faulty. Will take a look at the code again to fix that. I think this does happen when you use a character in the text that does not exist in the font. I will add more fonts to the side in the future. I will port more of AlexaDarkness fonts to the tool as I got permission to use them. It is a bit time consuming to do. Beside more fonts I am working on more smaller and bigger tools or at least have some ideas which I would like to add. Depending on if it is doable.
  5. Yeah great, now looks like how I wanted it, thanks for the update
  6. Great, now this looks very promising I must say, I mean this looks very close to the original svg I made. Very nice
  7. One thing I did notice while using you tool. When the tool is making the world file you dont get any notification when it is done. Only noticed it because the file size of the world stopped increasing. But else you tool did help me a lot with the sign
  8. Thanks will take a look at the file and what is different to mine then Thanks for looking at it Edit: Alright now its done by the svg, looks nice needed to do a bit of handy work as some parts are missing but this is still way faster then doing it all by hand And now the file is only 34 kb in size
  9. Thing is that the world files, I have two one for the stockings and one for the outline are quite large. The stockings are moveable in the editor but the outline is barely moveable, has nearly 3000 objects. I will try to optimize the sign as this was more or less a test for the naughty designer.
  10. Ok still got it done, scaling on the z axis to 0 did the trick
  11. Tried the thing and made my own svg with Inkscape which did not work out so well Saving the svg to world did like nothing So I converted it to a png ... it worked kind of See the pics what I am doing wrong? And I put the svg in as well so maybe someone would like to look at it and tells me what is wrong EDIT: can it be that a path cant be open like a simple line? Rastergrafik.7z
  12. Yup 10k rocks not 1k missed a 0 there The file size is not even the problem its the amount of objects
  13. Added a experimental tool to the side, which generates terrain. Unlike the trees this is not randomized in position, this placed rocks in a field you can select, 10 x 10 or 100 x 100 or what ever size you wish rotates the rocks randomly scales them and places them in a set distance to each other Caution with the size and length and width In a area of 100 x 100 and a gap of 1 the tool places 10000 rocks Don't go over the top with this and crash 3DX with it.
  14. Text Tool added Thanks to @GottaGo and @AlexaDarkness for the permission to use their work as a basis and to use the fonts.
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