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  1. I want to thank everyone for attending the Lovenes Party 2022, especially our devils @Gizmo and @Lisa, Mr. OliverX for the wonderful location, Ms. @MiaMina and the dance groups Devil Dancers & Sweet Harmony, great job... but let's not forget our wonderful guests: I bow to you because you trusted us, voted for us and were there for us :) Many thanks DJs for their performance, and the VELVET group from now, bows down to you

  2. I will say just what Torax said: for who is a builder, back to work and share or open amazing creations, for who slanderer, maybe what I read here is a form of frustration and maybe jealousy. I think it's best that we all take care of our own business and continue what we know best to do.
  3. You STILL don't understand that I said nothing against any of the builders on the contest, aren't you? I just found GROSS that she did it actually, taking advantage of the opportunity to promote her own creations .Please read all over and show me where did I gad any critics against you , Justin or Oliver!
  4. Congratullation for amazing work you put in the build on the contest, and my sentence was not for you Allalon but for Tiazinha. I have respect for all builders in the contest and I never had intention to offend any of you guys, Once again CONGRATULLATIONS : OLIVER, JUSTIN and ALLALON!
  5. Totally wrong! You are poorly informed, but just so you know Justin is a long time friend, I used to DJ in his rooms, he is an educated and drama-free person, as is his girlfriend! I could have voted for him based on this relationship, but I chose to vote for what inspired me the most, so I will consider what you said out of pure jealousy, for one reason or another! I will remind you that I opened rooms built by some of the best builders in 3dx, here I will mention Torax, Angixoxo, Tashira, Hincholas and many others, I respect every job that all builders in the game do, and I do not see what really bothered you, but I understood that you used this topic to promote your work, so do not try to look smart more than the evidence proves it!
  6. I am not defending anyone here sweetheart, all I said that you have no reason and place to come accuse anyone here, have respect for their work, promote your other ways and leave the people alone. I know you use translator, but I can help you with a better link so you might understand better what I meant to say. I am not , like I said a PRO builder, and I never publish my work, but watching all this drama you came and make here, disgust me and not only. Mind your personal work and business, and do not come to give morale lessons because no one is interested on whatever you have to say! Hope you understand now what I mean TIAZINHA
  7. I am not a PRO builder, but I read in this topic and I do not see in the first place it is wrong to protect your loved one, but I see it totally wrong to promote your work in a contest you are not part of. I want the best to win, I trust objective judgment and I wish success to all 3, regardless of my preferences, so there is no point in becoming arrogant trying to offend, as long as there is nothing about you my dear Tiazinha ...
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