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  1. Episode #10 - Trick or Treat The community received a number of spooky treats for Halloween this year. Loruna and Xanar join host Laura_TWK to discuss Halloween in the land of 3DXChat. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3AgVrJR Links: 3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast - @3dxttspod / Discord LauraTWK - @Laura_TWK / lauratwk.co.uk Loruna - @Loruna3dx / Slushe Xanar- YouTube Credits: Thumbnail artwork - MaxNorman Music - Wutif by Lauren Duski
  2. Episode #9 - Building Better Worlds We all want a nice home to call our own, but what if you are not a pro-builder? The owners of 3DXChat Store, 3DXChat Sharing and REM3DX join LauraTWK to talk about what they can offer you. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3skZQqJ Links:3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast - @3dxttspod / DiscordLauraTWK - @Laura_TWK / lauratwk.co.ukTorax - 3DXChat Sharing / DiscordSweetTia - 3DXChat Store / @3dxchatStores / DiscordRedji - REM3DX / @rem3dxUseful resources:Sketchfab - https://sketchfab.com/Shirt cut meme template / Booty ass meme template
  3. Episode #8 - Think Pink VII Breast Cancer Awareness Month events will soon be upon us. AlphaWulf and Perrie join LauraTWK and SexxxyJessica to discuss and preview the upcoming events and initiatives being organised by Genesis 3DX and TMF, as well as other breast cancer awareness related topics. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3fm81zw All of the links that we reference during the episode and more are conveniently available below! 3DXChat events: Genesis 3DX Breast Cancer Awareness & Fundraiser 2022 - https://genesis3dx.com/breast-cancer-awareness/ PINK! BCA Music Event - https://pink-bca-music-event.jimdosite.com Useful resources: Self exam tips - https://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-self-exam / http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/testing/types/self_exam/bse_steps Risk factors - https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/breast/basic_info/risk_factors.htm Good causes: Breast Cancer Now - https://breastcancernow.org/ / https://www.wearitpink.org/ Macmillan Cancer Support - https://www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-awareness
  4. Episode #7 - Welcome to Hotel 3DX What is it that attracts players to 3DXChat? And why do they hang around when the novelty of fucking has worn off? LauraTWK. Perrie and LilMarie discuss this and much more. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3QGEuh4
  5. Episode #6 - Feel the Buzz Fuck machines, being vibed in public and the importance of a warm cock. LauraEncased MaxNorman and LauraTWK discuss all of these Lovense-themed topics and more. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3CBuD8P
  6. Episode #5 - The Pineapple Dilemma The community questions have been received and compiled. All that is left is for LauraTWK, LongLegsSteph and their surprise guest, xAnthonyLx, to reveal their darkest secrets. By which I mean, are any of them secret pineapple lovers? Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3dtsxNS
  7. Episode #4 - Raving and raging Has the beta been worth the wait? LauraTWK, SexxxyJessica3D and MaxNorman revisit their hopes and predictions, before giving their verdict on last week's Lovense Summer Rave Party. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3oIFeqz
  8. Episode #3 - So you want to be a pornstar? SexxxyJessica. ReenaRain and OliverCream join me in the studio to spill the beans on all of the ins and outs of being a 3DXChat pornstar. Episode now available: http://spoti.fi/3PwhPDY
  9. Episode #2 - Well, that escalated quickly! I take a moment to reflect on the community's reaction to the debut episode of the podcast and to give some insight on where things may go from here. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3unGgeO
  10. Hi Gizmo! Glad you like it! I hadn't really considered that but, if people ask for it, I suppose I could. I've experimented with quite a few different text-to-speech services but I went with Murf.ai because, even though some others have a higher number of good sounding voices, this one was best for creating conversational audio with multiple voices. Laura xx
  11. Episode #1 - Update Anticipation I am joined in the studio by SexxxyJessica and MaxNorman to discuss all things related to the upcoming update; when to expect it, what content has already been teased for it and what else they hope may also been in there. Episode now available: https://spoti.fi/3mY7QLs
  12. Hosted by LauraTWK, and featuring a revolving cast of guests, the 3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast will feature discussion of the hottest topics and most pressing matters for the 3dxchat community. You can find the podcast at many of your favourite places for listening to podcasts. Please do like and follow us on whichever is your preferred platform. Links below: Amazon Music - https://amzn.to/3HFODIc Anchor - https://anchor.fm/3dxttspod Apple Podcasts - https://apple.co/3baqbCo Buzzsprout - https://www.buzzsprout.com/2009346 Google Podcasts - https://bit.ly/3OIqFyc Podchaser - https://bit.ly/3OmtwwR Podvine - https://bit.ly/3QNoJGn RadioPublic - https://bit.ly/3yhevqt Spotify - https://spoti.fi/3y1vrBk And you can follow all of the latest podcast announcements on Twitter or join us on Discord to get involved with future podcast episodes.
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