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  1. I import the world files into excel and align the objects there, as I can use formulas and a table view to do so.
  2. Funny story, and I have seen and heard quite a lot of similar ones. I guess the only thing that does not fit, Ciera, is the post title: 'The things men do wrong in 3dx', as there is a 'some', 'many' or a 'can' missing. Without that people can tend to see this as a generalization which leads exactly to what followed in your thread. And you can't even tell that they do it wrong that way, only that this way will not work with you and a lot of other girls in game. I guess the way how even advertisement and media propagate the gender wars in RL has sensitized a lot of men and woman. I would prefe
  3. This is an amazing example of a forum post going off rail, starting with opinions, proceeding with blaming, accusations and allegations, and ending up with a gender war, maybe showing up, what some people think of the other gender beyond all political correctness and politeness. In the end I guess it is the lack of respect which makes me draw back from the game and the forum, no matter if it is people colding, insulting or behaving rude in the game, or people spreading insults, and allegations in the forum. Looking at this I would rather prefer some "neutral" moderator than allowing everyone
  4. Hi Matrix, I wrote a small Excel Tool which converts a 24 bit BMP file into a World file
  5. Adventureworld's End After being in the game for 2 years I have come to the decision, that I will not renew my subscription which will end at the end of January. I have enjoyed the game and meeting so many amazing people, but in the end, this game made me feel even more lonely, as every time when I logged off the game, it left me alone in my RL house, going to sleep alone and missing someone who I can have not only a mental nearness, but as well a physical nearness and the nearness of sharing my everyday life. This made me come to the decision to focus on the game called RL. I am thankful fo
  6. https://i.imgur.com/PlTzSf2.jpg I managed to create some images, based on simple cubes
  7. World Editor is out /me lock myself up in my room exploring the World Editor
  8. Still being speechless when I see avatars with names like "RapistJack" run around. I guess everyone has his personal Limits, but this is definitely beyond mine. Too many women have suffered from being raped, so this is just disgusting in my eyes...
  9. What I would like to see? Based on the raising count of cold partner requests I would like to see the following option Possibility to lock / unlock all people from sending you a partner requestPossibility to lock / unlock a single person temporary from sending you a partner requestMaybe the status (if you can send someone a partner request) could be displayed in the profileWith this feature all people who like cold invites would be satisfied (unlock all people from sending you a partner request), as well as those people who consider cold partner requests as annoying (lock all people from sendi
  10. I will replay all the songs for you, Tika, as soon as you are back here hugs and kisses Zokora
  11. another one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rynxqdNMry4 Regarding all the discussions all around here in the forum maybe I should Point out that ofc I am creating my own playlist on Virtual DJ based on songs I own and do not stream from Youtube .
  12. Sorry to read that, my dear. Hope this is nothing serious and that you will be well again soon . I will miss you and hope that you are back again soon. Kisses Zokora
  13. Awesome tunes to come on sunday- One example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ecZ94guWl0
  14. I am here for nearly 2 years now, and at least in public rooms it is more true than before that people are locked up in their own groups, resullting in quite silent local chats. Additionally there is a lot of 'No Chat' rooms, where communication is rather not possible and not wanted. Nevertheless I still get to know new people, mainly based on the fact that I host my own room where Local Chat is highly appreciated, and there are some more rooms where you can go for communication and to get to meet people. I don't want to embellish the situation in 3dx, but mostly I still have my fun here. Ki
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