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  1. E-Series Through the Years (2016 - Present) E1 (2016) E2 (2016) E3 (2017) E4 (2017) E5 - Festival of Sound (2017) E6 - Festival of Sound 2(2018) E7: EVOLUTION (2019, E-SERIES REVIVAL) "Music is the personification of our souls dancing to the rhythm of our hearts. It is the hidden emotions that are brought to life with each beat and sound. For Earth is the most musical planet in our universe. It is everywhere. From the song of the birds, to the whisper of the wind, and even from the rumble of the ground itself. Music is Life, and when words fail, music speaks." - Natsumi Kusunoki, 3DX Ninja Kitty Experience the E-Series on August 21st - 23rd, 2020 E8: I N F I N I T E
  2. E8 is underway, I'm super excited to share a new E-Series experience this year. Last year for E7 was a renewal for the series. Let's make this year an event to remember. With COVID-19 still going on it seems music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Coachella, and many others won't be happening this summer. So as a fellow music lover, I give you this music festival as a gift. I know it won't be the same as going to an actual music festival, but hopefully we can all come together as one community and share this experience together. Love you all, and keep smiling you lewd people

    - Natsumi

  3. It is time! The Biggest 3DX Exclusive Music Festival is coming back for it's 8th installment E-Series Festival Returns with E8: I N F I N I T E Powered by Ninja Entertainment, Performed at The Vibe Stadium Calling All DJs of 3DXChat You have been invited to participate at this 3 Day event in celebration of music on 3DXchat. Click HERE to Sign up Join the official 3DX E-Series Discord @ https://discord.gg/QNrtsYs
  4. Quick Update: A small adjustment has been made to the Schedule for Day 2 3DX Rock Festival - Day 2 Schedule 1:00pm EST/ 7:00pm CET - DJ Chammy -- Shinedown 2:30pm EST/8:30pm CET - Icebox -- Five Finger Death Punch 4:00pm EST/10:00pm CET - Eyleen -- Battle Beast 5:30pm EST/11:30pm CET - Natsumi -- ONE OK ROCK 7:00pm EST/1:00am CET - WildHoney -- Journey 8:30pm EST/2:30am CET - ShockTop -- Starset 10:00pm EST/4:00am CET - DJ Ukari -- The Birthday Massacre 11:30pm EST/5:30am CET - MacyD -- Volbeat
  5. Good Morning you metal heads!! Wow Day 1 was absolutely awesome. Thank you everyone for coming and rocking out. Special thanks to all the DJs that played yesterday I really enjoyed the music. Today is Day 2 and the final day of this festival. I hope everyone is ready for some more Rock n' Roll!!
  6. Thank you everyone for a great first day of the Rock Festival. I'm looking forward to continue rocking with all of you tomorrow on Day 2!!
  7. Tomorrow the Vibe Stadium will open its doors for the first time this year and the 3DX Rock Festival will begin! Can't wait to rock n' roll with all of you!!
  8. Hey Everyone! I hope you're all being safe out there and are healthy. The wait is almost over! We only have 2 days left until the 3DX ROCK FESTIVAL! I am super excited to share this big event with all of you. I know everyone has been waiting for a long time but I assure you, It'll be worth it. I have done some renovations to the Vibe Stadium which I'm sure everyone will like. Hope to see everyone on Wednesday @ 1pm EST / 7pm CET ❤️ Natsumi
  9. Hey guys, We are just a little over a week away from the Rock Festival!! I am super excited to share these coming days with all of you and our love of Rock n' Roll. I know that these past weeks have been pretty scary for everyone since COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly and making life pretty lame. I just want to let everyone know that the festival will go on as planned for next week. I myself am monitoring my own health as we begin the allergy season. I just want to let you all know that I'm thinking of you and hope you're all safe and staying healthy. For those still working, you're true heroes. I know it must be hard having to go out there not knowing if you'll be fine one day and then sick the next. I know a lot of us have had been forced to stay home from work or even lost their jobs which isn't fair at all. I really hope we are able to pull through this. I love you all and hope to see you all at the festival. #StrongerTogether ❤️ Natsumi Kusunoki
  10. Hey Everyone! The DJ schedule for the 3DX Rock Festival is now available above! Looking forward to hearing everyone Rocking out to some great bands. I also wanna confirm that the event will indeed be held on the 8th and 9th of April starting at 1pm EST / 7pm CET and will go until late. Thank you everyone for your patience. I know its been a long wait for updates and stuff. As the COIVD-19 issue continues on, It has been harder to get on and give you all this news. Even with everything going on, the festival will happen! ROCK ON! Everyone!! ❤️ Natsumi
  11. Here is the first look at the new stage for 3DX Rock Festival Vol. 2!!
  12. Hey guys! The slots have now been filled and I'm excited to be Rocking with all these great people in April! I will be making a schedule soon, so everyone that has signed up be sure to check the planner often. The stage and everything is going smoothly! I've also updated the poster above. Will update soon! Thank you everyone for your patience!
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