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  1. Question to developers: Why is the bra not shown with the open jacket, as it is with the stocking body?
  2. Yes, there are new poses, but they are absolutely loveless and incomprehensible. How can it be that I, as a woman, am constantly forced to use a strap-on or otherwise grow a penis that I have to wank? I can't see any improvement there. The best example is the pose. I choose two women and they both jerk off a penis. Really ???? What kind of bullshit is this????
  3. The idea is not new, like so many suggestions here. It will just never happen because the developers are not interested in what the paying customers want. The main thing is to integrate some children's toys like annoying colourful names or glow sticks.
  4. But this pose on the wall also exists for female avatars
  5. Hello, wouldn't it be even better if you could insert your own "graphics" as a tattoo on a desired part of the body? Some people might want a tattoo, but can't find the right one for them in the selection!
  6. Für alle Fans des Schlagers und ALLE die trotzdem mitsingen am 07. Januar 2022 ab 20:00 Uhr WERKBANK-SCHLAGERPARTY
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