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  1. With the new jungle pack I will add more trees and rocks to the different randomizer soon.
  2. @Janet Thanks for the suggestion should not be a problem to add that rock as well to the randomizer
  3. Good Luck on such a big project
  4. Low FPS are mostly caused through special FX and lights, smoke and fog for example cause a lot of stress on the game if you use them a lot Lights with reflecting surfaces cause a similar issue, so most metal textures can get you bad performance if you use them a lot The file size itself most likely causes longer load times but that is it. You can have maps of the size of 10 MB without much lag
  5. Instead of water you can use curtains as well if you resize them to be just 0.001 thick they are a flat surface and you can walk through them
  6. I am looking for people that would like to do a bit of beta/stress testing for a part of 3dxtools that I want to add, which is a radiostream service for 3DX ChatI dont want to make a radio service for each and everyone out there it is more focused on the userbase of 3DX Chat. Means no huge and expansive website or backend panel, no advertisement just your personal stream channel which you can add to your room and stream from your own devices. Therefor I would need some people to stresstest my idea. Preferable people with larger public rooms and many listeners. If you are interested please contact me via email: 3dxtools@gmail.com
  7. Problem was fixed after the Halloween update went live
  8. For a music stream you need a classic web radio via shoutcast or similar you can not use spotify as a source Here in the forum is a tutorial for how to setup a radio stream
  9. Added a small tool for those who are curious about their World file Give some basic info too look at Like Spawn location, Ocean level and number of objects World files are not saved they are only analyzed and then deleted instantly
  10. Added the 6 new variants of the conifer to the Tree generator
  11. The issue is still given, once your IP changed you may be lucky to get a connection again. Not possible for me to change my IP as I do have the same public IP address all the time due to the fact Vodafone uses IPv6 for their connection and uses a tunnel to talk connect to the IPv4 net.
  12. Hey @Gizmo so what is the status on this one, I think we all agree that this is not the state this should stay as The issue stays, still need to use a VPN to connect to 3DX
  13. @Paulinus If you can, check your settings if there is some setting like VPN protocol, if possible switch from WireGuard to OpenVPN Had the same issue with WireGuard as a protocol
  14. @Gizmo As soon as I am on the VPN I can connect to the game yes That response from a server normally happens when you are blocked by a firewall
  15. There is a issue at the moment with the gameservers, everyone who faces the issue with login in but not seeing room lists and being kicked out after a minute or so again and again may have a blocked IP address. The ICMP Messages are send from the gameserver and state that my connection is refused, this happens for example if your IP is blocked by a firewall. Who has the luck to be able to change their IP given by their ISP may resolve the issue, using a VPN may help as well.
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