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  1. I like this, funny idea and in some situations this could be useful for sure
  2. Sorry for the downtime The server on which the page was hosted did break, needed to move the page to a new server, should all be back again.
  3. Select all letters and make sure that the option center is active and not pivot Use the scale tool and hold shift in the center a square should be visible now to scale the selected object along all axis At 3:25 of the video you can see it in action
  4. The text should be at 0,0,0 if you dont enter any x or y
  5. Sorry for the late answer normally the x and y inputs are there to position the text at those coordinates If that is not working I need to take a look if there is a bug in the tool and fix that
  6. Added first 4 tutorial videos to the first post
  7. Welcome Varz, great to see you on the team and being part of the community, have fun and enjoy your time with all of us. Halderim 3dxtools.net Developer
  8. Update for the Move Tool which can now rotate a world file
  9. I will be honest here, I did look at the avatar files already, those are encrypted and it is like a lot of guess work to even know what is in there and what not and what changes and so on. I am still looking into this and yeah I had such an idea myself already. So maybe one day I can find the time for some tool that can do it but I am not sure. I wont release something that can break your account with infinite loading because the save file is corrupted thanks to my page
  10. Added a new tool to get the color code of a object Upload a world file that contains only one object with the color you want to know.
  11. Thanks, found the problem already, should be fixed
  12. Added a new tool to move the objects in your world files around Either by the values you did input or you can check to move everything to a given new point. If you move to a point the center of all your objects is moved to this new location. https://3dxtools.net/worldMover
  13. The file size is really small as the object count is low Did use it myself already and it is great for those line art pieces or even fonts
  14. In theory this would be possible, export a model into json format and you are nearly done, or have a python script that makes a world file out of your model, question would be if that would have any practical use, would only work with low poly and primitives that are in 3dx as well. Alternative would be you only use faces to translate a blender model into a world file But yeah would be quite complicated and time intensive to write a script for that.
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