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  1. If you are representing a group that has a server - yes! Alternatively, you can drop in your discord username!
  2. Heya Folks! A huge hello to the 3DXChat community! I'm Dousha (or folks on Discord would recognize me as Hyperactive Imp dousha#1270), Lovense Community Manager who has recently joined the Lovense Team. First and foremost, thank you to all the players who have joined us for the previous event - we wouldn't have done it without this community We are happy to announce our second installment of Lovense x 3DXChat Exclusive in-game Party happening on September 4, 2021, Saturday from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM CEST. (RSVP here to gain exclusive access Lovense perks)! Thanks for the overwhelming support and applications! A very big thank you to all the applicants and shortlisted teams for participating and everyone for your votes! We have tabulated the votes (Lovense & 3DXChat) and here are the final teams to join the Lovense x 3DXChat exclusive in-game party final hosting committee! Event Organizers - White Breeze Dancers - Eclipse Dancers DJs - Digital RX Camera Crews - Max Norman For those who have yet to RSVP for this event, head over here to do so and get exclusive Lovense perks! See you then! Feel free to reach out to me over at Discord: dousha#1270 Meanwhile, stay safe and happy Cheers, Imp.
  3. Hi Laaz, please contact our support here: https://www.lovense.com/contact Our support team will tell you how to install the Lovense Remote APK on your smartphone Thank you!
  4. Hi Laaz, You can download Lovense Remote APK directly from our website here: https://www.lovense.com/sextoys/download If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the security of the Lovense Remote app, feel free to contact us here https://www.lovense.com/contact Enjoy playing 3DXChat ;)
  5. please refer to the connection guide for step-by-step instructions:
  6. For security reasons, control over Lovense toys is only possible through the official Lovense apps or through third-party apps with the built-in Lovense SDK. This method of connection eliminates the possibility of interception of control over the device by a third party. Given the nature of Lovense products, the health and safety of our customers are key factors in our work.
  7. Hi Jemma, To pair a Lovense toy with 3dxchat, no Bluetooth dongle or Windows app is required. You just need to connect your toy to the Lovense Remote App on your smartphone, and then sync it with 3dxchat by scanning a QR code in the Lovense menu. Please refer to the connection guide for step-by-step instructions: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12880-lovense-connection-guide/#8
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