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  1. Cher Corto, 

    Chalut !


    1. CortoM


      Salut belle gosse ! Tu veux t'amuser ?

    2. Georgia
  2. Instead of a pacth it would be better to give us the game to reinstall each time ... NO ? Bordel de merde as we say at home. Better STOP patch THANKS !
  3. Thanks for your kind answer MissD :-) But it's not the way i see a game. Delete, reinstaling it. And using almost a tool ... What a shame. But thanks for your answer :-)
  4. Hello, The last patch doesn't work., when i reach 70 % it stop and said me (yes he talk to me !!! ^^) : "Error during update download failed for : ... updates/files/Standalone/Windows_353_354.m2hpatch Thanks for your help. Corto.
  5. Hello Amerini, We are talking about Pc that stops (turns off). Not only game crash.
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