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  1. It is possible for an admin to respond to this post and give anyone with the ability to be able to play in the official rooms? An opportunity that is given to only a few "chosen ones" in this game since the person in charge of the jobs doesn't even answer you in discord. I think that since there are people who are official DJs in the rooms and also official DJs in 3dx clone games maybe you should extend this benefit to everyone who has the skills to be able to play in these places. I beg the person interested in this topic not to ignore this post because we should not give these privileges only to a select few because that is what we are talking about. There are plenty of good DJs who have been waiting for at least 8 months for an answer from the staff and are completely ignored and others who maybe don't even know what it means to mix who stand there with the "automix" and pretend to be very good DJs. So I ask please, is it possible to be taken seriously in consideration as you did whit other dj's? Thank you for your attention and I apologize in advance for the polemic tone but after 8 months of complete swallowing a little my balls are spinning.
  2. So let me understand in this game the official dj of the game can also be the dj of another competing game? is this thing allowed? because I was banned permanently just because I was giving my work to others of another game, I would like to understand @Gizmo in this case how he intends to move? because if this thing is allowed then the reason for my ban even more has no reason to exist. @Gizmo can you explain, thank you. Offical DJ of Meridian WOW Basically to people who have been asking you to DJ for YEARS you have turned them down and you take these individuals who on top of that are official DJs from one of your competitors?
  3. Anyway i just see a challenge over an other challenge this contest create in 1 day the God of Builder ahahah. Take life easy guys OliverX have done a good builder i can say i dont like something, i can disapprove something else or the way they judge is normal is like soccer... but is my personal view, and I'm not God to say what is correct or what is not. But c'mon be serious the Oliver's Build are really impressive and this is not the first one he's done a lot of impressive buildings. Ok maybe all similar in style and colour, but this is his style, who we are to judge? Contest is finish so everyone i think in the end are happy, who not...is him problem...maybe try to be better in real life not in a game it will help
  4. Ehm maybe you read bad bro...i try to defend you and explain your position lol...i don't know how much is your room but Tiazinha told you 3mb room lag...she wrong lag is not from how much is heavy the room read carefully
  5. Let me explain you something that probably you don't know, the size of the room don't determinate the lag inside but just the time of loading, so when you have 10mb of room don't mean that room lag more than 1mb room, just take more time to load...so this is not lag, lag arises from other factors, such as objects used, distance from the point of dance, overlapping objects, flickering, moving objects, animations, and small objects (such as the little pieces used for logos) that can create a drop in FPS, and consequently LAG, I want to remind you that your room that you gave to INTENSO during a party you could not move (I have a gaming computer and I play warzone at 150fps…) ...and there were only 80 of us...so in my opinion you need to back up a bit and before judging other people's facilities improve in yours...it would be a great starting point. In this case I say that if Oliver did a 3mb build but did it well (which I have no doubt he did) it won't be a problem, the only problem will be in the loading, but people won't care, they'll still go to that party
  6. What hasn't been understood in this conversation is that the focus has been on saying who is better than who, WRONG. Giving technical aesthetic opinions has nothing to do with it, and frankly I'd rather take criticism from an Oliver or a Dallas or Torax who are great builders to improve than from someone who can't put one brick on top of another You should take it more like suggestion.
  7. I think you should read more carefully i love work of OliverX and always i say that...i just say in my opinion he make good build like always but is not attached to what LOVENSE ask that's it...now if you think it's jelousy mine, think what you want it's absolutely fine
  8. That's what i said i don't judge like person who don't like or like i judge like person who participate at contest and have realized at the end all this: The idea of the submitted design must be original, but you can include in other objects from users with their permission. Design must include elements of a Summer Rave, e.g. large dance party floor for ravers, DJ section, area for dancers, laser lights, strobes, area for F&B (we all need booze!). Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat branding, e.g. a large Lush 3 DJ stand and a photo wall with Lovense & 3DXChat logos. It was unnecessary, i can build what i want, and it was exactly the same. 3 things Just for the future 1) Don't ask people to respect minimal requirement because if this doesn't count, nothing, you force people's work in a specific way. 2) in the contest never use popular voting...is the biggest mistake because popular voting is not equal... 3) show the votes of judge...never hide it...because a secret ballot is an untruthful ballot, when voting those who vote take responsibility, so votes must always be shown for clarity and fairness to those who spend their time participating in this type of competition.
  9. Yes but don't forget LOVENSE ask some minimal requirement, you omitted all...or part of them, so, The point is whether I have to create something I like or I have to create something that meets certain standards... your disco/club is not a suitable venue for a RAVE, assuming you've ever been to one but that's not important just go on youtube. This is not a criticism or an attack, I love your builds and have said so many times in game. In this case I think that the structure did not reflect any of the minimum parameters required by LOVENSE, with this I'm not saying that your construction is ugly or badly done, on the contrary, I'm just saying that if I had known that I could do as I liked more I would have done it, without being there to split on how to insert a wall for photos or a zone LOVENSE. We are builders, we have to be able to accept criticism, now when there will be 300 people in your room from 100 onwards we'll see how you built it because the room can be wonderful, but lag and lag
  10. I will also say a few words without opening any controversy, but only making observations. Foremost congratulations OliverX. I'm a little bitter about the change of votes, this is because the popular votes are based on the friends you have...few people vote for the "real" beauty, moreover I think that Justincredible's room is definitely more in accordance with the requests of LOVENSE if I had thought for 1 moment that I could do as I wanted I would have acted differently but some requirements were "MANDATORY", according to the staff...on Oliver this small detail has been kind of omitted. What I mean is that when one enters a contest and is asked for a square room and I as a builder make it round...I should be penalized...instead in this case it was the opposite. These are obviously points of view
  11. Thanks for helping me i solved.


  12. Hi Gizmo, i was banned 2 days ago from my game and discord and i dont have any idea why, so please can you give me the reason why my permanent ban? Like a player and payable player i should  deserve that from you. From EULA and terms and condition i never didnt violate anything of that. Please i hope you will be professional and you will tell me. Permanent ban is heavy action at all you have to tell me why.

  13. It's not up to me i made this post to let admin see how i'm work and what i can do. If they give me right to work with them i will do it for sure. But i just wait GRAND CHIEF watch the post
  14. Hi guys, I wish I could help the staff in the production of 2D elements such as touch, texture etc. I decided to open this post on the forum because apparently it is directly impossible to understand if it is good for them or not ... so I ask for your help maybe with your likes so that I can send everything to Lisa or Gyzmo. Thank you so much in advance
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