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  1. Didn't you say 2 ½ days in the beginning? Where are the 12 hours that are missing ? ^^ I'm teasing you But I wonder Justin, you insist a lot on the fact that you spent 2 days (or 2 ½ days) to prepare this contest, and that you're a busy man... So wouldn't it have been better to leave your place to another builder, who would have devoted all his/her time to this task? I think of those who were not selected for the final (they made only a sketch, they didn't have the chance to build their room). I'm saying this because you emphasize this lack of time a lot... Contrary to Tiazinha, it's legitimate that you can make your publicity, you are part of the finalists. It's not spam. And I totally agree with you about her. Oliver doesn't have any rooms for download yet, but it will come!
  2. You didn’t read correctly or didn’t understand correctly Allalon. E.g. means « for exemple ». So the rules are: - Design must include elements of a Summer Rave. - Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat Branding. OliverX's room has perfectly respected these rules, with intelligence.
  3. "Crying and victimizing yourself is not a man's attitude." (Since when refuting and defending oneself is synonymous with "crying" and "victimizing"?) Provocation: To excite someone, to push him, by a challenge or by outrageous attitudes or language, to an action that is often strong and that calls for a response. "I know you are afraid of listening to me and canceling the contest, but are you thinking that the lovense / 3DX Team / Redji team are weak people like you influence?" Sophism: A sophism is a fallacious argument, despite an appearance of truth, that is deliberately designed to deceive or delude. (your speciality!) "There is no chance of the contest being cancelled even if I think it should." Manipulation: The act of manipulating, acting on someone in a suspicious way to get them to do or think what you want them to do. "I wanted to show that 3dxchat has beautiful graphics" (thank you for being here, we hadn't noticed for all this time ) "I have hundreds of simple and easy-to-implement ideas that will make the game much better, but I won't talk about it here because otherwise these two gentlemen will intrude." (it's true that you never intruded yourself lol) Pretentiousness: A character trait that leads one to flatter oneself with exaggerated qualities, to be excessively self-satisfied and to display superior airs. We could add many more (opportunism, disrespect, jealousy...) Is this a troll roleplay or are you really like this? PS: And yes Tiazinha, I always write my posts on my own (in case you want to make believe what still suits you).
  4. Is that all you have to say? I'm really disappointed in on how little argument there is to make that Oliver is victimizing himself! But read yourself again lol You are not even able to question yourself about your own words lol Impartial? You? Do you even know the meaning? And read me again, because apart from saying that I'm Oliver's girlfriend who comes to his defense, you don't answer to anything. It's so pathetic how you carefully dodge everything that is put forward and you answer only to provoke again and again! Aren't you tired of yourself? So now, time to stop trolling this topic, start your own topic where you can post your photos et leave this contest end in a proper way no matter the results.
  5. Dear Tiazinha, It's funny that you say you wouldn't pay $350. Of course you wouldn't...you would automatically proclaim yourself the best builder and take the money What I see is very clear and there's a name for it: jealousy... Is that your middle name? Oh no, wait for a third one to come along: haughty. Huh... it suits you very well It's so easy to walk in with your high heels, judge and criticize others when you didn't have the guts to participate with the only excuse, and I quote you, "I don't feel safe" because there is a public vote. Need I remind you that this is only 25% of the results. 75% are for Lovense, 3DXChat & Redji ? Don't you have enough confidence in your work to win a contest under these conditions? I think so, since you take the liberty of calling Lovense to propose a room, with photos in a contest topic (which is irrelevant and therefore off topic thank you! ) But thankfully you are not one of the judges, you would be so terrible in this place! And you know why? Because you are only guided by your ego (which is oversized by the way). You would have no impartiality, nor would you be able to judge the rooms equally, without preconceived opinions and builder's biases. You have decided to hate OliverX, and everything that comes from him, no matter what he has done, is doing or will do. He has become your target for reasons that escape me! And yes, it's getting "boring" to quote you again, even redundant, change the register! On the other hand, what disappoints me coming from a builder, is that we know how much time it takes to build. And how complex it can be. I've seen your work and it's not bad. But what you are doing here is just smearing other people's work. OliverX has his own style, and yes, you can find his fingerprint in each of his rooms, just as you would find it in other builders. I think it's a shame to take advantage of a contest to publicly criticize someone you don't like under false pretenses and make your own publicity at the same time. Everything is good for unhealthy criticism with you. Is this the image you want to give of yourself? Shame on you! Has your experience as a builder made you so bitter to slander others for free? From the beginning you want OliverX to lose and would do anything, even slander, to get your way. Are you sure you want to continue your harassment? I'm sure you'd be happy if the contest was cancelled. Then you could rejoice in the time, thought and effort that went into it, the finalists who invested everything they could to turn in the file, and you wasted the judges time as well. No really, I am overwhelmed by the amount of investment and kindness on your part. Tiazinha, it's time to get off the pedestal you built yourself, and fast!
  6. DJs : Jeniex ♫ Biffy ♫ Jonnyontour ♫ Dance Groups : ● Velvet Devil Dancers Dance Groups : ● Green Power Dancers Dance Groups : ● Misfits
  7. DJs : DJ Sus ♫ CardinalCopia ♫ Dance Groups : ● Sirens & Sailors Dance Groups : ● Pole Cats Dance Groups : ● Moonlight Stars Dance Group : Velvet Devil Dancers (night of June 5th, 2021)
  8. Hello everyone you are all invited to party and dance, alone, in couple or with your friends at The Dome : Night Club by OliverX Mix by OliverX, then live DJs by DJSheiyla & ShaaneC With the "Moon Dance Group"
  9. "La personne la plus forte est celle qui n'est pas effrayée d'être toute seule."

  10. Cher Corto, 

    Chalut !


    1. CortoM


      Salut belle gosse ! Tu veux t'amuser ?

    2. Yennah
  11. Etre populaire sur 3DX, c'est comme être riche au monopoly ;)

    1. CortoM


      Tiens tu deviens active sur ton profil ? Qu'est ce qu'il se passe ? Mais ta citation est assez vraie ^^ Et sur les amis sur 3DX tu mettrais quoi ?

    2. Pierrousss


      pas tout a fait gia, au monopoly on se fait pas sucer, on finit en prison xd

  12. Des pierres sur mon chemin ? Je les garde toutes. Un jour, je construirai un château. - Fernando Pessoa

  13. I have to admit: You guys are sooooooo patient for something that probably will come... one day... or maybe never... or maybe one day... or probably in 2 years, or 4.
  14. Hotness what did you put in your coffee this morning ? If Pierrousss is Lussian, please kill me now :lol:
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