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  1. In my latest movie, I give some sexy jerk off instruction to all the horny guys watching it. Will you be able to cum at my command? https://www.lauratwk.co.uk/2020/11/jerk-off-instruction.html

  2. I would happily encourage anyone who wants to do their part for Pink October to share the information I'm posting each day wherever they can. That is the real goal of this thread. Our party is completely secondary to what really matters - equipping women everywhere with the information they need to give themselves the best chance to remain healthy.
  3. October is here again, which can mean only one thing. It is time for me to climb up on my soap box and preach the virtues of thinking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month yet again. The greatest tragedy of breast cancer is how many avoidable deaths occur each year. When detected early, it really can be very survivable these days. But too many women are either lacking the knowledge and information required to perform basic self-checks, find the whole topic too embarrassing to talk openly about or simply bury their heads in the sand and assume they will not be one of those affected
  4. When I visited this dogging spot tonight, I was only intending to watch from the shadows. But somehow, I let myself become the part of the show... Get all the juicy details at https://www.lauratwk.co.uk/2020/08/laura-dogging.html

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