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  1. πŸ’€ 5 D A Y S T I L S C A R E - F E S T πŸ’€ P R E P A R E Y O U R S A N I T Y Hey Guys, Natsumi Here :3, The new venue for this year's Scare-Fest is almost complete. I've added a few Easter eggs in the build. Try to guess where they're all from! See you there! πŸ‘» Costumes/Cosplay Encouraged πŸ‘»
  2. Hope everyone is having an awesome Spooktober! πŸ‘» I'll be posting updates of the event soon!
  3. - CREDITS - E-SERIES MUSIC FESTIVALS 7SINS PRODUCTIONS 3DXWORLDS NINJA ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS DIRECTED BY Natsumi Kusunoki CASTING OOlisa Ukari Katase STAGE BUILDING Natsumi Kusunoki Ukari Katase Minah Sumire OOlisa Nym DANCE GROUPS Angels & Devils Bare Bunnies Dream Girls Flaunt Rockettes Sirens & Sailors DJS DJ StefDE Lisanal Biffy FrontDE Chloe Felia DyllanD Minah Sumire Ukari Katase DJ Dshea Unholykei DJ Miso PEITHO Binka DJ Nymphie DJ NinjaGirl HMCRaven Arctic SexyCoyote Alliehotass Mysti DJ Dani SashaboyX DJ FoxxxyLady Lillian Langtre Allissia / ArielFrostwalker DanyFR DJ Chammy JazzieSweetness DJ Lisa ANBR AGNAT DJ Carrie SPECIAL THANKS TO RobFrostwalker Nym No Disconnects JoeSaab the Troll COVID-19 for ruining our Lives And Thank you for being a part of this Event! Β© Ninja Entertainment Productions 2020 THE E-SERIES WILL RETURN IN 2021
  4. Highlights of Day 1 and Day 2, an amazing performance from both the DJs and the dance groups! We broke E-Series records with 184 guests on Day 1!! You're all amazing!
  5. It is here!

    E8: I N F I N I T E begins today @ 12pm EST / 6pm CET.

    Hosted by - OOlisaΒ 

    Featuring - Sirens & Sailors, The Dream GirlsΒ 

  6. In just 24 hours, one of the biggest events in 3dx will begin. My ears are tingling just thinking about it!
  7. This coming weekend will be a big one for all of us. I want to thank everyone that's been involved in making this year's E-Series Festival a reality. Love you all and see you at E8

  8. The moment you have been waiting for is coming This Friday!! 33 Amazing DJs from around the world Special appearance from 3DX Dance groups Bare Bunnies Angels & Demons Sirens & Sailors The Rocketts Dream Girls Flaunt
  9. E-Series is just 1 week away! Super excited to share this event with everyone. Everyone involved has been working really hard to make this event happen. Thank you all for your support and making this event happen this year. Couldn't do it without you. ❀️
  10. Hi Everyone, things are getting pretty exciting with everyone working hard on their sets and also building cool stages for the event. We've acquired over 30 DJs!! Its amazing that so many people can come together to celebrate music in one digital space. Sorry, I guess I'm rambling on a little. Anyways, schedule for the DJs will be posted here in a couple weeks as well as some great pictures for everyone to see the progress of the event preparation. I know its been a hot summer, so make sure to drink plenty of water and eat lots and lots of ice cream! ^^. Hope everyone is staying safe in these hard times. I have faith that we'll pull through this. I had always thought that 2020 was going to be a great year, but it sure did backfire on us. Isn't funny though? When the world is put in a stigma of ordeals, its when we truly have one mindset. I honestly believe the world would be better if we were all trying to work together to resolve our issues rather than trying to fix it individually. It feels nothing will truly get done with that way of thinking. Why is it that people think they have to go through challenges alone? Are we all not one people? We are one but not one at the same time. It kind of makes me sad. I always find it ironic that the Olympics is the only time when everyone isn't trying to kill each other. Though I guess as a species, we've always been competitive. Anyways, I should probably end this post for now. I just want everyone to know that I care about you, no matter what country you're from. I really do hope that our futures are much brighter. Will talk soon before the festival, and remember to stay frosty out there. ❀️ Natsumi
  11. Wanna thank everyone for supporting this year's E-Series event. We have great people working hard behind the scenes to make E8 the best experience for everyone here on 3dx. If you haven't signed up yet don't fret. You still have time. I know many are bummed due to the fact that many large Real-life music festivals such as Coachella, Ultra Music, and maybe even Tomorrowland have been postponed or canceled due to the nasty pandemic that has struck all of us this year. With this in mind, I hope E8: Infinite will at least quench some of your thirst for music, excitement, and overall pleasure. We at E-Series won't let the virus stop us from having a good time. So, this event is for all of you, the 3dx Community. I hope you'll enjoy it. Love, Natsumi πŸ’—
  12. Time sure does fly. It just hit me that I completely forgot that yesterday was my 6th Anniversary on 3dXchat. Well, Yay me I guess. I guess with E8 getting closer I forgot. Hehehehe :3

    Anyways, Thank you everyone for an amazing 6 years on 3dx!Β 

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