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  1. Like always BonnieR they ablsolutly Dont give a fuck about us ! everytime it's the same ! they forgot we paye our membership ! i hope they will have the kindness to offer you 1 month of membership or 2000XGOLD /days or you and the other member cant logg on!
  2. Mon doudou, mon cheri, mon amant, mon homme, mon coeur !!! KISS<3

    1. iPrince


      MUACKSSSS mi amor ♥

  4. Love you mon Best Friend ♥

  5. Te kiff mon poto a moi ! surtout ne change rien ♥

  6. i chose other cause ! We need all this contents ! the priority ! it's make evolve this game cause it's become very borring in this time !! More clothings, more maps, more animations casual, dance or sex, more everythings in fact ^^ !!!
  7. "JeSuisCharlie" SPIRIT !!! LOL i guess you must learn more about that my dear Phantom ! anyway just take care of you
  8. Just Dont Read it If you think it's annoying men why Create an account only for answer in comment ? ! you are so ridiculous but Peace mister Phantom we are all here for exprim our opinion so yours is welcome too but you cant shut up us as you we have a voice for claim or opinion take care
  9. AGREED WITH YOU ! it's A TROLL ! he just creat an account for comment the topic lol i guess i feel honored lol ! happy i'm not the only one to notice that XOXO
  10. As you say Mister Phantom ! We try and Hope ! the Devs ! hear our voices! and for use your argument already some creator gave contents ! but they not using it ! that so sad ! How Much pple had already quit the game ???? a lot since i start in june ! so it maybe the time to make something ! ok one pple quite one join the game but it's a reason for act like that you think ? btw you are a great customer ^^ 2 years in the game and only one post ! lol let me laught !! maybe i can imagine lot of thing ! you are a staff devs and you dont want show you with your reall account or maybe are you just a newbe lol who know's ^^ but the point is ! it's important ta claim our opinions we dont want the end of the game but we want it's evolve
  11. French Version ^^ Et bien pourquoi ce silence, cher développeurs? Comme vous pouvez le vois dans tous les commentaires. Je ne suis pas le seul à réclamer que les choses change et vite. Ce jeu devient ennuyeux pour une grande partie de ces utilisateurs. Je ne comprends pas ce qui motive ce silence. N'en avais vous vraiment rien à foutre de vos client ? Ou bien n'êtes-vous tout simplement pas capable de fournir des raisons à votre manque de préoccupation? On ne vous demande pas une chose impossible je pense ? Quand on imagine le nombre de personnes qui sont sur ce jeu, et qui paye toutes 20$, on voit clairement que vous vous enrichissez sur notre dos sans même faire l'effort de nous satisfaire, un minimum ! Eh bien moi je dis non ! C’est assez ! Alors je vous demande une dernière fois de réagir! Merci par avance iPrince
  12. And why this silence, dear developers? As you can see in all comments. I'm not the only one to claim that things change and soon. This game gets boring for most of these users. I do not understand what motivates this silence. Do you really had to give a shit about your customer? Or do you just are not able to provide reasons for your lack of concern? We do not ask you something impossible I think? When you imagine the number of people on this game, and who pays all $ 20, it is clear that you get rich on our backs without even making the effort to enjoy us, a minimum! Well I say no! Enough! So I ask you one last time to react! Thanks in advance iPrince
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