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  1. Oh, I haven't had an active sub for probably a year or two now. I still poke my head into the forums on occasion, and still talk with a few older members on discord from time to time though. I might come back, seeing how it's still on sale though. Give it a whirl again.
  2. I am pretty sure everyone does the same thing upon joining a game like this. It starts off first as mostly sexual in nature, but after a few months, you realize that just meaningless sex is boring ... at least for some. Then you start looking for a partner or two, or three, to spend the majority of your time with in game. Because, like in the real world, you quickly realize that being intimate with someone trumps just sex. But here is where it gets tricky. Separating the game life, from your actual life. I think its fine if both parties are on board with meshing the two. But the majority of people are just trying to enjoy themselves freely in this type of environment. And there that can create problems. That and ulterior motives. Anyway, im droning on. My point is this, when the game works, it works reeeeealy well, which is why a lot of us stay around. But when it doesn't, it is an absolute nightmare, and horrible experience. And if you have been here for a year, I am sure you can relate to a lot of what I spoke about.
  3. I'm honestly shocked that no-one replied to this. You sound like a dream come true to a lot of people here in 3dx, myself included.
  4. I joined the "forum" back in Nov. 2013, and I think I was playing the game even before then. If you guys are old, what does that make me
  5. TWIGGEHHHHH ..... lol, sorry saw your name and it was like a blast from the past. Anyway I still float around once in a while. I check in every couple months or so, to see how everything has progressed. Nice to see some familiar faces still around here too.
  6. Pretty much this ^^^^^^ I have been here for far to long to admit too. And I can say for certain that people here are looking to "engage" with other people inside the game. That means, its not just about sex ... *GASP* I know ... crazy right. But really, I have found some deep meaningful friendships within this game. I have been away for over a year, and its nice to resubscribe and see some familiar faces and be able to catch up with them.
  7. Eyyyyy .... it's been a few years myself and its nice to see some familiar names in this thread. Debating coming back myself and dipping my tootsies into the pond once more now that the xmas sale is still there.
  8. True, but like most games developers learned that if they allow their community to mod their own game, the community ends up doing all the work for them, and people end up enjoying it more. If the community was able to work on poses, and clothes, I bet this game would have x10 the content at this point.
  9. Speaking as someone who has played this game since the beginning almost, they dont ever change much. The devs really dont care. They changed the engine of the game to make updates easier according to them, but I have yet to see any of that being implemented. Granted this is like a handful of developers, but still. I'm sure they make enough from this to hire on another person or two. Something tells me they are working on 4 or 5 projects at a time, and work on this game last. Most people who have been here as long as I have know this to be true. Sure they come out with some poses. Maybe a few article of clothes. Hell the whole reason they came out with the option to change the color of clothes and hair was because everyone in the game was using a game hack to do it. The devs had no choice BUT to impliment that. I'm ranting a bit now, but my points still remain. The devs dont really care to give us what we want. They will give us just a weeeeee little bit to bring back some people. But that's all. If you go back to the earliest of update you will see, over the course of almost a decade this game has had little to no content added to it for the time it has been out. (I sent this from my phone, sorry if the grammar was horrid)
  10. Its been a long time since I have played this game, but part of the reason for my departure was lack of content for the lesbian community. I understand we are not their primary focus, but it would still be nice to have poses which are for us "lesbians", and not geared towards the hetero community. Practically all our "lesbian" poses include a dick or dildo. Im not saying that us girls dont use them, we most certainly do, but not how porn portrays all our sex to be. Alot can be accomplished with a tongue and thumb. But my reason for bringing this all up, is because it can make role playing rather ... troublesome at times, because we cant use the visuals in game to even coincide with what we are doing in chat. And vice versa. A pose editor or multi-poses for each .... scene? I guess would be best. What I mean is this, and I know it will never be implemented, its just wishful thinking. But Instead of calling them "poses" call them scenes. So in one scene, you can be on the couch, making out with your partner. The next "pose" in the scene is sliding your hand up behind your partners head, and grabbing her hair gently, or roughly. Then you could transition to the next pose, which is sliding a hand up her leg. All while this is on the couch "scene". Im starting to go off on a tangent. Overall, what Im getting at is the poses they have are kinda fucked, and I dont see them changing in the future. Sorry for my rant guys. Back to the shadow realm I go.
  11. My brain hurts after reading these last few pages.
  12. I tried contacting Gizmo about this, but after a week I have given up. ​Anyway, I was curious if they still continued to have specials for the game. Like come Christmas time they usually offered the game for a full year subscription for around 40-60$ range. I think that is the only way I would be willing to come back at this point.
  13. I think the reason alot of people believe the game is dieing is because of the user made rooms. Most hide away in there, and lurk. I would say its a 50/50 split to the people who use this strictly as a sex game, vs those who use it as a glorified chat simulator with sex as a possibility (I include myself in that category)
  14. Is the test server officially down or something?
  15. Same as the last few have mentioned. No spam on this end either. Now back I go to binge watching "cable girls" on netflix.
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