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  1. First of all........THANK YOU FOR THE SOCKS.....FINALLY! But, make them wearable with shoes. Please!? Keep up the hard work -- but just communicate more often, I think that will help alleviate a lot of the angst that is amongst us all. Thanks again!
  2. Rand

    3DXChat Development Update 1

    Gizmo - nobody eats these types of things while exercising! And let's be honest - still no cell phone in our hands during the phone call pose? And show us in the survey where people voted for food and drinks - over fixing the bugs and other enhancements. (That's truly what is puzzling me.) I was always under the impression that 3DXChat attempted to stay up to speed with what was going on especially tech wise. I'm glad you are FINALLY updating the Unity server to one that is not old and undependable.
  3. I myself find 3DXChat as a place I can go to enjoy music and hang with my friends/community. I have no interest in sex - to be perfectly honest. And not even looking for love. Nope - it's not for me. Gave it a chance - but it just didn't work out. But it's definitely a place I use to escape my IRL life.
  4. If anyone is in need of some graphic design services - I might be able to help! Here are just a few examples of some of the work I've done for the communities I'm involved in over the last few years. Creatively yours, Rand NOTE: If this is the wrong place to post this - please let me know. I had asked previously - but got no response.
  5. Which part of the forum would be best to post something about services we can offer to the community (like graphic design, etc.)? Thanks!
  6. Very cool Xanar! It's only missing Minecraft Cupcakes
  7. BISH loves performing at ELEVATE! Come see us on Saturday for Rock Night! We'll make sure there are enough BISH butt plugs to go around to the crowd!
  8. There are still some things making it hard to fill out: "Discord Server URL" - do you mean just our user name? Signing up as a dancer - it still makes it required for me to tell you Please share some of the previous parties you have organized with the following information: Name of party, duration of party, number of attendees per party, any additional information. Please share any previous event material. You may drop links here!
  9. Hello! I was filling out the form to apply to be a dancer and it was making me answer questions regarding being a DJ and photographer before I could submit the application. Is that what is needed even if I am only applying for a dance position? If so, I'll continue with the application. Thanks!
  10. I want to personally thank both you and Jazz for everything you've done for me, for the groups we belonged to with one another, and for just being the shining light in this fogged up darker world we are becoming. I'm sure going to miss you both - the hugs - the creativity - the music - and the love! Enjoy life together and hope we can cross paths again......much love!
  11. Thank you again Hincholas for a well needed distraction from the game itself and allowed those of us who love a different kind of adventure to have it! Can't wait for the next one! GAME ON! Best - Rand
  12. That was awesome DyllanD! Now I'll get to hear your voice in my head as I read your posts/msgs - lol. I want to thank you for being the incredible DJ and friend to me over the last year. We've had our shares of ups and downs in this "world" of ours on 3dx - not with one another, but with stuff in general - but I think we've both come out on top and it's nice to have you of all people there with me. Honored to call you my friend! See you in 2021!
  13. Come cheer on and support Gith as he smashes the IRON DJ CHALLENGE! This Monday, July 27th starting at 8 am and ending Tuesday, July 28th at 8 am. Seriously - be there to support Gith! See flyer for more info.
  14. On the opening screen page of the game, there is a spelling error. Materials is spelled wrong.
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