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  1. Merci pour un merveilleux Comic Con et tout ce que vous faites ici Pole Cats!
  2. Dear Diary.....it was fun being Electra and hanging out with Matt Murdock and finally getting my "Spider-man kiss" 🤣 but we are not going to rest on our laurels .....future Events and our next Comic Con (most likely The Bat Cave)are in the making. It's time to give the Marvel universe a rest.......but perhaps Spidey will sneak into The Bat Cave and leave a few more web lines for us next time.....lol
  3. Dear diary....I would like to thank everyone for attending yesterday's Comic Con... especially The Pole Cats and the Dream Team! Sometimes I am at a loss for words when a room as ancient as this one attracts over 60 members in less then a half hour when it opens..... It was just one of those rare magical nights that defies description... so I'll just let the screenshots do the talking
  4. Here's another poster you may like more cya in less then 4 hours ^^
  5. Dear Diary.....I've just seen Paulina's new poster for the Comic Con......This is worse then waiting for Christmas!.....I'll never make it to tomorrow!....I'm so excited!
  6. Dear Diary.....I just finished watching The Pole Cats practice at our Comic Con room......I had no idea how great they were.....Let this be a lesson to ALL hosts not to fear the unknown....and to take chances on acts and builders you are not familiar with....yes ...there will be fails,,,,but the successes are worth it..... A total unknown created Pimps Dome and it became one of the most famous rooms in the history of 3dx......So don't let the "Hoi Polloi" tell you what's hot and what not....YOU are the best judge
  7. WOW! thank you so much....but my name is spelt with an e.....JadeKali heh
  8. Almost forget to thank our wonderful builders and artists! (Original layouts) - GrizzlyTaz Contributions from DianaPrince and RobFrostwalker! and finishing touches and remodeling by ......EVELLINKA!!!
  9. omg....I'm so excited about this Comic Con on Monday 3PM EST......The entire ship has been REMODELED!!!....Have no fear faithful ones.....all your favorites will still be there! Silver Surfer's board to ride........Thanos Throne to sit on and do as u please lol..........Venom and Carnage and all the rest of the Marvel universe are still there, Spiderman's webbing for you to hang upside down and kiss ur partner......lol......but we have an entirely new Walk of Fame!......and countless other goodies! .....wheeeeee! and don't forget ....ALL heroes , villiains and creatures and their secret
  10. Dear diary.....I usually avoid the "serious stuff" but something about this item I saw in Facebook made it tough to ignore ....and thought I should share.
  11. Dear Diary.....I finished the poster today for our Comic Con....I'm sure Paulina's will be much nicer.....I can't believe this is our EIGHTH Comic Con! This will be the first time Safe Haven has had TWO dance teams at the same Event!!.....Holy twinkle toes Batman!!!
  12. Your thinking is a bit flawed here....especially for an escort.... It is the duty of EVERY escort to make her client THINK that they are in control, dominant, and competent (with few exceptions). You are being paid to male them feel they are the greatest lovers on the planet. You have to FAKE loving oral ...IT"S YOUR JOB! Of course we all know better....WE are the ones really in control....and escorts in REAL LIFE rarely if ever have an orgasm with a client....99% are fake orgasms.... they have to be that way....or they will go out of business. Most REAL women are not escorts thou
  13. Dear Diary.....as the year comes to an end I say to myself....What have we to be thankful for?... ofc....#1 is our health and after that our RL friends.....and then there is 3dx! and who has the best friends in 3dx?.....why ME of course! heh I am grateful for such friends as Evellinka, whose builds I would constantly download on another site before I ever even met her.....because ...well lets face it.....she's the greatest most generous builder in my eyes When I had the great fortune to meet her quite accidently, we instantly became besties! I am also thankful to Lancelot for
  14. If you get no help from the devs....which is par for the course....you can join us at Safe Haven where all information on stalkers is shared
  15. Dear diary.....just a little ditty I think I should share with everyone......HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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