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  1. I want more 3 person cuddles and to have all of them available to all types of groups.
  2. Yea, ignore has been broken since the last patch.
  3. So the 3dx server is attacking something in Turkey?
  4. I've had enough of this, It's about time to start the chargebacks.
  5. It's running slow as crap atm too.
  6. A man in a trench coat and fedora will come to your house and poop in your shoes.
  7. If you're missing it I'm sure I can hunt the internet for some just for you.
  8. It also tends to be nearly impossible to trace because people are just paying someone to do it from one of the places it IS still legal and then walking away. There have been a few high profile prosecutions, but the number is almost completely insignificant.
  9. Everyone needs to eat some cookies and milk and calm down.
  10. Sure, just leave all the hard work to everyone else
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