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  1. i have find a bug , i cant do 3 some , always have a message in russian and cant accept any poses , strange because work 2 days ago
  2. and again disconnect every some minutes or some seconds .....
  3. i have frind vith vpn and same truble has me so its not vpn who change thing
  4. same truble than yesterday
  5. disconnect every some seconde or minutes , what happen ?
  6. im the only one i have nothing and no one in the game ? no ppl , no gold , no room , no profil but not disconect ?
  7. same here and dowload page blocked by kaspersky
  8. i have a lot of disconection after have do the update and same problem have MeiLing
  9. again crash ? disconnect one time on two et when im connect i see room but no acces to profile friend list and dont see world or local chat
  10. same truble hard to connect in game need relog 30 time before dont have the message "reconnect" and its not the first time , not my connection the trubble , what's going on ? im not alone whith this problem
  11. no sign of devs like always
  12. like always after an update now .....
  13. i have re install i have same message error data not found
  14. me i have error during dowloading
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